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 Chapter 201: Good News

The noon of the next day.

Tang Xiu quietly left South Gate Town to meet the two top brasses sent by the Chu and Bai Families. After having a secret negotiation for half an hour, the two then went back to Beijing.

The answer from the both of them was that, they agreed to the deal!

The ones who were the happiest was not Tang Xiu, but Chu Yi and Bai Tao, who then rushed to Star City in a hurry. From both parties, Tang Xiu learned that their families had decided to nurture them as the future heads of the families; even their arrival to Star City this time also brought along eight billion yuan with them.

Late at night, a Mercedes-Benz car drove toward South Gate Town as Tang Xiu then met with the travel-worn Shao Mingzhen on the first floor of his villa.

"I heard that you just went back to Northern Jiangsu two days ago, how did you come back today?"

A happy expression could be seen from the corner of Shao Mingzhen's eyes as he said, "Brother Tang, you should have heard the saying, 'you're trying to find something wholeheartedly with no success, but then you found it by accident without even sweating'. Well, the reason I hurried back this time is to tell you good news."

"What good news?" Tang Xiu asked with a puzzled expression.

"Take a look at this recorded video I've taken, then you'll know." Shao Mingzhen played a video from his mobile phone.

Tang Xiu took his mobile and watched a man and a woman being tied up in the video. What he didn't expect was that the man turned out to be Zhang Yongjin. He informed the other forces to help to find Zhang Yongjin's whereabouts with no result, that was why he didn't expect that Shao Mingzhen was the one who found him.

"How did you find him? And who's the woman beside him?"

Shao Mingzhen received his phone back with a cheerful mood as he then happily said, "Well, four days ago a small team leader for my people was setting up and arranged a gambling joint which can give a big winning prize. That woman is called Sun Hong and she's a famous gambling addict from Northern Jiangsu's Peng City. In that gambling joint she won two million yuan while Zhang Yongjin who was with her lost more than ten million. Afterward, the both of them borrowed six million high-interest loan from the casino. After the following gamble on the table, Sun Hong was found cheating on the gambling, so that small team leader under me tied up the both of them.

"Originally, according to the casino's customs, they should call and inform their families to get ransom money. But since this team leader of mine saw that Sun Hong is beautiful, he wanted her to accompany him for half a month, which she agreed to. However, that Zhang Yongjin didn't have such a good luck as he was tied up in the casino's room and left starving for two days."

"The reason as to why I went to Northern Jiangsu two days ago, was because an old friend of mine from Great Northwest came looking for me to talk about the old days. It happened that this old friend of mine also likes to gamble once in awhile, so I accompanied him to this casino. Eventually, I found this matter by chance and felt that this Zhang Yongjin name was somewhat familiar. At that time, I didn't take it seriously, only later did I hear that he comes from a rich and respected family from Star City, so I immediately acted afterward."

Shao Mingzhen spoke happily whilst taking out a cigarette from its pack and lit it up. Then, he continued with a smile, "We been searching for him in Star City as well as in nearby cities for quite a long time, and not even a trace of him could we found. To think that he turned out to be hiding in my turf and happened to fall into such a pit. Well, Brother Tang, since I've found the person you're looking for, it's your call what to do with him."

"Kill him!" Tang Xiu said without hesitation.

"OK. And that Sun Hong woman?" Shao Mingzhen nodded and asked.

"Have you clearly investigated her? What's the relationship between her and Zhang Yongjin?" Tang Xiu asked.

"I've ascertained about that. Sun Hong is a widow and was Zhang Deqin's classmate. She's still a good sister of hers until now. The reason as to why Zhang Yongjin went to Northern Jiangsu was to seek asylum with Sun Hong."

"Seeking asylum?" Tang Xiu asked with a puzzled expression.

Shao Mingzhen said with a smile, "Hey, it was you who frightened them! You're the one who killed those three hitmen, Zhang Deqin is scared the hell out of it. Since she's afraid of your revenge, she sent her younger brother to her good sister in Northern Jiangsu. But anyway, this Sun Hong is not a pure and chaste woman. She also slept with Zhang Yongjin when he took shelter with her there."

"Then kill her also! I don't want this matter to be spread out." Tang Xiu said.

Shao Mingzhen nodded as he took out his mobile and dialed a number. After giving some commands, he hung up the phone and then said, "By the way, when I was on the way to Star City, I called Brother Miao and he told me that the plan here is almost finished."

"Yes. The Zhangs have been snared into the trap and it will be too late for them if they want to withdraw. Long Hanwen and Miao Wentang indeed want to finish things off. However, I don't have much knowledge with business matters, though; as I'm only responsible to send people to capture those high-level clansmen of the Zhangs."

Shao Mingzhen narrowed his eyes. Along with a glint that flashed from them, he spoke with a sinking tone, "I also have sent my men to keep an eye on them, they're ready to move at any time."

"Anyways, the Zhang Family has a lot of industries, one of which are entertainment venues. The Ouyang Family and you are in this business field, so it's up to the both of you to share them." Tang Xiu said with a smile.

"I don't want to take over Star City, just give them to Ouyang Family!" Shao Mingzhen said with a light laugh.

