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 Chapter 198: Divine Doctor

Li Hongji didn't leave the hospital last night because the daughter-in-law of his old comrade was injured and hospitalized. And now she was in the operating room. In order to console his old comrade, he stayed in the hospital to accompany him.

At present, he and his old comrade came to the operating room's door. As he saw that the surgery had already ended, he quickly asked, "How is it? Have you taken out the steel nail from inside of her body?"

The doctor shook his head and said, "The nail is stuck in a very particular position. We've tried a variety of methods but we still couldn't take it out. She has been given a blood transfusion, but her condition isn't stable yet."

Li Hongji frowned deeply. Looking at the pale complexion of his old comrade, he also didn't feel better. Even if he wanted to console him, he didn't know what he should say.

"Dean, how about we transfer her to another hospital? If we send her to the Capital now..." The doctor said.

He stopped talking midway and couldn't go on. Because he was well aware that such internal injury was not suitable to be moved. If the steel nail in her body was touched in the transferring process, her condition would perhaps worsen, and there was a possibility that she could die at any time.

Li Hongji spoke with a sinking tone, "We must not move her body easily. It's best to invite the best doctor from other local hospitals, I..."

Suddenly, Tang Xiu's face emerged in his head. His eyes turned bright immediately as he quickly took out his phone and called Tang Xiu's number.

At South Gate Town.

Tang Xiu and Kang Xia were still talking when his mobile phone suddenly ringed, interrupting their chat. After he took out his phone, Tang Xiu suddenly frowned when he saw that it was a call from Li Hongji.

"Is there something up?"

"Tang Xiu, our hospital has a patient with a serious wound; even our most able doctors don't have the means to treat her... ... can you come and save the patient?" there was a slight begging from Li Hongji's tone.

"What about the patient's situation?" Tang Xiu asked.

"There's a steel nail between the heart and the artery." Li Hongji said.

"Wait for me there!" Tang Xiu sighted secretly and then hung up the call.

Kang Xia asked with a confused expression, "Boss, are you going out this late?"

Tang Xiu forced out a smile and said, "Well, for an inexplicable reason, I've became a doctor in Star City Chinese Medical Hospital. There's a seriously wounded patient in need of treatment there now, but the hospital's best doctors were helpless to treat her. So the President called me. Anyways, since you have a car, you take me there!"

Kang Xia knew that Tang Xiu was also skilled in medicine because she heard that he also had treated Gu Yin's strange disease. However, she didn't expect that the best doctors in Star City Chinese Medical Hospital were also unable to cure the patient, as even the President had to call Tang Xiu personally. Could it be that his medical skill was much more powerful than the best doctors in Star City Chinese Medical Hospital?

"Alright, I'll drive you there!" Kang Xia nodded and replied.

Shortly after, they had arrived at Star City Chinese Medical Hospital.

"Boss, I'll go with you. I only knew that you're also skilled in medicine before, but I've never seen it, so I want take a look." Kang Xiu said with a beaming smile.

"Are you not tired?" Tang Xiu asked.

"Well, even if I'm tired, I don't feel it since I'm with you." Kang Xia said with a smile.

"What a bootlicker!"

Tang Xiu said with a smile as he walked toward the hospital's main building in large strides. Kang Xia locked the car's door and followed him from behind.

At the door to the operating room in the 4th floor.

Li Hongji constantly looked at the time, whereas the his old comrade next to him asked with a worried expression, "Old Li, the doctor you've invited, how good is he?"

"He's a great master in Chinese Medicine, his level is way above mine. I don't know about surgical problems though, but he should be able to remove the nail from inside the body." Li Hongji said.

A Chinese Medical doctor?

The worried expression in the old man's face was getting thicker.

When Tang Xiu's figure appeared in Li Hongji's line of vision, he came running to him quickly despite his old age as he greeted excitedly, "Tang Xiu, the wounded patient is in the operating room. Our hospital's doctors have performed the surgery on her, but they have no means to take out the steel nail. Do you have any way out to take it?"

"I haven't seen the patient and her injuries' condition, so I don't know for now. Take me there!" Tang Xiu said.

"Come with me!" Li Hongji nodded and said.

As Tang Xiu and Li Hongji went into the operating room, Kang Xia and the patient's family members were stopped at the door. In the operating room, Li Hongji told the other doctors who had stayed inside to take care of matter to remove the thin cover on the wounded patient.

Tang Xiu inspected the patient as his brows wrinkled deeply, "How did the nail pierce into her body?"

The doctor who knew about the cause said, "She was passing by a construction site and was hit by an air-gun about 7-8 hours ago."

"Help me sit her up." Tang Xiu nodded and said.


The several doctors showed hesitating expressions as they looked at Li Hongji.

"Do according to what Dr. Tang says!" Li Hongji said with deepened tone.

The doctors helplessly nodded and carefully held the woman to sit up.

Tang Xiu took a sharp scalpel from the surgery table. After the woman's clothes were lifted, he inspected the suture position left from the previous surgery. In the next moment, the scalpel in his hand moved across the stitched wound, and instantly broke open the suture line.

