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 Chapter 188: Crisis' Foreboding

Shortly after, Tang Xiu didn't bother himself with the winery issue. However, he had bought a number of materials to make wine in the storehouse. His winemaking method was very special since he used a lot of herbs and fruits aside the grains. But the main problem in brewing wines, was time. It took at least several days only to ferment the grain, making the fruit into jams and boiling the herbs before the truly good wines could be brewed

However, after everything had been bought, he realized that he had no money left. The first day he got the 2.5 billion, he paid the 2 billion debt to Chen Zhizhong and gave 300 million yuan to Kang Xia, while the remaining 200 million was given to Chu Yi to pay the medicinal herbs he bought.

"I have to think of a means to raise money!"

The early work for winemaking had been completed. Tang Xiu was standing in the storehouse, thinking with a helpless expression. Recently, he had to take care of a lot of things, but each and every matter needed money. He had the thought of selling a cultivation practice, but he also had dug out nearly all the money Shao Mingzhen and Miao Wentang had. Even if he wanted to sell it, he couldn't find a suitable buyer. The other cultivator he knew was Dao Master Ziyi, but he was a penniless Daoist- even if he sacrificed everything, Tang Xiu didn't know as for how much money he could squeeze out!

Borrow some money?

The thought popped up inside Tang Xiu's mind, but he straightly tossed it away.

"Knock, knock..."

The storehouse's door was knocked as Gu Yin came inside with an anticipating expression. She looked at Tang Xiu and said, "Master, Yinyin needs a tutorial and a working note book, so I need to go out to buy them. But Mom is still attending her course class and has no time to accompany me. Could you go with me to the stationery shop?"

Tang Xiu said with a smile, "Alright, we'll go now."

He had no money right now, but it was enough to buy tutorial and homework books. Also, Gu Yin's study was important, while he was also waiting for the fermentation process to be finished. Temporarily, he couldn't continue the winemaking process, so he had nothing to do for now.

Tang Xiu left South Gate Town along with Gu Yi. Just as he came out of the villa complex's entrance, his keen sense perceived a menacing feeling. The feeling gave him a kind of faint restlessness. It was as if there was a pair of eyes that was tightly locked and staring at him from a dark corner.

"Have I offended anyone recently?"

Tang Xiu frowned. He glanced around with a casual manner a few times and pulled Gu Yin closer to him. No matter what danger would come, he could never let Gu Yin be injured even if he himself would be injured.

A few minutes later when Tang Xiu and Gu Yin arrived at the nearby commercial street, the feeling disappeared without a trace. However, he didn't put down his vigilance. After accompanying Gu Yin to buy the tutoring and homework book, he quickly walked her back home.

Half an hour later, Tang Xiu quietly left the villa. He didn't go out from the main entrance but from the back entrance and straightly headed to the small hillside. He bypassed the complex in a circle and came out quietly from the woods.

With his sharp eyes, he constantly observed the surroundings. Tang Xiu changed his clothes and quickly appeared again near the front entrance of South Gate Town. However, he quickly hid behind a tree and quietly searched the unknown enemies.

Inside a building, a kilometer away from Tang Xiu...

Two men were standing before the window and holding a military-grade binocular, observing the buildings in South Gate. One of them was Wang Ming, and there were four other men who were drinking and chatting behind them.

Wang Ming put his binocular down as he looked at the leaning man, saying, "Chief Wolf, we already investigated the other party's identity. He's not an evil man. And even though he's young, he has such big business and also very powerful abilities. Is it still necessary to keep monitoring him? Besides, he only gave us three days."

Wolf Head said, "We did investigate him. But the information is not accurate. Don't be deceived by his appearance, he's very sophisticated and out of ordinary. When he took that little girl out of South Gate Town's front entrance before, he had already sensed that some people were monitoring him. I'm not sure whether he perceived our presence or sensed the presence of another group."

Wang Ming was surprised. "There are also other people surveilling on him?"

Wolf Head pointed to the Northwest direction and replied lightly, "Do you see that small stall on the street selling Liangpi? [1] I bought the noodles from that stall this morning. The seller looks very ordinary, but I'm sure he's a ruthless person. Also, according to my observation, there were only three people who bought from it yesterday even though the stall was opened all day. Two of them casually took some but they didn't even pay for it. As for the other one, it was a middle-aged woman with her child, but she didn't buy anything."

Wang Ming's mind worked and quickly asked, "You mean, they are in disguise and will do something against Tang Xiu?"

Wolf Head nodded and said, "If my deduction is correct, they should be. I want to see this show. I don't know whether he will die or those assassins will encounter bad luck."

"We won't help him?" Wang Ming asked.

Wolf Head replied with a sneer, "If he can't solve this little problem, what qualification does he have to become our superior?"

Wang Ming said, "So, if he really can drive away these enemies, are we really going to follow and work for him?"

