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 Chapter 189: Threats

In the building a thousand meters away, Wolf Head and Wang Ming could see clearly what was happening in the Liangpi stall through their binoculars. They had never thought that Tang Xiu would kill very decisively, he even dared shoot and kill in today's society which was governed by law.

"He's good and very smart!"

A splendor flashed from Wolf Head's eyes, looking at Tang Xiu's back as he disappeared.

"Huh? Why do you say that?" Wang Ming asked with knitted brows.

Wolf Head said indifferently, "He broke the neck of that stall's owner, grabbing his pistol, shooting and killing the other two hitmen. But he didn't throw the pistol away but took it with him. Also, did you see his footsteps? He's running with the tip of his toes, which means he's perfectly aware that once the cops arrive at the scene they will carry out the investigation. And the most basic step of investigation is to scan the footprints on the ground. In addition, the fact that he was seen going out of the front entrance of South Gate Town before will be found in the police's investigation. And if his footprints were to be compared with the ones at the scene, then he will be exposed."

Wang Ming nodded and exclaimed in admiration as he said, "Damn, to think that he didn't enlist in the army, it's really a waste of talent."

Wolf Head shook his head and said, "No, he's not suitable to be a soldier."

"Why is that?" Wang Ming asked in surprise.

Wolf Head replied, "He's too ruthless, and won't stop at nothing. As such, he's not suitable for the military discipline. Once he joined the army and become a soldier like us, he will create big troubles."

Wang Ming nodded and continued asking, "Then, what should we do next? Cooperate with the police to arrest him?"

Wolf Head looked deeply at Wang Ming and replied with a cold and detached expression, "Why should we? We're no longer the government's tools. We've been stripped off our uniform, there's no need to involve ourselves with this. Don't forget that we have shaken off the people who were tailing us, which even made us enter Star City secretly. Do you want to expose our whereabouts again?"

For a moment, Wang Ming fell into silent as he replied with a bitter expression, "I know. If we are to appear, we will definitely become the target of the state's monitoring!"

Wolf Head said with a sneer, "We'll see Tang Xiu's next moves. If he can get through this hurdle perfectly and there's no more trouble following, then it proves that he has the capital and abilities, and is worthy of us following him. If he gets into trouble and cannot meet my expectations, then every one of us will go home."

"Understood!" Wang Ming nodded silently

Wolf Head was also silent for a moment. Then, he turned around as he put his binocular on the table. With a deep tone, he said, "Continue the surveillance here, I'll go out first."

"Chief Wolf, you're personally going to investigate him, aren't you? This guy is ruthless and merciless, if something goes wrong and he acts against you...." Wang Ming quickly said.

"If he misunderstood me and I don't even have the ability to defend myself, I suppose that he won't be in need of such garbage like us to begin with. Alright, wait here until I come back." Wolf Head replied with indifference.

The trees might long for peace, but the wind will never cease, just like the world will change whether one wants it or not.

Tang Xiu himself was also unable to clearly figure out the people who hated him to the bones, whom even sent three powerful assassins to kill him. But he was no pushover. He had always lived with the creed that if someone didn't mess with him then he also would do the same toward them. After he left the Liangpi stall, he didn't return to South Gate Town, but circled around to the other place and hid. Then, he took out his cell phone and dialed the number the Liangpi stall's owner gave him.

"Tut, tut"

The call was connected but the other side didn't speak.

After ten seconds of silence, only then did Tang Xiu slowly speak, "I'm Tang Xiu, I'll give ten times the payment of whoever gave you for the answer I want."

"They... are they dead?" A low and deep voice finally came out of the phone.

"Yes! All of them." Tang Xiu said.

The man on the phone fell silent again. This time, he was silent for half a minute before he slowly said, "Transfer 200 million yuan to my account. I don't want more trouble, so I want you to sort this out properly. The number of the account is..."

Tang Xiu squinted his eyes and then dialed Kang Xia's number. He just gave her 300 million, and the money hadn't been used yet. Then, he immediately said, "Transfer 200 million to this account immediately, and fast!"

Kang Xia smiled wryly and said, "Huh? What do you want it for, Boss? We only have a little money and it's already very difficult, and you..."

Tang Xiu interrupted with a deep tone, "No more talk and don't ask, just immediately send the money."


Kang Xia complied quickly and sent 200 million yuan into the bank account according to Tang Xiu's order.

In the afternoon.

The Property Management Office just sent an express delivery to the villa. Tang Xiu, who was waiting for the news, quickly took the delivery and then read it. The contents caused a dense murderous intent inside his heart to arise.

Zhang Deqin?

Tang Xiu remembered this woman's appearance. When he went to kick the Rising Dragon Martial School's plaque and took 100 million yuan. The next day, Zhang Deqin also sent a video, saying she was not in the town so she really couldn't see him. She solemnly apologized to him and guaranteed that she wouldn't cross with him again.

It was only a small grudge!

Tang Xiu didn't take it seriously and didn't put it to the heart. Since the other party had apologized he also didn't want to go further as to clean up the siblings. But he had never thought that this Zhang Deqin would unexpectedly seek revenge over small grudges. To think that she even spent 20 million to hire assassins to kill him...

That night.

Tang Xiu quietly went to Long Zhengyu's residence. The night was already late, but since the entire building was still brightly lit, he was sure that Long Zhengyu hadn't slept yet. As he released his perception, he was at a loss whether he should be amused or cry upon seeing that Long Zhengyu was "working" on the bed with more than one opponent at this moment.

