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 Chapter 203: The Mastermind Behind the Scenes

Tang Xiu's eyes moved to Mu Qingping as he said, "Big Sis Mu, there's two dirty clothes yet to be washed in my room. Could you help me wash it?"

Mu Qingping's eyes flashed, reflecting her understanding. She said with a smile, "Alright. The two of you talk while I'll go wash the clothes."

After Mu Qingping left, Tang Xiu's gaze landed on his mother. The smile on his face slowly faded away and his expression became more serious. He said, "Mom, I've made up my mind, there should be no more secrets between us. I'll tell you my secret, but you must also tell me yours."

"What?" Su Lingyun asked with a puzzled expression.

"Well, I've spent some money to buy a private island in the Pacific Ocean. I'm going to make it a paradise in the future so you can go there if you're bored with life outside."

"Huh? A private island? Xiu'er, how much money did you spend for it?" Su Lingyun asked with a disbelieving expression.

Tang Xiu said with a-matter-of-factly manner, "2.5 billion."


Despite knowing that her son also had several hundred million in properties, Su Lingyun still couldn't help but inhale a deep, cold breath upon hearing the sum.

"Originally, I borrowed the money, but because of some reasons afterward, I made a lot of money and had paid it back. So you don't need to worry about the origin of the money. It's not a dirty one." Tang Xiu explained.

Su Lingyun was still absent-minded and said, "Xiu'er, you..."

Tang Xiu's eyes suddenly turned ablaze as he quickly asked, "Mom, I've told you my secret. And we, mother and son, should have no secret between each other. Can you tell why you don't want me to study in Beijing?"

As though in a trance, Su Lingyun blurted out, "That's because your father's family is..."

She abruptly stopped speaking! Her face instantly turned pale as though a wax paper.

Tang Xiu's eyes turned cold.

Father? What a strange word!

He did ask his mother about his father when he was small for many times. However, not even an answer could he get. As he grew older, he gradually became sensible and thoughtful to never ask about it again. He knew that each and every time he asked about it, his mother would look very pained. And on some occasions, he had seen his mother hold the yellowish, black and white photo whilst wiping her tears secretly.

He never knew whether that man was dead or alive; neither did he care about it whatsoever. Such a man who never raised his son ever since he had been born, never deserved to be a father.

Sighing inside his heart, Tang Xiu came over as he sat next to Su Lingyun. He smiled, pulling her hands he said, "Mom, I know clearly about the answer, so you don't have to say more. You need not to worry though! I'll fill the application to apply tomorrow and I'll go study in Shanghai. Besides, I'm already a man and I have the ability to look after you. I only hope that you can be healthy, having a good and fortunate life in the future."

Tears overflowed from Su Lingyun's eyes as she repeatedly nodded.

Shortly after, Tang Xiu accompanied his mother as they chatted for a while. After Mu Qingping came back to the living room, then, he gave the task of accompanying her to Mu Qingping and left his home alone. He then went again to the Property Management Office, meanwhile Long Xueyao also had almost finished her work.

"Ready to go?"

Wearing a decent professional attire, Long Xueyao asked whilst smiling.

"Okay, Lakeview Manor." Tang Xiu said.

"What are you gonna do there? That place has quite a strict and high threshold. You can't go there if you don't book the seats in advance." With an astonished expression, Long Xueyao asked.

"Long Hanwen is waiting for me there."

"My uncle? Since when did you have a good relationship with him?" Long Xueyao was surprised.

Tang Xiu said with a smile, "There are a lot of things you don't know. Anyways, no need to ask that much. Let's just go! I'm in a hurry."

Long Xueyao gave Tang Xiu charming white eyes. Driving her sports car, she took Tang Xiu out of South Gate Town quickly. As they arrived at Lakeview Manor, she wasn't stopped and directly allowed to enter, she was clearly a regular patron here.

After getting out from the Lakeview Manor's parking lot, Tang Xiu said, "Well, your mission has been accomplished, but I still have things to do, so you can go back first!"

"Wait! I have something to tell you!" Long Xueyao quickly said.

Tang Xiu reluctantly replied, "All the way here you just idled, why didn't you talk about it before? Fine. What's up?"

Long Xueyao snapped humorlessly, "Hey, it's not like I'm here for you, you know. It's the driving school principal. He asked me when will you go there. An exam for the next batch of students is only a few days away. He can let you attend it ahead of schedule but on the premise that you need to be adept and familiar with the car to try it out."

Tang Xiu immediately realized as he said with a smile, "Okay. Tell the driving school principal I'll go there tomorrow."

"Alright. If you can attend the test a few days later, the driving school principal will arrange you in it in advance. You only need to try and fill your documents when the time comes, and then wait to take your driving license." Said Long Xueyao with a smile.

"How long will it take to get this driver's license?" Tang Xiu asked.

"Well, it should at the most half a month, you'll definitely get your driver's license."

"Alright!" After saying that, Tang Xiu turned around and rushed to the appointed place with Long Hanwen.

Standing before the car's door, Long Xueyao looked at Tang Xiu back with an irritated expression whilst muttering, "This fellow really doesn't have any courtesy at all. I've contacted some people to get his driver's license, but he didn't say even a word of thanks?"

