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 Chapter 213: A Top-Notch Skill

Tang Xiu himself understood this principle so he nodded and said, "Worry not, Instructor Li! I'm sure I can control my emotional state. However, I'm afraid I have something to take care of this afternoon, so I can't come. How about you let me practice for a while and we'll give it a go on the road afterward?"

"If you can maintain this kind of state, I can let you try to drive on the road. But if you can't, I won't permit it." Instructor Li said.

"No problem!" Tang Xiu replied and continued the driving practice around the storehouse, doing parallel parking, and even an uphill and fixed-point parking, for which he did everything smoothly.

Instructor Li originally wanted to pick on Tang Xiu's mistakes, as to make him give up the idea of having a test drive on the road this morning. However, he was quite astonished since he couldn't find any mistakes.

"Tang Xiu, is this really your first time driving a car?" Finally, he couldn't help but ask in astonishment.

Tang Xiu said, "It's indeed my first time. If i want to go somewhere, I just get a ride. So I didn't expect that driving a car is quite interesting."

Instructor Li forced out a smile and said, "Well, I'm really speechless. Let's try to go straight on the road then! There's a circle on the road section outside which is used specially for a test drive before trying on the traffic road. Aside from the other instructors who are coaching in other cars, there will be no danger."

Tang Xiu nodded.

With the guidance and directions from Instructor Li, he drove the car gently. From the first gear to the second, third, and then fourth, he continuously drove the car until he reached the fifth gear after doing a few laps as test drive.

After the upshift of the gear now was the downshift one, in which he also did smoothly. Even under the awkward instruction given by Instructor Li, he was still able to switch gears in accordance with the instructions.

More than an hour later, Instructor Li looked at Tang Xiu with a complex expression, as he said with a wry smile, "I've taught many students in my life, one of whom is even a professional car racer. But never once have I ever met an amazing one such as you. You did it with almost zero mistakes. And seeing your driving skill, it's like you're a senior driver with years of experience. Well, let's call it a day! The task given by the Principal to me can be considered to have been accomplished."

Tang Xiu stopped the car as he unlocked his seatbelt and said with a smile, "Thanks a lot, Instructor Li."

Instructor Li shook his head and said, "Being able to teach a trainee such as you kind of makes me happy, that's enough. You don't need to thank me. Well, after you've gotten your driver's license, do be careful when you're driving later."

"Don't worry, I got it!" Tang Xiu said with a smile.

After leaving the training venue, Tang Xiu then went to the principal's office and found that Zhao Dequan wasn't in the office, so he left directly.

Several minutes later, Zhao Dequan returned to his office and found that Instructor Li was waiting for him. He was surprised and immediately asked him, "Aren't you still supposed to be teaching Tang Xiu? How come you're here?"

"The training is done, so I come report." Instructor Li said.

"Huh? It's done? What do you mean? That Tang youth is bad at learning?" Zhao Dequan was confused.

"He's not bad! On the contrary, he's way too good. If I didn't know he had never driven a car before, I would've thought that he has years of experience in driving. I had observed him in the 2-3 hours of his training today, and I was kinda terrified by his learning capability. His driving skill can be called as top-notch. And most importantly, do you wanna know about it?" Instructor Li forced out a smile and asked.

"What is it?" Zhao Dequan asked with astonishment.

"From the beginning, I began teaching him until he left, not even a mistake he made. Can you imagine that? A new trainee who's started to learn usually do a lot of mistakes, many times. But he commit a single one. He's simply a monster, the reincarnation of the God of Driving!" replied Instructor Li. [1]

Zhao Dequan was shocked and speechless. People said that everyone would make mistakes when they learned to ride a horse, and it was inevitable for one to commit mistakes when they just learned something new! However, someone who didn't even make a single mistake even with a couple hours of training was something he had never seen. This was his first time to hear it.

"Well, let's forget it. It's a good thing that he's a fast learner, though. I was actually afraid since he got a driver's license through an informal method, for which he would happen to meet accidents when he's driving! Well, you've done well so I'll take a note of this. Go and do your job first!"

"Alright!" Instructor Li complied and then left the Principal's office.

Zhao Dequan took out his mobile phone from his pocket and dialed Long Hanwen's phone. After the call was connected, he then said with a light laugh, "Ah, Boss Long, I didn't disturb you, did I?"

"It's Principal Zhao, isn't it? It's alright. The reason you called me is...", Long Hanwen's voice came out of the phone.

Zhao Dequan said with an obsequious laugh, "Chief Long, I'll report about the matter you wanted me to handle! Tang Xiu came to the driving school this morning, and I've specially arranged the best instructor to teach him driving skills and sense. The instructor just left. He said that Tang Xiu just left and he was the reincarnation of the God of Driving. He only practiced this morning and didn't make even a single mistake. So I think that with his level of skill, even becoming an instructor in our driving school is no problem for him."

"I got it. Sorry for troubling you." Long Hanwen said.

Zhao Dequan said with a smile, "You're most welcome, this is what I'm supposed to do anyway. Chief Long, I've done the best I can and I even had some dinners with my friends in the Department of Transportation. If nothing happens, Tang Xiu certainly will get his driver's license at the most in 10 to 15 days."

