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 Chapter 193: Long Hanwen's Thoughts

"Yes, I know him. We've been through thick and thin together and finally become friends. I called him last night and he agreed to participate." Tang Xiu said with a nod.

"I have a friend in Haiqing Province also, he's a great businessman. But he's not worth mentioning compared to the Miao Group. Although Miao Wentang is very mysterious, but he's very well-known. He is someone who has a very big influence in Haiqing Province." Long Hanwen replied with disbelief.

"Actually, I don't know if he's that famous." Tang Xiu said

Long Hanwen laughed and said, "Hahaha. Seems like my worry is unfounded. Tang Xiu, originally, I was worried that the people you invited have no weight. If so, my Long Family, added with Chen Zhizhong and Miao Wentang, our three forces alone are able to suppress the Zhang Family and will make them unable to even breathe. As for the other one... umm, Shao Mingzhen, I've never heard of him, what kind of business does he do?"

"He's from Northern Jiangsu, he runs a venture company. But I don't know his other identity nor if he has any other companies. But he and Miao Wentang are friends for decades, and I can tell that he's Miao Wentang's brother through life and death."

"To be able to become Miao Wentang's brother means that this Shao Mingzhen is also someone who has a great background. Anyways, when will they come here?" Long Hanwen said with a sigh.

"We agreed to meet tonight in the Long's Dining Hall. When we're all together, we'll work out the plan." Tang Xiu said.

Long Hanwen's brows wrinkled as he pondered for a moment, and then said, "If possible, I think we best not to meet in the Long's Dining Hall. Don't forget that the place is the most prestigious restaurant in Star City, there should be a lot of eyes staring at the place. If so many important people gather there, the Zhang Family will certainly hear the news."

"Where should we meet then?" Tang Xiu asked

"To keep everything confidential and in check, we should meet in Lakeview Manor! This place belongs to me and my life and death brother. I also own the shares there. Also, the place only has a few guests usually, while it also has a high security system." Long Hanwen said.

"Alright, I'll inform them about this." Tang Xiu nodded and said.

"What about the Ouyang Family? When can they give us their reply?" Long Hanwen asked with a smile.

Tang Xiu looked toward the kitchen as he got up and went over, asking, "Big Sis Mu, when did Ouyang Lulu leave?"

"She left very early in the morning, and said she'll go back to Jingmen Island; she even forgot to bid farewell!" Mu Qingping replied with a smile.

Tang Xiu nodded. He took his mobile and dialed Ouyang Lulu's number. Ten seconds later, the call was connected and Ouyang Lulu's voice came over:

"Wait two hours for me, my brother and I are coming. Talk again later."


Tang Xiu hang up the phone. He came back to the living room and said, "Ouyang Lulu and her brother will arrive in Star City in two hours."

The smiling expression on Long Hanwen's face became a lot thicker as he said, "Ouyang Lei is the successor of the Ouyang Family. He's also the rising star in the business world since he did quite a few big deals after he took over the Ouyang Family's businesses. And all the deals he did brought quite a lot of income for the family. Since he's also coming, it can be assumed that the Ouyang Family is also boarding our ship."

Long Zhengyu suddenly interrupted, "With the joint cooperation of these five forces, the Zhangs are sure to die. I don't think the Zhangs will be able to last even if the Hu and Xue Family come help them."

Tang Xiu shook his head and said, "You're wrong. There's the sixth force also."

"Who is it?" Long Zhengyu was surprised.

Pointing to himself, Tang Xiu said with a faint smile, "You think that my Magnificent Tang Corporation is a pushover? We might not have much money as of now, but we still have our own force! Besides, I want my people in the key part of the plan."

Long Zhengyu laughed involuntarily and then said, "Dang it. My bad, Brother Tang! I, too, heard that you have a group of powerful men- even the security personnel of South Gate Town are not their match."

"Long Xueyao told you, did she? That's right. I do have a group of men, and they will also be the ones taking care of this matter." Tang Xiu said.

Long Zhengyu asked, "Anyway, may I know who they are, Brother Tang? How come you're able to win them over?"

Tang Xiu smiled. He didn't answer Long Zhengyu's question since he didn't want outsiders to know his secret with the Everlasting Feast Hall. In fact, he could have pulled the Everlasting Feast Hall to deal with this matter, but the Hall was built as a cover for Gu Yan'er, so he didn't want to create trouble for it.

Suddenly, Long Hanwen said, "Tang Xiu, have you considered pulling Yuan Zhengxuan over? I heard you also have quite a good relationship with him!"

Tang Xiu was silent for a moment before he shook his head and said, " Yuan Zhengxuan and I don't have much of a relationship, but his son is my best friend! Besides, his business is very special, so I don't want to pull him over for this matter."

Long Hanwen nodded and said, "I know. His business is related to the military, and it's indeed not suitable for this. However, as long as we give him some hints he will catch the wind, and perhaps he can help deal with some issues also."

"With so many people involved in this matter right now, you're still thinking we won't able to remove the Zhang Family?" Tang Xiu asked in reply.