Two days later.

As per order from the project's chief in charge-Kang Xia, a comprehensive attack was carried out on the Zhangs' businesses. In particular, some people were arranged in advance to start making troubles for the housing quality in real estate business. At the same time, all the entertainment venues belonging to the Zhangs were also troubled with foreign staffs' issues. Furthermore, many employees from the Zhang Group also left all of a sudden.

In addition, a lot of bad deeds done by the top executives of the Zhang Family in the past were also reported. Even the Public Security Bureau was also involved in the investigation. The news on the Internet was overwhelming, discrediting the Zhang Family, erupting in major forums as the news then was passed around at an overwhelming speed across the country.

At the Zhang Group's HQ.

Inside the General Manager's office, after the series of attacking, getting scorched by the flames and badly battered, green veins protruded on Zhang Fengxian's forehead as his face reddened with rage. He brutally smashed several quilts as he looked as though a wolf toward several top leaders in front of him, shouting, "Who the hell can tell me what's going on? Who's aiming at my Zhang Family? Who's targeting my Zhang Group?"

Several top leaders could only lower their heads, afraid, and didn't utter even a word.

They didn't know. It was the general findings between them.

The situation developed and changed too quickly. It was as if everything had been prepared in advance. The Zhang Group's real estate business, several Branch Offices, as well as other running business; all of them were blocked in the same day. Major business partners contacted and informed them that they cut off all of their cooperation in the future. The news was as though the falling snowflakes, catching them unprepared.

"Knock, knock..."

At the moment, the office's door was knocked as Zhang Deqin strode inside. Looking at her furious father-Zhang Fengxian, her complexion turned ashen as she quickly said, "Dad, the bank has just called. They want us to repay the due loan that has expired. Previously, the President Liu had agreed for the delayed payment, but now..."

Zhang Fengxian's breath paused as a hard-to-believe glint flashed from his eyes. He had an excellent personal relationship with President Liu. The number of loans from others couldn't be compared with his Zhang Group.

Why did he also...

Zhang Fengxian grabbed his mobile and dialed President Liu's number. After a long while, his call was connected as a low and deep voice then came out:

"Hello, Liu Changjian speaking."

Upon hearing his tone, the bad premonition inside Zhang Fengxian's heart grew more intense. He took a deep breath and tried hard to calm down as he replied, "Brother Liu, what happened? I just heard from my daughter-Deqin, that our loan must be repaid as fast as possible? Haven't we brothers had an agreement before? That we have six months to return the loan along with all the interests?"

"Brother Zhang, to tell you the truth, this is an order from above, so my hands are also tied. Therefore, your Zhang Family must pay back the money as soon as possible! Otherwise, I'll really be in a tight situation." A voice with a dry and wry tone came out of the phone.

"Brother Liu, I believe you also heard that I've just invested in a huge project recently, so a huge number of my funds has been injected into it. Can you help me find a solution? As long as the project run on the right track, I'll immediately return the bank loan. Besides, I'll also double the what I promised you before!" Zhang Fengxian said.

"Brother Zhang, it's not that I don't want it. But I really can do nothing about it. Oh, right. I'll have to take care of another matter, so let's end our chat here. I hope you can return the money before the end of this month."

Upon hearing the mute-ending call sound, an alarmed and scared expression could be seen on Zhang Fengxian's expression.

He could tell that there was absolutely a problem from the bank. Even if he gave more benefits to President Liu, the loan perhaps could never be delayed any further. However, he was not afraid, because he still had nearly five billion at hand that was still unused. Much less that he still had another four billion from the Hu and Xue Families.

At present, what he really wanted to know, was figure out exactly what forces were against his Zhang Family.

Could it be the Long Family?

Zhang Fengxian frowned. Just as he was about to call Long Hanwen, his mobile phone suddenly rang.

"Kang Xia?"

Zhang Fengxian's heart moved as he immediately pressed the answer button and spoke with a deep tone, "Zhang Fengxian here. Chief Kang, is there something up?"

Kang Xia's cold and detached void came out of the phone, "Boss Zhang, the director of Property Department in our project is your second brother, Zhang Fengming, isn't he?"

A bad premonition gushed again inside Zhang Fengxian's heart as he quickly asked, "Yes, Zhang Fengming is indeed my second younger brother. Why is Chief Kang asking about this matter all of a sudden?"

"Yesterday, several key staffs of the Finance Department who are Zhang Fengming's associates, a total five of them, have transferred all the money in our collective account to a Swiss Bank account. All of them now have disappeared without a trace. I suspect they have absconded the money and run away. I also have reported this to the police. But I wonder, do your Zhang Family want to keep that 1-2 billion yuan to yourselves?" Kang Xia said coldly.

"What?" Zhang Fengxian's body shook, even his eyes almost popped out.

Fear invaded his heart.

Zhang Fengming? Why did he dare to do that?

Zhang Fengxian's body crooked as he sat down on the boss chair, paralyzed. Suddenly, he quickly grabbed the phone and dialed Zhang Fengming's private number. But he only heard a notification that his phone had been shut down.