Long Hanwen was silent for a moment and then slowly said, "Principal Zhao, I've taken notice about what you've done, so I'll do my best to handle the matter with your son. If there's no accident within these 10 days to half a month, I'll be able to get him out of the district prison. However, after he comes out, I hope you use informal means to secretly send him abroad as fast as possible. The crime he had committed, after all, is not a minor matter."

"Yes, yes! I'll be sure to remember your words."

"Well, that's good. Farewell!"

The call ended.

Zhao Dequan forced out a smile as he hung up the phone and rubbed his forehead hard. He had broken his own bottom line for his son. Originally, he still slightly condemned himself inside, but when he heard that Tang Xiu's driving skill was very good, he finally felt much better.

Shortly before noon, Tang Xiu arrived at Caesar Grand Hotel. Yesterday's case lead to the loss of a large number of guests for the Caesar Grand Hotel. The originally lively hotel was now deserted, as there were only a handful of attendants and environmental protection workers who were still doing their jobs.

"The security guards increased everywhere!? It seems the Caesar Grand Hotel's business has been seriously hit."

Tang Xiu smiled faintly. Under the gazes of the staff, he took the elevator and headed to Chen Wei's room. He didn't expect that even though it was already noon, Chen Wei was still sitting on the sofa with one of her legs on top of the other and wearing a facial mask that covered her face. Upon seeing the black-colored medicinal plaster that resembled a mask on her face, Tang Xiu smiled wryly inside.

"Hello, outlandish lady! Clean up your facial mask and change your clothes. I'll take you out for lunch."

Chen Wei blinked and snorted, "Hmph, It's still early, why should we eat now? It's just only ten before 12. Besides, I just put on this facial, it's only been ten minutes. So take a sit and wait!"

"I know from the mark on your makeup. But I will only wait for you until 12:30. If you're not ready by then, I'll have lunch by myself. I've spent the entire morning in the driving school, so you might not be hungry, but I'm!" Tang Xiu said.

"You're so petty, you know that?!" Chen Wei gave a sidelong glance and curled her lips as she closed her eyes slowly.

It was 1 o'clock in the afternoon. Tang Xiu followed behind Chen Wei with a blackened face as they left the Caesar Hotel's entrance very slowly. Although he already said that he would only wait until 12:30, but Chen Wei-this outlandish woman, truly dragged her feet until it was nearly 1 o'clock. Even when they were about to go out, she even went to the bathroom to pee.

"What do you want to eat?" Tang Xiu asked after they came to a nearby street.

"Hmph, anything of the highest quality." Chen Wei replied with a snort.

"I can't help you with that. But for the second ones, I can take you to try them." Tang Xiu said.

"The highest ones, or I won't go!" Chen Wei turned a blind eye and said.

"The best ones are the meals made by mother." Tang Xiu said.

"Ugh..." Chen Wei's breathing came to a halt. She then immediately let out an awkward smile and said, "Then let's go the second grade! I'm actually a person that's easy to compromise!"

Tang Xiu directly caught a taxi and said the to the driver after he boarded it, "Uncle, go to Long's Dining Hall, please."

The cab driver was surprised as he turned around to look at Tang Xiu and hesitantly said, "Do you really want to go to Long's Dining Hall? The prices there are quite unusual! Besides, there's a strict requirement for people to eat there. I heard that they use a membership system, and if you're not a member, I'm afraid you can't even enter."

"I'm a member." Tang Xiu said.

The cab driver turned his head with amazement on his face. For one to become a member of the Long's Dining Hall meant that their identity was not simple. One must know that the spending there was not solely covered with money since one also must have a certain status. However, he didn't know that Tang Xiu was able to get membership of the Long's Dining Hall entirely due to his relationship with Long Zhengyu.

With an astonished expression, Chen Wei asked, "Uncle, this Long's Dining Hall you said, does it really have very high requirements?"

"High? It's simply outrageous! Only if you spend a huge amount of money, which I heard one has to spend at least one million yuan, only then are you qualified to become a member there. Only the big shots in Star City as well as from the surrounding cities are able to get membership. Being able to enter the Long's Dining Hall is taken as a pride for a lot of wealthy bosses." The cab driver forced out a smile and answered.

Chen Wei turned to look at Tang Xiu as she said with an astonished expression, "Listening to Han Qingwu, your family only has a restaurant, how did you gain membership there?"

"You know that curiosity kills people, don't you? You can freely open your mouth when you eat, but make sure you control your mouth when you speak. Just remember that today, I'll let you satiate your hunger and thirst to the full." Tang Xiu said with a smile.

"Hmph, you really can act and show your image upside-down eh? But I'm afraid we'll be unable to even take a step into that place's entrance when we get there. I'm telling you now, I'll definitely pretend not to know you by that time and just turn around to leave." Chen Wei cast him a glance and curled her lips as she said with disdain.

Tang Xiu looked outside through the windows, to the buildings that were passing by quickly. Without being salty nor weak, he said, "if you want, you can open the car's door and leave now, though."

"Hell no. I still wanna live." Chen Wei rolled her eyes.