Blood quickly poured as though a spring!

With an exceptionally calm expression, Tang Xiu quickly opened the flesh. After seeing the end of the steel nail clearly, he grabbed the woman's shoulder and pulled her down from the operating table, while his other hand punched her back. At the same time, he flowed his Star Force into the woman's body through his fist.

Star Force was just like True Essence. But it was much purer and a level higher. Just like True Essence energy could be used to heal, so did Star Force. Tang Xiu seeped his Star Force inside the woman's body regardless of her wound's bleeding. The few doctors were dumbstruck and tongue-tied. He reached out to her back to control the strain of Star Force that seeped into the woman's body and quickly protected her heart.

Ten seconds later, Tang Xiu put the woman back on the operating table and then injected his finger with Star Force, which slowly entered the wound inside. At the same time, his other hand inserted on the wounded place. Nobody could see Tang Xiu using his Star Force to support the blood vessels nearby the wound, whereas his finger caught the end of the nail and abruptly pulled it out.


A few centimeters' long steel nail was thrown into the mug.

Looking at the dumbstruck doctors, Tang Xiu said with a deep tone, "My task is completed. Her blood vessels didn't move, neither did it touch her heart. You do the rest, to stop her bleeding and stitch her suture! Ah right, don't forget to disinfect it."

Li Hongji was frightened upon seeing Tang Xiu's method; even his heart nearly stopped beating. At the moment, only after Tang Xiu spoke did he sober up as though awakened from a dream. Looking at the shocked expressions from the few doctors around, he shouted with a sinking tone, "Hey, what are you stunned for? Do as Dr. Tang says immediately!"

"... Ah ...OK!"

The other doctors finally came to their senses and immediately disinfected the woman's wound and stitched it. At the same time, they also reattached the oxygen tube to her as well as various instruments to her body.

The metrical data from the medical devices showed that everything was normal.

When the several doctors and Li Hongji saw the data, their tensed hearts were finally relieved. And at this moment, their shocked expressions finally calmed down. They looked at Tang Xiu, who was washing his hands, and turned speechless for a long time.

The method just now was truly unthinkable!

If it were them, they would never dare to do that even if they were give 100 points of courage!

Li Hongji followed behind Tang Xiu to leave the operating room. As he looked at the family members with their worried expressions outside, with the pale complexion on his old comrade; he looked at Tang Xiu deeply as he turned around and said, "Worry not, everyone! Dr. Tang has already taken out the nail from the wound. The medical instruments also indicated that there won't be any serious matter happening to the patient even though she has yet to recover her consciousness. I will tell the doctors to prepare a 24 hours care for her."

The old man's eyes stared wide as he asked with an inconceivable expression, "It's really been taken out?! Old Li, don't dare lie to me. This... this young doctor has just entered and did some big things? But, it's only 5 minutes! How did he take the nail out of my daughter-in-law's body so quickly?"

"Dr. Tang is actually a Divine Doctor. However, he acts as our last resort, so we usually don't call him since he's very busy. This time, the person that deserves the most gratitude from you for saving your daughter-in-law, is him."

Divine Doctor?

The old man's lips twitched a few times as he looked at his son, crying, "Why aren't you kneeling down to the young Divine Doctor, thanking him for saving your wife?"

As the middle-aged man heard him, he immediately kowtowed toward Tang Xiu, however, Tang Xiu stopped him as he glanced at Li Hongji and spoke, "I'm a doctor, saving the patient from dying as well as treating the wounded is my duty. So you don't need to thank me as this is what I should do!"

At the side, Kang Xia was struck dumb as she looked at Tang Xiu with her tongue tied. She suddenly realized that she knew very little about Tang Xiu. The Star City Chinese Medical Hospital was more famous than the first Public Hospital of Star City. Even the best doctors in this hospital were unable to cure the injury of the patient, but Tang Xiu only came here for a few minutes, and was able to cure the patient. This was truly amazing.

She looked at Tang Xiu and felt that there was a halo aura shrouded on top of his head- that was a divine aura.

Tang Xiu took out his mobile. He looked at the time and said, "Anyways, if there's nothing else, I'll be going first!"

Li Hongji quickly stopped him as he asked with anticipation all over his face, "Tang Xiu, since you've already attended the College Entrance Test, is it possible for you to come to the hospital and give your medical service earlier? I'll prepare your consultation room in advance, so you can use it in your free time!"

Tang Xiu thought for a moment before he shook his head and said, "I have no time for now. At the fastest, I can only give medical services next month."

Upon hearing Tang Xiu's guarantee, Li Hongji suddenly lightened up and smiled. He said cheerfully, "Well, since you say so, then I'm very assured. Let's walk, I'll send you out myself."

"No need. You're an old man, you should go rest early." Tang Xiu shook his head and replied.

After having said that, he left with Kang Xia.

After they arrived at the outside of the hospital's main building, Kang Xia looked at Tang Xiu with extraordinary splendor in her eyes as she asked, "Boss, how did you do it? You know, it was only a few minutes after you entered the operating room."