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 Chapter 199: The Rule of the Powerful

Tang Xiu was somewhat speechless upon facing Kang Xia's inquiry.

How did he do it?

As a matter of fact, pulling out a steel nail, for him, was but only a trivial act. He had received numerous grave injuries in the Immortal World before, and for countless of times he had to take care of it himself. It was much more difficult than saving others.

"Let's just leave!"

Tang Xiu face was tranquil as he continued to walk outside.

Kang Xia was tempted to follow her impulse to ask more. However, as she looked at Tang Xiu's calm expression, she eventually suppressed her intense curiosity inside. Tang Xiu was unpredictable and truly as deep as a well. Before she knew Tang Xiu, she never imagined that she would encounter someone like him in her life. He was younger than her, but he amazed her, she even felt that he was someone that she needed to look up to.

After going back to the car.

Kang Xia started the car and spoke, "Boss, I'll drive you to South Gate Town first, then I'll go home afterwards!"

Tang Xiu nodded and said, "After you go back, keep your vigilance sharp; and if there's no important things, we should not meet with each other for the time being. I can tell that the Zhangs will send some people to keep an eye on you to observe your every action and movement. If because of our meeting it causes Zhang Deqin's suspicion, then everything will come to naught."

"I know!" Kang Xia nodded and replied.

Time slipped away and passed quickly.

The scheme for the Zhang Family, as expected, was carried out smoothly and progressed very quickly. A large sum of funds had been injected to the collective account, whereas Kang Xia also had taken the office and acted as the interim CEO for the project. Furthermore, all four parties also signed a strict and harsh agreement.

Zhang Fengxian himself was a cautious and cunning person in nature. But still, he also decided to take the chance upon facing such a huge profit to be made. However, for insurance's sake, he also made a contingent plan unbeknownst to the others and privately signed a cooperation plan with the high-level people of the Star City's Hu and Xue Family. The agreement was that he was willing to transfer some part of the profits to the two parties in exchange for a private capital of two billion liquid funds.

A week later, at the South Gate Town villa complex.

Tang Xiu was wearing a loose bathrobe as he quietly looked at the information in his hands. The information was sent by his 20 men who were investigating the whereabouts of high-level members of the Zhangs. It was very detailed and comprehensive and only need the order from Tang Xiu to make the high-level members of the Zhangs to disappear within ten minutes.

At the opposite side of him, Ouyang Lulu was sitting on the sofa with a lazy expression. She wore a short denim jeans, with a small vest and cool crystal shoes whilst holding her chin as she looked at Tang Xiu without blinking.

Staring all the time at a person might be boring, but looking at someone that made one interested actually didn't tire at all, instead, it would only make strengthen it.

The longer Ouyang Lulu knew Tang Xiu, the more she felt his fierceness. Previously, she only thought that the people Tang Xiu knew was but only the Long Family, Chen Zhizhong and the most mysterious one was the little boss of the Everlasting Feast Hall, Gu Xiaoxue. However, when she passed the news to her parents about Miao Wentang and Shao Mingzhen, the results shocked her, because the identity of the two was unusual.

Mysterious and inconceivable mysterious aura! It was the feeling Ouyang Lulu had toward Tang Xiu. She even felt that Tang Xiu was more mysterious than the countless unsolved mysteries all over the world.

"Hey, is there a flower on my face?" Tang Xiu finally put the information in his hand as his eyes landed on Ouyang Lulu's face.

Ouyang Lulu said with a light laugh, "Hehe. Well, your face hasn't been plowed, but there seems to be a flower on your head, so I want to pull its petals apart to see what's inside."

"You're bored, aren't you?" Tang Xiu chided and shook his head.

"Observing you isn't much of a boring thing to do, though. But I'm very curious, however. Aren't you worried about this scheme against the Zhangs?" Ouyang Lulu replied with a tender smile.

"What should I worry about?" Tang Xiu asked.

"About some accidents that could happen midway, no?! The Zhangs have deep roots in Star City, and perhaps they have some trump cards in their hands. If they suddenly reveal their cards when the time comes and disrupt our plan, what should we do then?" Ouyang Lulu said.

With a grim expression, Tang Xiu said, "All the accidents and changes will be easily solved in the face of absolute force. It's not in my intention to exterminate all the family members of the Zhangs as the final solution, however. But if there's unpredictable changes, I also won't overrule this method."

"Tang Xiu, the society as of now is ruled by the government laws. Are you not afraid that too many murders will cause unnecessary troubles?" Ouyang Lulu asked.

"The laws, as it has always been, are formulated and enacted for the weak- the people with power can just ignore it. Even though I don't want to challenge the bottom line, but so too others, for they must never cross my bottom line also. If she wants to kill me, then I will kill her first. Even if I have to cut off all the roots to stamp out the troubles, I won't leave anything behind so as to avoid any causes for later disasters." Tang Xiu spoke with indifferent expression.

Ouyang Lulu clapped her hands and said, "True, this is the truth. Previously, my Ouyang Family had an enemy family in Jingmen Island. They even hired a group of international mercenaries to sneak into Jingmen Island to strike our Ouyang Family. As a result, all the international mercenaries left Jingmen Island, whereas that family was also removed. But that time, my Ouyang Family suffered quite a great loss and it took us several years to handle it."

