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 Chapter 215: Paying Compensation

"Impossible! That's absolutely impossible! For decades the Zhangs have managed to stay in Star City and are deep rooted here. How could it be shaken by one young man?"

Hu Wanjun returned to the box he just looked at with a distraught appearance. After entering it, he returned back to his seat with a dazed look and didn't even glance at the people on the table.

Hu Xinmin frowned as he looked at his son's dull face with displeasure. He was entertaining the shareholders of his company and his son-who was the first heir to the family, unexpectedly showed such lack of manners. This was the same as shaming him!

"Wanjun! What happened to you?"

Upon hearing his father's voice, Hu Wanjun suddenly quivered. He squeezed out a smile and said, "I... I-I seem to have made a big trouble!"

"What trouble? Tell me!" Hu Xinmin asked with a deep tone.

Hu Wanjun told everything that happened outside and finally said, "Dad, that surnamed Tang kid said I must pay 11 million yuan of compensation if our Hu Family doesn't want to suffer the same fate as the Zhangs and disappear from Star City or even the world!"


Hu Xinmin's face instantly turned unsightly. The shareholders present were also looking at each other in dismay, aghast.

"Does this Tang Xiu young man has any grudges with the Zhangs?" a middle-aged man asked.

"Yes, Tang Xiu has once hit Zhang Deqin and Zhang Yongjin. So Zhang Deqin took revenge on him, asking her fiancée to lead some people to strike Tang Xiu. Her fiancée was an instructor in Rising Dragon Martial School back then. But not only did they fail to clean him up, Tang Xiu even tidied them up instead. He even sent them back to their school hall and humiliated the Rising Dragon Martial School as well. In the end, the Schoolmaster compensated him with 100 million yuan, only then the matter ended. However, later on, Zhang Deqin still wanted revenge, so she hired three assassins from abroad. But the result was that not only they failed to kill him, they even died outside South Gate Town instead." Hu Wanjun said.

At present, seven or eight major shareholders of the Hu Group turned aghast and horrified. They also heard about the murder case outside South Gate Town, but they never imagined that the meat of the matter turned out to be like this!

Hu Xinmin's face now also turned extremely ugly as his body shivered. After taking a deep breath, he said with a deep tone, "Where's Tang Xiu now?"

"He seems to be in a box on this floor." Hu Wanjun answered.

"Take me to see him." Hu Xinmin said with sunk tone.

"Dad..." Hu Wanjun quickly cried.

With a sunk tone, Hu Xinmin shouted, "GO!"

Hu Wanjun quickly lowered his head and then took the lead out of the box.

In the hallway, Hu Xinmin rushed and blocked Hu Wanjun. He fiercely slapped his face and snapped with a stern voice, "Tell me, what grudge do you have with that surnamed Tang kid?"

Hu Wanjun covered his face on pain and said, "We had some conflicts before. But those matters are already over. I wasn't involved in the conflict between him and the Zhang siblings."

Hu Xinmin heaved a deep breath. He took out a checkbook and wrote 21 million yuan on it and ordered Hu Wanjun to ask Tang Xiu's box number and rushed there. Although he was quite reluctant to part with 21 million yuan, however, he had no other choice. He saw the Zhang Family's fate, and Tang Xiu must also be one of many behind the incident. Even if he didn't want to, he also didn't want his Hu Family to end up collapsing just like the Zhangs.

In his heart, the ones he most hated were not those masterminds, but the Zhang Family, especially Zhang Fengxian. The Hu Family amassed two billion yuan and gave it to Zhang Fengxian as to join in the project's preparation and share the cake. They had even signed a contract in private.

In the end, not only did the chicken fly the coop and the eggs break, they even suffered a loss of two billion yuan.

Not only that! Even the members of the Zhang Family disappeared collectively. He could only swallow his own suffering without being able to speak it out. Therefore, he didn't want to make the slightest mistake now. Even if Tang Xiu was just merely related with the Long Family.

Inside a spacious box.

Chen Wei savored the fragrant meal absentmindedly. She wasn't even tasting its flavor as her eyes couldn't help but always look at the box's door.

Finally, she put down the chopsticks in her hand, turned to Tang Xiu and asked, "Tell me, will they come here?"

"They will!" Tang Xiu said calmly.

"How can you be so sure?" Chen Wei asked.

"Because they're afraid of me!" Tang Xiu replied indifferently.

Tang Xiu's reply amused Chen Wei. Her disturbed mood gradually disappeared. She shook her head and said, "I really can't figure you out! Han Qingwu told me that you're just an ordinary student. Except your good achievements in school, she said that there's nothing else special. But now, I beg to differ. The things you did yesterday and today are kinda giving me a feeling that you're very mysterious."

Tang Xiu involuntarily laughed, "Hahaha, You're not Conan, you shouldn't be overly suspicious like that! Just take it easy and eat. I believe we'll get an answer soon."

Chen Wei nodded and grabbed the chopsticks again. The moment she was about to continue eating, the box's door was knocked as the attendant outside came inside and said, "Hello, Mr. Tang. Hu Xinmin-the owner of the Hu Group and his son, they are outside. Do you want to receive them?"

