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 Chapter 204: Psychological Torture

Zhang Deqin shivered. The panicked expression in her eyes turned more intense as her voice become more and more high-pitched as she screamed out, "TANG XIU... D-DID YOU KILL MY BROTHER?"

"Zhang Yongjin truly has bad luck. Yes, he indeed have died! But he's not alone, for your good sister also accompanied him. Worry not though, you'll soon be able to see him, I'll even let the whole lot of your family be reunited in the netherworld." Tang Xiu said with a smile.

Large drops of tears fell down from Zhang Deqin's eyes as she staunchly stared at Tang Xiu, screaming with a piercing-miserable howl, "WHY? YOU DAMN BASTARD! WHY THE FUCK DID YOU KILL MY BROTHER? IF YOU GOT THE GUTS, WHY DIDN'T YOU KILL ME? YOU FUCKING BASTARD..."

"Curse whatever you want while you still can! Let all the resentments inside your heart come out! Otherwise, you'll turn into an evil spirit after you die, and you won't be able to be reincarnated forever!" Tang Xiu mocked.

Zhang Fengxian and the other members of the Zhang Family who had been listening to Tang Xiu and Zhang Deqin's conversation, finally came to a realization at the moment as to whom was the mastermind behind the scenes that abducted them all. The young man in front of them turned out to be the culprit who even wanted to ruin their Zhang Family. They even heard that there was such a deep hatred between Zhang Deqin with this young man.

Looking at Tang Xiu with a desperate expression, Zhang Fengxian turned his head and chided, "You bastard! Tell me, what's really happened? Why did you and your younger brother have this hatred with him?"

Zhang Deqin's eyes abruptly stopped chiding after getting scolded, but despair had already shrouded her eyes.

Tang Xiu sneered, "Masters from all school of thoughts said that all fetus would be born with skills to live! And it seems that giving birth to children is also a life skill in itself! You're Zhang Fengxian, yes? I've read the information from the investigation with your picture on it. It says that you're a smart and astute man. But how come you gave birth to such idiotic children? Your children, except from literally able to court disasters to your family, what other uses could they have?"

"DID YOU REALLY KILL MY SON?" Zhang Fengxian shouted angrily.

"I did! And his death should have been very miserable!" Tang Xiu answered.

Zhang Fengxian painfully gripped his fists tightly. But then, he released them as he glared straight at Tang Xiu and said, "Tell me how deep the hatred you have with them to even drive you to exterminate the entire Zhang Family."

"Your treasured children truly have done some good deeds. They even spent money to hire foreign hitmen and sneaked them into the country only to kill me! You should have heard about the three people killed outside South Gate Town, yes? Those assassins were the ones hired by your children. It's just a pity that they were too weak. With such a trashy strength, instead of them killing me, it was me who killed them personally." Tang Xiu said grimly.

Zhang Fengxian was shocked and said, "So you're the one who murdered those people outside South Gate Town? To think it's connected to my Zhang Family, it looks like that you're right, I did birth a pair of children who bring calamity."

"To tell you the truth, I did consider as how to solve this problem with your Family. But since I've told you everything, I don't want any unnecessary troubles in the future, for which all of you can no longer live. Zhengyu, tell your men to kill all of them and throw them in the sea." Tang Xiu sneered.

"Worry not, Brother! My Dad has properly arranged it in advance, so we're ready to throw their corpses in international waters." Long Zhengyu said with a smile.

Zhang Fengxian watched Long Zhengyu deeply as he said with a bitter expression, "I truly have never thought that your Long Family found such a good helper. Your father ordered him and made him an enemy of my Zhangs just to drive us out of Star City? Those three assassins were but a turning point, wasn't it? But what I don't get, is how your family can achieve this. To achieve this is highly improbable even if you join forces with the Ouyangs."

Long Zhengyu laughed involuntarily, "Hahaha, Zhang Fengxian, do you really think that the main mastermind in this is my Long Family? Do you think my family is really that powerful to pit against your Zhang Family that have been rooted in Star City for so many years?"

"Then, who is it?" Zhang Fengxian stared blankly for a moment before he asked with a confused expression.

Pointing at Tang Xiu, Long Zhengyu replied with a chuckle, "Even if your Zhang Family have thousands of people, you shouldn't have provoked this person, him. But now, since we've reached this far, I'll let you die in content. Do you know how many forces have acted against your family?"

"How many?" Zhang Fengxian asked.

Long Zhengyu replied with a smile, " First is my Long Family. Second, his apprentice-Chen Zhizhong. Third, the Jingmen Island's Ouyang Family. Fourth, Miao Wentang from Haiqing. Fifth, Shao Mingzhen from Northern Jiangsu. Sixth and seventh, Chu and Bai Families from Beijing. And there's also the eighth one..."

Zhang Fengxian's complexion turned deathly pale as a layer of fear glittered in his eyes. Upon hearing so many forces from Long Zhengyu, he knew that his Zhang Family was doomed. With shivering lips and disbelief, he looked at Long Zhengyu and asked with a trembling voice, "Who's the eighth one?"

Long Zhengyu pointed at Tang Xiu and said with a chuckle, "The Magnificent Tang Corporation, which is his own company. I'm afraid you would never expect that Kang Xia's boss turns out to be him, would you?"