Long Hanwen stared blankly for a moment, then he shook his head and no longer spoke.

In actuality, he too had long wanted to remove the Zhang Family. As long as the Zhang Family collapsed, he would be able to dominate the real estate business in Star City. He realized that Tang Xiu had seen through him. But even though Tang Xiu was taking the lead for the plan, he would be happy as long as the Zhang Family was ruined.

However, he was quite shocked inside. He didn't expect that Tang Xiu, who had just participated in College Entrance Test, could have such powerful personal contacts. From this aspect only, he was inferior. Otherwise, he would have dealt with the Zhang Family by himself.

Lunch time had come, but Long Hanwen and Long Zhengyu didn't stay. They hurriedly left to rush to Lakeview Manor to arrange for the secret meeting tonight.

"Tang Xiu, policemen are visiting outside."

Mu Qingping came to Tang Xiu's bedroom and whispered.

The police?

Tang Xiu had long expected the police would come, but he didn't expect it would be this fast. However, nowadays everything needed definite evidence. Moreover, he also believed he killed those three assassins cleanly. As long as Wolf Head didn't sell him out, the police wouldn't be able to find his involvement in the case.

"Alright, I'll see them!" Tang Xiu quickly answered.

At the hall on the first floor.

Cheng Xuemei and a young police officer of the Criminal Division were sitting in the living room, waiting. The tea had been served, but they didn't take it.

"Captain Cheng?"

Tang Xiu pretended to be surprised upon seeing Cheng Xuemei.

Cheng Xuemei stood up and looked at Tang Xiu with an indifferent expression as she said, "Mr. Tang, we're sorry to disturb you. We're investigating a homicide case that happened in front of South Gate Town's front entrance. When we saw the CCTV footage, we found that you're also living here. We want to find out the situation from you, so I hope you can cooperate with us."

"Certainly." Tang Xiu said with a smile.

"We've seen from the footage that you left the villa complex yesterday afternoon and quickly came back. May I ask whether you came out again after that?" Cheng Xuemei asked.

"No. After going out and coming back yesterday, I read some books and slept. I didn't go out of the villa even a half step after that." Tang Xiu shook his head and said.

"May I ask for what purpose did you go out yesterday?" Chen Xuemei asked.

"I accompanied my apprentice to buy tutoring and homework books. The stationery shop's owner nearby the commercial street can prove my testimony." Tang Xiu said.

Cheng Xuemei knitted her brows as she asked again, "You haven't heard that there was a murder in front of the villa complex's entrance?"

"I heard it from a friend who came visiting and stayed here yesterday. Three people were killed by gunshots, right? But, I'm really clueless though. You-the police force, should have been a deterrent force, but how come you're stooping so low now? There have been a lot of murder cases recently in Star City, and this big responsibility is yours to take."

Cheng Xuemei was truly helpless inside. She already knew that finding Tang Xiu wouldn't result in any effect whatsoever, not even the tiniest clues or tracks could be gotten from him.

This guy... was unlike a young man, but more like a cunning old fox.

Soon after, Cheng Xuemei asked a few more questions, only to turn more desperate, since there was nothing to find. She looked at Tang Xiu and said, "Alright, I'm done with the questions. Thank you for your cooperation. Anyway, we bid you farewell as we still have more work to do."

"Ah, why the hurry, Captain Cheng? How's about having dinner first? I guarantee that my housekeeper's culinary skills are first-class. Her cooking will make your appetite go wild and drive you to eat greedily." Tang Xiu said with a smile.

Cheng Xuemei was quite incensed and amused at the same time as she said, "You think I still have the time to stay here for dinner? The case is beating me black and blue, and I even got no time to sleep since yesterday. But to think that you have a housekeeper, the changes you have undergone in the last two months are really great."

"People need to move forward. The small business I've made recently got me some money. Otherwise, what you see me now wouldn't make you feel this is the first time we meet each other, no?" Tang Xiu said with a smile.

Cheng Xuemei recalled the scene when she first met Tang Xiu. She immediately nodded and said, "You're good. You can share your mother's worries and do everything you can to be successful. Anyways, thanks for tutoring my younger sister."

"We're classmates, we ought to love each other." Tang Xiu waved and replied.

Love each other?

Cheng Xuemei stared at Tang Xiu with a strange look. She kind of had the feeling that there was another meaning in this line. Could there be something between him and her little sister...

Her heart jolted and sped up. She stared at Tang Xiu seriously and asked, "You and my sister, shouldn't the two of you be related as pure classmates only?"

"Nope!" Tang Xiu shook his head and said.

Chang Xuemei's complexion changed, and her tone became stern and severe as she asked with a sinking tone, "What's your relationship with her? My sister is still young, it's not the time for her to have such a puppy love!"

Tang Xiu was at a loss whether he had to laugh or cry, "Huh? I said we're not just classmates because we're friends, comrades. What do you think we're doing? Even if I ever liked a woman, I wouldn't be interested in such a little girl like her, no? But you, you actually fit my standard though. What if you wait for me a few years, until I graduated from the college, to marry me and give me a child?"