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 Chapter 190: Front

Hundreds of meters away...

Wolf Head put down his binoculars as a glint of vigilance flashed from his eyes. He could tell that Tang Xiu had realized something but was unsure if he himself had been found or not. Cautiously, he quickly circled to the other side of the park and quietly approached

A few minutes later...

Wolf Head appeared in the grove. As though a shadow in the dark, he quietly arrived at the wall where Tang Xiu was moments before. As he squatted on the ground, he quickly observed the footprints on the ground. It seemed to be heading to another direction.

"Huh? It's gone?"

He lost Tang Xiu's footprints under a tree. Just as he turned to search again, his complexion greatly changed as he suddenly dashed to bolt away.


A figure fell from above in front of him.

With a cold and detached expression, Tang Xiu looked at Wolf Head. Even though he had a gun strapped on his waist, he didn't have the intention use it. To him, his own martial strength was his biggest tool for killing.

"Following me all the way here was quite hard, wasn't it?"

Wolf Head instantly retreated a few meters back. But he didn't turn around to run away, instead, he stared at Tang Xiu as though a hungry wolf as he said with a sinking tone, "Only a few people are able to track me back in the entire world. I don't know how you were able to find me!"

"Someone who has experienced many life and death situations will develop a particularly keen sense of danger. The murderous intent within you is very heavy, which says that the number of people who have died in your hands was at least 100. Judging from your reaction when you observed the footprints and retreated back at the same time, I can tell that you're also someone who has been walking on the path of death." Tang Xiu said apathetically.

"I've investigated you. You're just an ordinary student from the information I've gotten. Even if you have some powerful aspects compared to others, you just graduated from high school and have just started your own business. But, I can't fathom your skills as well as how you can kill without even batting an eye. I'll never believe that someone is born with such great strength nor I believe that one could have such inborn cold-blooded disposition. Can you explain this to me?" Puzzled, Wolf Head replied.

"You're not qualified." Tang Xiu shook his head and said.

Wolf Head squinted his eyes. His body tightened instantly as he spoke with a sinking tone, "Regardless of if I have the qualification or not, it's still unbeknownst to us. If you can win me, I'll consider agreeing with your condition."

My condition?

Tang Xiu was surprised and distracted for a moment.

At this moment, Wolf Head suddenly moved as his fist flew at him. As he lifted his arms, his fist flew, creating sharp and whooshing sounds of wind and instantly smashed at Tang Xiu's face. His speed already surpassed that of a human's- even Tang Xiu himself dared not to take it lightly.

"Go back!"

However, Tang Xiu's speed also some points faster than him. Using his fist to meet head-on with Wolf Head's, his body shook, but it didn't push him back, whereas Wolf Head stepped back for 7-8 steps. Only after retreating staggeringly was he able to stabilize his body.

"What a strength!"

Wolf Head's right hand was trembling as he looked at Tang Xiu with disbelief and exclaimed in astonishment.

"Your strength is also quite powerful. I didn't expect yours also exceed a thousand pounds. If my guess is right, you should be a Qigong practitioner, right? In addition, you also have cultivated your True Qi and reached the Small Accomplishment level. Even those so-called martial arts grandmasters could die within a short time if they were to have a life-and-death fight with you.

Wolf Head admittedly smiled. His body dashed again toward Tang Xiu. And this time, he was still waving his fist as before and punched at Tang Xiu's face. However, his footwork and stance were different from before. The moment his fist was about to hit Tang Xiu, he instantly rotated his footwork and changed into a peculiar direction as his punch swung toward Tang Xiu's left next in a strange trajectory.


Tang Xiu coldly snorted, his hands moved lightning fast and instantly blocked Wolf Head's strike. Either close combat fight or fighting experience, he was thousand times stronger than Wolf Head, for he had experienced countless battles. The neurons and nerves all over his body had all entered a combat state.

Along with the retracting movement of his footwork, Wolf Head tried to strike again, but ultimately could resist no longer. He had no choice but to go all out to withstand and dodge Tang Xiu's attack.


Wolf Head's arms were dislocated with Tang Xiu's Shadow Kick. He paled as an acute burning pain assaulted him as he staggeringly moved backward and shouted loudly, "Stop!"

Tang Xiu stopped attacking. He stood about 4-5 meters away from him as he said indifferently, "You still have your Mitsubishi army knife no? Why don't you use it and then talk?"

Wolf Head forced out a smile and shook his head with a sigh, "Wang Ming said that you're very strong and he had no chance to even fight back. He was trained personally by me, so I know what he's capable of. I didn't believe him at first, but now I have to admit that you're very strong. My arms are dislocated, I'm not able to fight anymore."

"So, you're the Wolf Head?" Tang Xiu asked with knitted brows.

"Yes!" Wolf Head replied with a wry smile.

"Very punctual you're for coming to Star City within the three days deadline. I want to ask you. Are you related with those assassins?" Tang Xiu relaxed his nerves and asked.