"These assassins are lurking in and from the dark. They are very dangerous. If we-Brothers were to come across them, we would also die if not careful enough. If he can solve this, it explains that he's very powerful. So it's possible for us to work for him. However, I still can't figure out why and what for he wants us to work him."

Wang Ming nodded and no longer spoke.

He was also anticipating, looking forward to Tang Xiu's next actions and performance.

Wolf Head lifted his binocular again. When he looked at the outside, toward the front entrance of South Gate Town, his brows raised immediately and said with a low voice and strange expression, "Take a look and pay attention to the big tree on the left side, around 65 meters from the complex's front entrance. I've never thought that he would slip out of the villa complex quietly and observe the enemies in secret. Well, he also should've realized that there's something wrong with the Liangpi stall."

Wang Ming quickly raised his binocular and could clearly see Tang Xiu moving from the tree to the sideways and heading straight toward the Liangpi stall.

"Stupid! He already went this far, and if the other party take a direct shot at him, he'll be dead even if he has ten lives." After Wang Ming saw the situation, he immediately spoke in a low voice.

Wolf Head said, "Continue observing."

Near the front entrance of South Gate Town.

Tang Xiu came over to the stall that sold Liangpi noodles. As his sharp eyes looked at the middle-aged owner, he lightly said, "Give me two Liangpi, and pack them."

The middle-aged man said with a smile, "Alright, please wait a bit."

He glanced quickly to the distant corner as he lifted his left hand to scratch the back of his head. Then, he slowly worked to make Liangpi noodles.

Tang Xiu himself had released his perception to envelop the radius of 200 meters. He only looked at the middle-aged man's action, but in the radius of his perception, a man and a woman disguised as a couple quickly appeared within his surveillance scope.

"Assassins? Three of them?"

Tang Xiu's eyes narrowed. He was already prepared to act. Regardless of whoever wanted to kill him, he wouldn't show mercy.

"Boss, I won't buy the Liangpi!"

After having said that, Tang Xiu turned around to leave.

The middle-aged owner frowned as a dangerous glint flashed from his eyes instantly. In the next split second, his hand grabbed a gun on his waist and aimed the muzzle at Tang Xiu.

As the finger pulled the trigger...


A gunfire sounded. But the middle-aged owner's face changed greatly in an instant, because his shot that was supposed to hit, didn't even hit the target, as even his sight was blurred and lost sight of Tang Xiu.


Along with the whooshing sound, the middle-aged owner could only feel a cold breath on his neck, as his neck had already been pinched.

Tang Xiu stood behind him as he whispered near his ears, "Don't act rashly or I'll immediately break your neck. Tell me, who the hell wants me dead?"

The middle-aged owner's body turned stiff. He wanted to turn around but found that he couldn't move his neck, causing him to panic. His lips shivered a few times as he replied astringently, "I don't know. I'm just a hitman. As long as I'm contracted, I receive information on the target, finish them off and take the money."

"I believe you. Don't move. I can tell that the couple over there should also be your comrades, yes? They're also armed, so that means some people really take me seriously, to think that they even send three assassins to kill me. Tell me, how much did they pay for my head?" Tang Xiu said with a sneer.

"Five... five million! We were paid five million each. A total of 15 million." The middle-aged owner replied in a panic.

"There should also be a middleman between you and your employer, no? Since the three of you got 15 million, I can tell that my head is much more valuable. Gimme the contact of your middleman!" Tang Xiu nodded and said.


The middle-aged owner blurted out a cell phone number.

Tang Xiu casually broke the middle-aged owner's neck as he used his hand to prop up his shoulder whilst watching the man and woman who were getting closer without batting an eye.

At the moment, the man and woman were seemingly aware that something was amiss as they directly stopped 20 meters away from the stall.

"Good vigilance!"

Tang Xiu smiled coldly. He took the middle-aged owner's pistol and shot a few bullets toward the man and woman, who were still 20 meters away, without a moment's hesitation. He hadn't used a gun before, but since he had his spiritual sense locked on them, his finger pulled the trigger as the bullet instantly hit them.

Blood sprayed out as though a blooming peach blossom, as bright red flowers bloomed from the man and woman's foreheads.

Two shots and two dead.

Tang Xiu didn't leave the pistol and straightly stuffed it into his jacket's pocket. He used his sleeves to cover his face and quickly disappeared to a nearby stall lightning fast.

"Ah... MURDER!"

Screams resounding in the vicinity. A young beautiful woman who was carrying a bag heard the gunshot and then saw a man and woman drowned in a pool of blood, causing her to fall into panic. The moment after she shouted, she quickly run away.

The four security guards at the front entrance of South Gate Town hurriedly rushed out the instant they heard the gunshot sound and flashed toward the direction of the Liangpi stall.


[1] Liangpi: it's a cold skin noodle.