"Let them come in!" Tang Xiu said.

"Understood!" The attendant turned around and left the box.

Shortly after, Hu Xinmin took Hu Wanjun into the box. His eyes glanced at Chen Wei for a moment before landing on Tang Xiu. He quickly walked a few steps before Tang Xiu and said while smiling, "I have heard much about the distinguished name of Mr. Tang, I finally can see you today. Truly, you're a promising young man! I'm Hu Xinmin, the Head of the Hu Family."

Looking at his stretched out hand, Tang Xiu ignored it as he said with a dull tone, "I know why you came. Leave the compensation and get out."

Hu Xinmin's complexion was stiff as he took back his hand with an awkward expression. He pulled a check out of his pocket and put it on the table in front of Tang Xiu and said with a wry smile, "Mr. Tang, this son of mine is naïve and insensible, he offended you and your friend thoughtlessly. I hope you accept my apology. Here's a 21 million check and your bankcard, 22 million yuan altogether. Please consider the money as the apology of our Hu Family, I hope it's not lacking."

Tang Xiu nodded and said with a dead-pan expression, "I know your Hu Family signed an agreement with the Zhangs and you suffered quite a loss. But I politely advise you to pay more attention in making friends as well as involving yourselves in schemes. It's the same with your son. You need to teach him well and not let him use his family background to commit evil deeds. Oftentimes one's entire family is implicated only because of a trivial matter, just like what happened with the Zhang Family siblings. Alright, since I've said everything, you can go!"

Hu Xinmin's pupils shrunk. Dreadful raging waves surged inside his heart upon hearing Tang Xiu's words. Before, he wasn't sure Tang Xiu was the main mastermind behind the scheme against the Zhang Family. But to think that he knew the clandestine agreement signed by the Hus and the Zhangs; then, perhaps, the clansmen of the Zhangs had died and been destroyed by his hands.

"Yes. I understand!" Hu Xinmin replied with an obsequious smile.

Immediately after, he fiercely glared at Hu Wanjun as he turned around and left the box.

At this moment, Chen Wei was dumbstruck. Not even in her wildest dreams had she ever imagined that Tang Xiu's words would come true. Not only did the other party paid the compensation, they even gave several folds more compared to the amount Tang Xiu had given before.

When there were only the both of them inside the box, Chen Wei quickly grabbed the check and carefully read it. Then, she said with a flabbergasted look, "This Hu Family truly paid?! And it was the Head of the family himself?! Didn't you tell them you wanted only 11 million in compensation? Why did they pay you 22 million?"

"That means that Hu Xinmin is a sensible and thoughtful person. About this matter, gimme your bankcard, I'll give you two million yuan as your medical expenses. I'll take the rest." With a pale smile, Tang Xiu said.

Chen Wei stared blankly for a moment. Then, she shook her head and said, "No no no. I can't take it! They definitely didn't want to give the compensation to me, it's all because of you."

"Well, I take back my words." Tang Xiu said with a smile.

"What?" Chen Wei was puzzled.

"That you have a backward IQ?!" Tang Xiu said

Chen Wei froze. She finally couldn't help smiling as she cursed, "Damn you! You even dare to tease me! Anyways, who are you really? Why would such a big respected family's Head come apologize to you personally? To think that he even apologized with such fearful expression? And, the Zhang Family you mentioned, were they very powerful?"

Tang Xiu said with a pale smile, "I'm just me, an ordinary high school graduate, no more no less. As for why they came to apologize, that was because they were repenting for their wrongdoings. It's the truth, honest! About the Zhang Family, I don't want you to ask about it again, as well as forget everything I've said today."

Chen Wei cast him a sidelong glance and said with dissatisfaction, "Hmph, virtue and morality wise eh?! If you don't want to say it, then so be it. This Miss doesn't want to know it either."

"Knock, knock..."

The door was knocked.

Tang Xiu looked and immediately saw Long Zhengyu leaning on the door, beaming a smile with his arms folded. Tang Xiu smiled back as he waved at him and asked, "How did you know that I was having a meal here?"

Long Zhengyu chuckled, "How could I not know? You made quite a ruckus."

"Cut the crap, just say it!" Tang Xiu snapped.

Long Zhengyu laughed, "Hahaha, I just happened to bump into Hu Xinmin. His face is so black! He looks like he bathed in black charcoal. I greeted him back then, only then did I know that his son Hu Wanjun offended you, saying he came to pay you compensation!"

Tang Xiu smiled indifferently and said, "Since God can forgive sinners, why can't we do the same? This Hu Xinmin is also a flexible person and knows how to adapt to the situation. That's why the matter ended like this. Anyways, have you had lunch? If not, care to join us?"

Long Zhengyu was a bit curious as his eyes fell on Chen Wei and asked, "This is..."

"Ah, she's just a passerby, Stranger A. Wait until tomorrow and you won't see her again in your entire life. Don't ask what and how."

"Hmph, you're the Stranger A!"