"No. After we investigated you, we discovered that you were also under the surveillance of another group. Those people are clearly well-trained assassins, two of them were not even from our country. We've investigated about them. They came from abroad with the sole purpose of killing you." Wolf Head shook his head and replied.

"So, your intention was to use them to test my strength, yes?" Tang Xiu said.

"I did. If you can't even solve this hurdle, what qualifications do you have to become our superior?" Wolf Head admitted and said.

"Then, what do you think after you've personally experienced my strength?" Tang Xiu nodded and said.

"I only have one request. If you can find the mastermind behind this and thoroughly solve this problem, our team will work under you." Said Wolf Head.

"So be it!" Tang Xiu said.

"However, I ought to tell you beforehand. We might bring some troubles once we join you. We have quite particular identities, and it's very difficult for average people to face us, so we're also under surveillance- some people started spying on us the moment we came to Star City. We too have the intention to shake off these people and quietly finish them off." Wolf Head replied with hesitation.

"People from the state?" Tang Xiu's brow pricked and inquired further.

"Yes, special task force." Wolf Head nodded and said.

"No problem for me. You all have already been stripped off from your previous identities. Besides, your assignment won't be in the mainland." Tang Xiu said.

"We'll go abroad?" Wolf Head asked with a surprised expression.

"Yes. I've bought a private island in the Pacific Ocean. And I need some people to protect the fort there. You have sufficient strength and should be capable enough of keeping the security there." Tang Xiu said.

With a surprised expression, Wolf Head looked at Tang Xiu and said with a low voice, "Are you going to create your own private armed forces?"

"Yes!" Tang Xiu nodded with a deadpan expression.

"It's fine with us! This is our specialty to begin with. But, can you tell me what kind of treatment you'll give us?"

"It depends on the type of relation you'll have with me! If you truly become my people, and if you can become a death squad hell-bent on following my orders, whatever it is, naturally, you'll have the best treatment you can think of. You can be sure to even have your dreams come true. But it's also fine if you want to become one of the ordinary ranks under me. You'll have good treatment, but surely, with some disparities with the previous ones." Tang Xiu said lightly.

"You're very ambitious, it seems. Your condition and your ambition kinda makes me scared." Wolf Head replied with a deep tone as he looked at Tang Xiu deeply.

Tang Xiu replied with a sneer, "If that's not enough for you, then, when you're able to destroy this planet with only one punch, nobody will be able to threaten you by then."

Wolf Head couldn't help but shake his head and smile.

Destroying Earth with only one fist? What was this? A damn joke? If one is able to destroy the Earth with only a punch, isn't he able to traverse the universe freely?

After chiding him inside a few times, he looked at Tang Xiu and said, "For now, what kind of troops we want to be is not important, for you must first prove your strength before we talk again."

"Well, just wait for the show." Tang Xiu turned around and walked toward the park's fence.

Half an hour later...

Inside a building a kilometer away from South Gate Town. The door was knocked gently seven times in a rhythmic sound. After that, the door was opened from the inside.

Inside the room...

Wang Ming was still with the binoculars in his hand as he looked at Wolf Head, who was coming inside with a pale face, and then asked with a surprised expression, "What happened to you, Chief?"

"I just exchanged some blows with Tang Xiu. You did say the truth, he's truly powerful. The one and only expert I've never seen in my life. Alright, help me fix my dislocated arms now!" Under the gaze of the five men inside the room, Wolf Head said with a bitter and astringent smile.

The rest of the men inside the room were greatly taken aback. They looked at Wolf Head's dislocated arms with disbelief, and their heartbeat sped up as well as palpitated. Wolf Head was the strongest amongst them, but he was also unable to contend with Tang Xiu- even have his arms were dislocated by him. Then, to what extent Tang Xiu's strength reached?

At present...

Amongst them, perhaps only Wang Ming knew Tang Xiu's strength. He forced out a bitter smile and quickly helped Wolf Head connect his arms' bones and said, "Actually, I've already guessed that Chief Wolf isn't Tang Xiu's opponent. That fellow's speed, strength and reaction speed can only be called as terrifying. Even if I go all out I'm still unable to touch his sleeves."

"He's very strong!" Wolf Head said.

With hesitation, Wang Ming asked, "Chief Wolf, what have you discussed with him?"

"I've explicitly told him that if he can completely solve this problem and prove his strength, then we'll follow him later. If he can't, then it's not worth it for us to do so. Also, he told me that we won't stay in the mainland once we work under him." Wolf Head replied.

"Uh, we won't stay in the mainland? Where will we go then?" Wang Ming asked with a confused expression.

"He said that the he had bought a private island in the Pacific Ocean, so he wants us to keep the security of the island. He wants to set up his own private army." Wolf Head said.

"Private armed force? What is he planning to do?" Wang Ming asked in wonder.

Wolf Head shook his head and said, "I don't know about it either."