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 Chapter 200: Playing with a Big Gambit


Tang Xiu slapped his palms and said with a smile, "Alright! That will beat them on their own game! So we might as well make the game bigger. Anyways, return to Beijing and look for your elders. If they want to play in a much bigger game, send someone with authority to speak to Star City and come to South Gate Town."

With a dull and blank face, Chu Yi looked at Tang Xiu who was full of spirit. Then he probed, "Brother Tang, can you tell me about the plan first? This is not by any means a small matter to begin with. And I'm afraid it will be very difficult for Bai Tao and I to convince our family elders to come here without good reason."

Tang Xiu thought for a while. Finally, he spoke about the grudges between him and the Zhangs as well as the preparation to exterminate the Zhang Family by joining the four forces. After he told everything, he finally said with a sinking tone, "If the two of you can come up with eight billion in secret, it would be very easy to strike the Zhangs later. Once we get rid of the Zhang Family, we can fully start to develop and build according to my architectural building designs. And I believe you also know the profits it will bring about once the project is successful."

"Do you really want to play it big?" Chu Yi was shocked as he asked with widened eyes.

"Since I must play, that play it big I will. In addition, Star City's Hu and Xue Families will also take huge damage if they participate in this matter. And I was thinking that all the architectural design I've drawn will be fully completed within three years."

Three years?

Chu Yi's heartbeat sped up.

He himself knew that constructing the buildings in the architectural design drawn by Tang Xiu was uncertain to be completed within 8-10 years according to the previous agreement.

A glint flashed in Chu Yi's eyes, as his expression turned very serious in particular. He immediately got up and said, "I'll go back to the Capital now, and I'll call you about the reply in the next evening at the most. I'll also call Bai Tao about this. You needn't worry about this, I give you my guarantee that I will not disclose this matter to anyone."

Tang Xiu's eyes swept over the black suitcase. As he sent out Chu Yi, then, he asked, "How much money have you spent for these medicinal herbs?"

"80 million. Well, leave the money be for now. We'll talk about this later." Chu Yi said.

"Alright!" Tang Xiu nodded.

A splendor flashed in Ouyang Lulu's eyes. She followed Tang Xiu after he sent Chu Yi away and asked, "Are you really sure to carry on this big project after exterminating the Zhangs?"

"You tell me, how much of the total profits can we get if this big project is completed?" Tang Xiu asked.

"Well, according to the building constructions drawn in your design, the profits it will bring about would be around tens of billions, if not 100 billion. Solely from the business district and residential area, the profits will be huge. I dare say that, once the construction plans have been advertised, perhaps when we begin to sell the houses, the price will rise greatly. And to my estimation... it won't be less than the most prosperous area in Star City."

Suddenly, Ouyang Lulu's eyes turned bright as she immediately continued with full enthusiasm, "Tang Xiu, I know very well about the plot of land that has been bought out by Zhengyu. If we really want to go all out, why don't we buyout all the lands in the surroundings? Even if we do nothing to the land, its price will surely be rising in the future and it will give us quite a fortune."

Tang Xiu spread out his hands as he said in a bachelor-ish manner, "I got no money."

Ouyang Lulu's eyes twinkled as she replied, "It doesn't matter if you got no money right now since my Ouyang Family can lend you some first. When you've solved the Zhang Family, perhaps our four forces can get a lot of income, and you can pay us back by then."

"Even if I get some benefits from the collapse of the Zhangs, that money will also be invested for this big project's development. I'm afraid that I can't pull it out either." Tang Xiu said

Ouyang Lulu stared blankly for a moment before falling into silence immediately.

Tang Xiu himself thought for a moment. The idea proposed by Ouyang Lulu itself was quite good. In particular, the idea of "borrowing the chicken to lay the eggs" was much suited to his style. However, if he were to do that, it would also mean that he would be more indebted to the Ouyang Family.

After he thought about it a bit more, only then he slowly said, "Then, how about we do this. Your Ouyang Family contact the local government first. After you selected the plot of lands, then you calculate as to how much money it will take as well as the amount you can come up with. At that time, I'll also provide 40% of funds whereas your Ouyang Family will provide 60%. So the future income will be divided into 4 to 6."

"Didn't you say that you have no money?" Ouyang Lulu said with a confused expression.

"I'll find a way. However, I'll only provide the money and won't involve myself in other things." Tang Xiu said.

Upon hearing his words, a satisfied smile emerged on Ouyang Lulu's face. She herself had indescribable trust toward Tang Xiu, so she nodded and said, "So be it then. I'll go back to Jingmen Island now to discuss this with my father. And considering his judgment ability, I believe that he'll agree to this one."

After having said that, she immediately returned to her room and packed up her things. Then, she hurriedly drove and left South Gate Town.

Her swift and decisive nature, as well as her intelligence, was much to Tang Xiu's liking, since he felt that it was very easy to cooperate with someone with such nature.

As for the money, he also had made a decision in his mind.


Star City. Zhang Group's Headquarter building.