"Damn, this guy ..."

Tang Xiu was hiding under the dark shade of the tree in the villa's courtyard. After staying motionless for ten minutes, he saw that Long Zhengyu's fight had been finished, only then did he pick up a stone and strongly threw it toward the bedroom's window on the second floor.


The bedroom's window glass on the second floor was smashed.

On the soft bed, Long Zhengyu had just stood up with a satisfied expression and was about to take bath. When he suddenly saw that his bedroom's window glass was smashed, his complexion changed greatly and quickly pulled over his pajamas and put them on. He ran to the window and looked outside and shouted at the same time, "WHO IS IT?!"

Tang Xiu came out of the shade as he faced him and waved, and then quickly retreated.

After seeing Tang Xiu clearly, Long Zhengyu's complexion was blank for a moment. Never in his wildest dreams had he ever expected that the one who would smash his villa's window turned out to be Tang Xiu, because he had never told him this address.

However, he still went out quickly. As he looked at Tang Xiu under the shade of the tree, he said with a wry smile, "Brother Tang, have I ever done anything that offended you? It's very late. You don't sleep, yet you come to my house only to break my window, what's up with you?"

Tang Xiu said, "I have something that needs your help with."

Long Zhengyu rolled his eyes and snapped, "Instead of smashing my house's windows, why didn't you call me directly? What's that for? Damn. Fortunately, you smashed it just now. If it were a few minutes earlier I could've ended up being impotent because of fright."

Tang Xiu replied with light laugh, "Well, I still have the drugs to treat impotence."

Long Zhengyu was at a loss whether he had to be angry or laugh as he said, "Alright, let's cut the crap. Don't boast. Quickly tell me, what is it that you want my help?"

A colorful glint flashed from Tang Xiu's eyes as he asked, "It's about your Long Family and this Star City's Zhang Family. Do you have some discord or grudge with them?"

Zhang Family?

For a moment, Long Zhengyu stared blankly. Then, he shook his head and said, "We have no grudges, and it could be said that we're only rivals even though there have been some small frictions between us in secret."

Tang Xiu was silent for a moment before he asked, "What will the Zhang Family do if Zhang Deqin and Zhang Yongjin die?"

Long Zhengyu froze, and then asked with a horrified expression, "What do you wanna do exactly?"

Tang Xiu replied with a cold and grim expression, "The siblings must die! So, answer me."

With a disbelieving expression, Long Zhengyu looked at Tang Xiu and spoke in a low voice, "Brother Tang, you've got think this through carefully. The Zhang Family has resided in Star City for decades and has deep roots here. Even if my Long Family wants to affront them, we'll also pay quite the price. Once you killed them, the Zhangs surely will go all out to retaliate."

Tang Xiu replied, "The reason as to why I come to you is also considering the consequences of suffering retaliation from the Zhang Family. I only want to ask you now, if Chen Zhizhong and your Long Family were to join forces in this, will you able to deal with them, or not?"

Long Zhengyu thought for a moment as he said with a wry smile, "That will be very difficult also. At the most, we'll only be able to beat them."

Tang Xiu pondered for a moment and then slowly said, "What if external forces were to be involved? Is it possible?"

Long Zhengyu was surprised, and said, "You mean other forces from outside of Star City? Such as Chu Yi's and Bai Tao's families, or the Ouyang Family?"

Tang Xiu said, "Yes, if they can also be counted."

Long Zhengyu was excited inside and quickly said, "If they're willing to join hands in this, the Zhang Family will surely be exterminated. However, Chu Yi's and Bai Tao's families are from Beijing. They also have a lot of hostile forces who are vying at them. If their two families are on the big move, the other families who are in hostile relationship with them surely will seize the chance. The Ouyang Family might be able to participate. But do you think Ouyang Lulu will be able to call the shots?"

Tang Xiu said, "We needn't bring Chu Yi and Bao Tao in his matter. I'll deal with the Ouyang Family, but I need you to gather a thorough information about the Zhangs in these 2 days. I'll see you in the next two days and we'll talk about this again."

"No problem, I'll give you the complete information as fast as possible. But you must not, by any means, make a move on them earlier. If the Zhangs have really provoked you, I'll send some people to pack up the Zhang siblings, to make them properly apologize to you, and then you can vent your anger on them."

Tang Xiu shook his head and said, "No need."

After having said that, Tang Xi no longer stayed as he jumped over the wall under Long Zhengyu's gaze.

At the dusky trail in the spacious block.

Tang Xiu had left Long Zhengyu's residence, but the foreboding crisis inside his heart was yet to disappear. Although he had killed three hitmen, but he still sensed that someone was watching him in the dark. However, even after he used his perception to envelope the surrounding, he still couldn't find the enemy's presence.

"It's an expert!"

Tang Xiu was sure that the other party was absolutely an expert in surveillance. Otherwise, they wouldn't be able to keep a constant distance from the beginning and secretly spying on him.

Was it in the park?

Tang Xiu's footsteps stopped at the front entrance of the park. His mind and perception was racing; and along with it, he leaned on the side wall and immediately climbed over it and entered the park to disappear amidst the woods. He needed to pull out this person who was hiding in the dark or else he wouldn't be freed from worries and unable to have a peaceful time.