Ten meters away...

Tang Xiu suddenly stopped as he turned around and said, "Long Xueyao, thanks a bunch!"

"Huh!" Long Xueyao's expression dulled as a weird expression then suddenly appeared on her beautiful face.

"He... could it be that he heard what I just said? But it's impossible. My voice was very low and it was more than ten meters away. Unless he's a person who can hear from that far away, there's no way he can hear it!"

Long Xueyao comforted herself, and then facing Tang Xiu, she waved her arm before she immediately drilled into the driver's seat, started her car and quickly left.

Whilst looking at the disappearing car, a smile outlined on Tang Xu's mouth. He indeed just heard Long Xueyao's muttering. His hearing was, after all, very sharp. Average people might be unable to hear it, but it was not difficult for him.

Inside a teahouse in the deepest part of Lakeview Manor.

Long Hanwen, Chen Zhizhong, Kang Xia, Miao Wentang, Shao Mingzhen, Ouyang Lei, Chu Yi, Bai Tao, Long Zhengyu and some others had gathered.

The strike against the Zhangs had now nearly ended. This time, everyone came in preparation for the distribution of the benefits they obtained from the Zhang Family. From the calculations, they found that the Zhang Family indeed had a deep foundation, for the total assets they had truly surpassed more than 20 billion yuan.

"I apologize, something was up and got me delayed." After Tang Xiu arrived, everyone's attention immediately attracted to him.

Long Hanwen said with a smile, "No problem. Anyway, the things we should do have been done. Now it's the time for the finishing touch. Tang Xiu, as far I know, you have to fill in the registration to apply for your schooling tomorrow, don't you? Have you thought which university you're going to register?"

"Shanghai University!" Tang Xiu said with a pale smile.

"That's indeed one of the best universities. Considering your character, I believe you have full confidence since you dare to apply for this university. Come on, I'll toast to you with my tea on behalf of the wine. I wish you congratulations in advance for getting into the higher education and further your studies. May your dream come true."

"Come, let's toast!" Miao Wentang also stood up, all smiling as he said.

At this moment, everyone's mood was very good. This time, had it been not for Tang Xiu, they wouldn't have been able to make such a huge amount of money. With 20 billion, even if it were to be divided to many forces, each party would still have a share of billions of yuan.

Billions! Even though each and every one here also came from a big family, rich and powerful people, however, even if they spent 8-10 years, such an amount was only something that could be done within 8-10 years.

After the cup of tea had been drunk up, Long Hanwen looked at Tang Xiu with a pensive expression when he asked, "The Zhangs have been doomed to collapse, so now we're carving up their properties. Tang Xiu, since the Zhangs' clansmen have been grasped by us, it's your call how to deal with them."

"Zhang Deqin and Zhang Fengxian have to die, no doubt. However, I haven't thought well about the others aside from them. Anyways, where are they? I'll go see them now." Shaking his head, Tang Xiu replied.

"I've sent some people to bring them here, and now, they are being locked in the Longhu Villa's underground secret chamber." Long Hanwen said.

Tang Xiu nodded as he looked at Kang Xia and said, "As for how to divide the money, you discuss it with them. Furthermore, aside from the 200 million money I used to buy the information, take all the remaining money you have and invest it into the preparation for this big project!"

After having said that, led by Long Zhengyu, he quickly rushed to the underground chamber of Longhu Villa.

Inside the underground chamber.

Of all 21 family members of the Zhangs that were tied, all were important high officials of the family. All of whom had fallen into silence. Even though they suspected who were the ones who sent people to tie them up, however, since they had yet to see the mastermind, they also didn't dare to determine it.


The door to the underground chamber was pushed open, with four big men with knives entering the chamber with grim expressions.

"Who are you people?!"

Zhang Deqin's hands and feet were tied up. She was sitting and leaning on the wall in the corner and shouted loudly.

"I'll tell you." Tang Xiu entered through the door and looked at the angered Zhang Deqin. His expression was cold and detached. However, Long Zhengyu, who followed him behind, was holding his arms with an expression as though he was looking at a good show.

"IT'S YOU..."

Zhang Deqin's pupil contracted as she screamed out.

Zhang Fengxian frowned and looked at Long Zhengyu coldly, before his vision landed on Tang Xiu. After he stared at him for a few times, only then did he turn his head and shouted, "Deqin, you know him?"

Tang Xiu looked at the strong and muscular man to move a chair. After he sat on it, he lifted up his leg on top of the other and said with a smile, "She knows me, of course. That's for sure! I'm afraid that even if I've turned into ashes, she will still know me! Isn't that right, Miss Zhang?"

A frightened expression was revealed on Zhang Deqin's eyes. The moment Tang Xiu appeared, she knew she was finished. She had witnessed how ruthless he was, even the three hitmen also died in his hands. Such a person would never let her go.

"So, now you know what's being scared shitless, do you? Initially, I had forgiven you and your younger brother. But you unexpectedly dared to hire foreign hitmen to kill me. Solely just because of your unreasonable hatred toward me, is enough for you-siblings to go see the King of Hell!"