Zhang Deqin was frowning deeply in her Vice General Manager's office. A bit of agitated mood could be seen in her eyes. Her mobile was unceasingly making sounds of dialing a number, but for each and every time, the only reply she got was "the number you have called is currently unavailable."

"Knock, knock..."

The office's door was knocked. In front of the wide opened door, Hu Wanjun and Xue Renfei were standing outside with a smile hung on their faces.

Upon seeing the two, Zhang Deqin immediately strode forward and asked with a deep tone, "You two just came at the right time, I was just about to call you! Anyways, where's Yongjin? He isn't with you?"

Hu Wanjun was surprised and said, "Big Sis Deqin, we're also looking for Yongjin! It's been more than a week and we haven't seen him at all; neither have we received any calls from him. We've tried to call him for many times, but our calls can't get through. Uh, speaking about it... you also can't find him?"

Zhang Deqin's complexion turned gloomy as though water. The restlessness inside her heart grew even more. She took her brother-Zhang Yongjin to Northern Jiangsu to let him stay with her bosom sister. The first day he got there, he was okay, well-behaved and obediently followed her bosom friends, having good meal and manners. However, ever since two days ago, not only did she lost contact with him, she couldn't even call her bosom girl-friend.

She had even sent someone to Northern Jiangsu, but there was still no result neither any messages sent to her. There was literally no one at all in her sister's house.

Xue Renfei said, "Big Sis Deqin, the last time Yongjin contacted me, he said that he'll stay in Northern Jiangsu for some time, vowing that he'll be back a week later at the most. Is he still in Northern Jiangsu now?"

Zhang Deqin shook her head and replied, "He did go to Northern Jiangsu, but I lost contact with him now. I sent him to stay with my good sister there, but now, I can't even contact her. I suspect that someone is investigating his whereabouts as well as kidnapped him and my good sister."

Hu Wanjun and Xue Renfei looked at each other in dismay.

"Which bastard did this?" Hu Wanjun quickly asked.

"I suspect that it's Tang Xiu's people's deeds. Because he's the only one that has hatred with us." Zhang Deqin coldly said.

"Tang Xiu? He dares to do this? He only has a trivial martial arts and relies on the Long Family.

Zhang Deqin didn't utter any words.

She had sent people to do surveillance in the vicinity of South Gate Town. They found that for more than a week, Tang Xiu hadn't left South Gate Town. She had determined that the three people that were killed outside South Gate Town were indeed assassins coming from abroad. She even suspected that the one who killed those three assassins was Tang Xiu himself.

She had tried to contact the middleman, but she couldn't get it through. She suspected that the other party had an accident. However, as for specifically what it could be, it was definitely not a good thing for her.


Star City, at Public Security Bureau.

The office of the Criminal Police squad was very busy as police officers constantly came in and out of the office with documents. Inside one of spacious offices, Deng Jianmin was puffing his cigarette in a jittery manner with an extremely gloomy expression. At the opposite of him, Cheng Xuemei was holding a teacup, looking to be in deep thought.

"The top brasses have strictly urged us to catch the murderer within three days before. How many days have passed now? But still, not even a clue can we find! What and how should we report about the progress? Captain Cheng, it's imperative for us to change our way of thinking. We can no longer pay attention to the people we're suspecting and being monitored. More importantly, we'll focus our attention toward the one who hired those foreign hitmen." Deng Jianmin pinched the cigarette butt as he spoke with a sinking tone.

Cheng Xuemei forced out a smile and said, "We already know about these foreign hitmen from the Interpol. They belong to a small killer organization, and there's only a few dozen people in the entire organization. And this time, three of them suddenly died, that also closed the chance for us to find the person who pulled the strings behind the scene. The manipulator himself suddenly disappeared into hiding. Even if we want to investigate starting from them, we won't be able to get any useful information!"

Deng Jianmin shook his head and said, "No, I think we'll some clues from it."

"Director Deng, what clues?" Cheng Xuemei's spirit sparked as she quickly asked.

"How did they sneak into the country and come to Star City smoothly?" Deng Jianmin said.

"You mean... the black-hand who hired these hitmen should be someone from Star City? This person helped these three hitmen enter the country and then helped them come to Star city?" Cheng Xuemei's eyes brightened up as she immediately got up and replied.

"Correct. These hitmen are hired guns and they will get their payment for killing. Since there's a target, there should be an employer who hired them. We can't find the person who killed these hitmen and neither can we find any valuable clues from him. So, we might as well change our way of thinking and focus our attention on the employer. Thus, immediately send someone to the airport, bus terminals and any of the transit channels from the outside to Star City. As long as we can figure out as to how these hitmen entered Star City, we can find the about their employer." Deng Jianmin said.

Cheng Xuemei put down her teacup as she replied with a deep tone, "I'll lead the men personally."

"Wait! You must contact the Interpol. Clarify to them from which city these hitmen embarked from. Only by taking this approach will our investigation be quicker." Deng Jianmin said.