This time, more shouts followed Zhang Fengxian, even Zhang Deqin, who wore fear all over her face, as well as the top leadership and other members of the Zhang Family, were shocked.

Kang Xia unexpectedly worked for Tang Xiu?

The secret Big Boss of the Magnificent Tang Corporation turned out to be Tang Xiu?

Who was he? What and how was he able to make Kang Xia willingly work for him?

Zhang Fengxian quivered, "All these forces involved in this machination, are all because of him?"

"Yes, it's all because of Tang Xiu. Had it been me or someone else, we simply wouldn't be able to rally so many forces to deal with your Zhang Family."

"Zhengyu, why are you saying so much nonsense? They're already dead. Kill them quickly and annex their assets as fast as possible so everyone can go back to their own business. Besides, I have a lot of things to do and I'm too lazy to spend more time and worry about this small Zhang Family."

Small Zhang Family?

The complexion of each and every member of the Zhang Family turned into dying embers whilst fear engulfed their innermost feelings.

Suddenly, one of the Zhang Family members looked up. His eyes stared at Tang Xiu and asked anxiously, "Mr. Tang, there's a misunderstanding between us. The ones who wanted to harm you are Zhang Deqin and her younger brother. Even their father didn't know about this. I know him. If he knew it, he would've prevented the siblings, absolutely. You cannot blame others who know nothing. We didn't participate in it, neither have we any grudges with you. Could you let us go? If you want to take over all the assets of the Zhang Family, then take them. I also have money I've saved for many years. I can give you all."

Another one also quickly said, "I also have money. I'm willing to give all of it to buy my life. Don't kill us. If our Zhang Family collapses, we will also become poor and penniless people, and certainly will hide from you to a faraway place. We might never see each other again. If you want to vent your anger and hatred, just kill Zhang Deqin! She's the culprit, and the one who must die!"


Zhang Deqin looked at her two kin with disbelief. One of whom was her uncle and the other was her aunt. She never dreamt they would betray their own niece only save their own lives.

Zhang Fengxian could only look at his own younger brother and sister painfully. He was so distressed he nearly stopped breathing. However, he also didn't want to die. He wanted to go on living.

His son had died! If he also died, then he would die without heirs.

Zhang Fengxian's eyes slowly turned crimson. He stared at Zhang Deqin fiercely as he turned his head and spoke full of solemness, "Tang Xiu, the heavenly orders turn in cycle whereas karma has its own retributive justice. Zhang Deqin is my daughter, and it's her mistake in hiring assassins to kill you. You should think it as her fate for the failure and defeat. This is the so-called 'a person must be held responsible for their own deeds'. You have ruined our Zhang Family, and if your anger has yet to be vented, then kill her! But as for the others, I hope you can let us go. We'll leave Star City and go to faraway places. We'll never meet you again in the future."


Zhang Deqin's blood boiled as she crazily spurted out a mouthful of blood. She didn't wipe the blood around her mouth and only looked at her father with disbelief. She could understand if her uncle and aunt gave her up and used her as a shield, for she knew that they were selfish, to begin with.

But! Zhang Fengxian was her father! It was said that even a tiger wouldn't kill its own cubs, but he- he actually wanted her die for him to keep his own life?

The despair made her so distressed, it was hard for her to breathe.

Suddenly, she felt a deep sorrow, the sudden sadness of having such family members. They were afraid of dying, coveted life, and knew no shame.

As afraid as she was of dying, Zhang Deqin was perfectly well aware that she was without a doubt in a situation that she must die. Her hatred for her family was so intense it even made her instantly flare up as she bellowed, "Tang Xiu! I'll die. But I tell you, the people who want to kill you is not only me! But also them! They wanted to kill you when you helped the Long Family win the Walled Hill Village. I don't have much ability, neither can I contact assassins from abroad. It was them who told me the contact information and instigated me to find people to kill you!"

"Bastard, you're talking rubbish!"

"This is purely slander!"

"You're talking shit, shameless!"

"You're so fucking damned..."

The complexion of each and every one of the Zhangs greatly changed and went pale, angry with Zhang Deqin's roar.

Zhang Fengxian himself didn't utter any words, but looked at his daughter with a cold and detached expression

Tang Xiu looked at the dog-eat-dog situation of the Zhang Family members as he shook his head with a cold expression. Never had he expected that such a situation would emerge. It was to the point that his intention to completely exterminate all the core clansmen of the Zhangs grew more intense.

"Zhengyu, you take care of this."

"Rest assured! I'll absolutely handle it perfectly. I'll leave nothing that can create disasters later." Long Zhengyu said with a smile.

"WAIT!" Zhang Fengxian shouted with a sinking tone.

"You still have anything to spit out?" Tang Xiu stopped as he looked at Zhang Fengxian and asked.

Zhang Fengxian took a deep breath and spoke with a deep tone, "Tang Xiu, let us live. I'll give you a huge sum of money."

Tang Xiu was indeed short of money, but he had no intention to let Zhang Fengxian go. But he also had no problem squeezing money from people who were about to die. With an expression full of interest, he asked, "Tell me, how much do you value your life?"

"Three billion. I'm willing to buy our lives with three billion yuan. This is the remaining money I have in my possession. Aside from me, nobody from my family knows about this. As long as you're willing to let us go, the three billion is yours." Zhang Fengxian spoke with all seriousness.