Tang Xiu said with a pale smile, "It seems like your Ouyang Family also has a deep family heritage. At least, your family's enemy was unable to figure out your family's trump card and rashly acted against you."

With a surprised expression, Ouyang Lulu said, "How did you know that my Ouyang Family has a trump card?"

"There's only a few foolish people in the world. Those who can govern big and respected families are never fools. I can tell that before they acted against your family, the Ouyangs perhaps had already investigated their strength on the surface. This is what the so-called 'knowing thy enemies and know yourself and only then will you be ever-victorious in every battle'." Tang Xiu said.

Ouyang Lulu said with a smile, "What you said is spot on. Our Ouyang Family does have a trump card, that was my grandfather from my mother's line. It can be said that our family has relatives from a mysterious clan. Tang Xiu, I have absolute trust in you, so I can tell you about this. Even though my maternal grandfather's clan is very low key and lives in a remote mountainous area, however, they are valiant people and they live by martial arts' codes. There are a lot of people who are martial art experts from there, even us Ouyangs also hired a group of experts from there."

"I know that. Some of the people your Big Brother takes along, are quite good." Tang Xiu said.

"Knock, knock..."

The door was knocked as Gu Yin entered the room with a smiling face and said, "Master, there's a guest visiting you."

A guest?

"Who is it?" Tang Xiu asked with a smile.

"He came here once before. The one who sent you medicinal herbs. I think he's surnamed Chu."

Chu Yi?

Tang Xiu's expression moved as he got up and said, "Let's go see him."

At the living room in the 1st floor.

Chu Yi sat on the sofa, fiddling with his mobile, whereas a big black-leather suitcase stood next to him. A bright smile hung on his handsome face, obviously revealing his joyful mood.

"Chu Yi!"

Tang Xiu came to the living room and then sat on the sofa at the opposite side. Ouyang Lulu herself acted as though a behaved young wife as she directly sat next to him.

Chu Yi put away his mobile, and for a moment, was quietly surprised upon seeing Ouyang Lulu who followed behind Tang Xiu. But his complexion immediately turned into an inconceivable expression when he saw Ouyang Lulu's sitting position. He raised his arm and pointed at the two and said with a hesitating expression, "Are the both of you..."

"What?" Tang Xiu said with a confused expression.

Ouyang Lulu rolled her white eyes as she harrumphed and said, "What's with the both of us? If you have anything to say, then spit it out clearly and don't hide it. Besides, Tang Xiu and I haven't done any shameful things."

Chu Yi forced out a smile and said, "Well, old fellow classmate, your words are filled with guns and sticks though, so I have no courage to spit it out. But I'm really curious, however. How are you here too?"

"Well, you can come here, so why can't I?" Ouyang Lulu said.

"Lulu has something to take care of in Star City, so she's staying in my place for now. Anyway, are you bringing me medicinal herbs again?"

Chu Yi looked at the two with a strange expression. Only after a while did he replied with a smile, "Well, I got two two business to attend to in Star City this time. Firstly, bringing you these medicinal herbs. And secondly, Long Zhengyu said that there's someone who wants to be involved in our project, so I came here to ask him about the specific details."

"Well, you need not ask Zhengyu about this matter. We have a much bigger plan, you'll naturally know about it when this plan ended." Tang Xiu said.

Chu Yi frowned as he asked with a confused expression, "Brother Tang, I don't get what you're saying. Since I can't ask Zhengyu, how about you tell me what's this about?"

"The plot of land we're going to use, as well as the architectural design I have drawn personally, are now being used for another plan. In my estimation, it would only take 10-15 days before we got the results. I know that you and Bai Tao have the shares in this project, but since Zhengyu obtained the entire plot of land, we're using this block to build the office. It also won't be a problem if you want to participate in this project later, but the premise is that we have to remove some people first." Tang Xiu said.

"You have enemies? Why didn't you call me?" Chu Yi said with a shocked expression.

Tang Xiu said with a smile, "Well, we originally wanted to involve both you and Bai Tao. But since I considered that the both of you also have your own adversaries in the Capital, I didn't call you. The plan itself is very tight and strict, and you're the first one who knows about this even though you're not involved in this plan. So I hope you can keep this a secret."

Chu Yi narrowed his eyes and slowly asked, "Is there nothing I can do to help? For example... money?!"

"Nah, we won't need it temporarily, but I'll be sure to call you if we need it later!" Tang Xiu said with a smile.

"I'll discuss about this matter with Bai Tao! Of course, it will be only between the both of us and we won't tell anything to our family! If you need money later, do call us! Even though most of our money have been invested in the building that we're going to develop, but we can still amass some money through private means." Chu Yi nodded and said.

Tang Xiu was distracted for a moment as he suddenly asked, "If... I mean, if your Chu and Bai Families don't raise the suspicion from the enemy, how much funds can you come up with?"

Chu Yi pondered for a moment before he said, "Four billion, this is the limit. I think it's also the same with Bai Family."