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 Chapter 187: The Closed Down Winery

Su Lingyun looked up with dim and teary eyes as she nodded repeatedly. A mother's love was as like a mountain. Which mother who didn't hope for their children to have a successful life when they grow up? Each and every one of them would look forward to their children's achievements in the future. And today, despite his young age, her son even had laid down a career for which an average person couldn't achieve for a lifetime, causing her to feel so happy and sweet inside.

"You're right!"

Su Lingyun wiped away her tears. She looked at Tang Xiu and said, "Xiu'er, Mom is very proud of you."

Tang Xiu cast a grateful look toward Mu Qingping before he replied with a smile, "Mom, I'm also very proud of you."

The entire morning was spent with Tang Xiu accompanying Su Lingyun, telling her as to why he hid things from her. However, he still hid the matter of his return from the Immortal World as well as his Immortal cultivator identity. He didn't dare to reveal the total assets he had, much less about Immortal matters.

He also hadn't estimated the wealth he had before. And now, as he recalled, even the value of the isolated island in the Pacific Ocean was around 2-3 billion yuan.

Shortly before noon...

Tang Xiu had lunch with Su Lingyun. Looking at Su Lingyun doting on Gu Yin, he smiled and said, "Mom, have you decided to move in with me? If you don't want to sell our old house, it's fine. We'll still take care of the house later. Also, if you don't want to take the test for a driver license, I'll help you find a driver so you can have someone to send and pick you up to work every day."

Su Lingyun shook her head and said, "No, I'm used to live there. I definitely won't be able to get used to living here! Son, I won't move for now. Only after you've enrolled in the university will I consider moving! Later on, if you still want to live here, you can. But if you want to, you can also stay there. It's just that the restaurant is much closer from there, so I won't need to take a driver license test or look for a driver."


Tang Xiu didn't want to go against his mother's will, but he was also quite reluctant to let her live in their previous house. After hesitating for a while, he then slowly said, "It's alright! I'll arrange a room for you here. So you can come and stay here at any time you want."

In the afternoon, he sent Su Lingyun back to the restaurant. When he looked at her smiling face before leaving, she looked several years younger, causing his heart to be particularly satisfied.

Tang Xiu arrived at the hotel where Scarblade Qiang was staying and just happened to see Kang Xia also arriving.

"I just called you about ten minutes ago, how can you be here so soon?" Tang Xiu asked with a smile.

Kang Xia replied, "I just happened to be working on something in the vicinity when you called. Anyway, Boss, this manager you've found for the winery, on what basis did you pick him?"

Tang Xiu himself had heard directly from Scarblade Qiang. After telling everything from the beginning, he finally said, "He can change his way and turn a new leaf in life. He's a real man. Thus, when I knew that he was also skilled in winemaking, I gave him a chance. If he's able to grasp this chance, naturally, it wouldn't be a problem to have a rapid advancement in life. If he can't fully utilize this chance and his performance is bad, you, as his direct superior, have the right to dismiss him directly."

Kang Xia said with a smile, "Since you gave me the rights and privileges, I'm very relieved. Ah, right. I've looked over some information this morning about some wineries in Star City. I think one of them is quite good, but I haven't had the time to have a thorough investigation as well as going to the site. But this winery is going to be closed down soon, so if we can have a buyout for it, it will save us quite the trouble."

"You and Scarblade Qiang take care of this matter. I have very important things to take care in the next few days, so I can't be bothered with the setting of the winery as well as managing the business. If you're short on money, give me a call, and I'll find some way to work it out."

Kang Xia let out a tender smile and said, "I won't need the funds for some time. But you truly have the ability, Boss. I can see that you actually don't even need me to run the company since you can think of a way to when we're short on money. You can even get quite a lot of it."

Tang Xiu shook his head and said, "No, I'll need quite a huge sum of money. Let alone a billion, even tens of billions yuan won't be enough for me! In short, I have to make money as much as possible since it would greatly affect my cultivation practice."

"Ah, so you're thinking up of every possible means to make money only for your cultivation later?" Kang Xia was astounded.

Tang Xiu nodded and said, "Yes, my cultivation speed will be faster when I have enough resources. I'm now in a dire need of cultivation resources. Fortunately, my cultivation level isn't yet high for now, I can barely gather it up. But after my cultivation realm has reached higher levels, the resources I'll need will increase. So, without huge financial support, it will be difficult to speed up my cultivation."

"Okay then, I'll work hard." Kang Xia nodded and said.

"I believe you!"

Tang Xiu said with a confident smile.

With a confused expression, Kang Xia asked, "Why do you have so much confidence in me?"

Tang Xiu replied with a smile, "Of course I do. You're helping me make money. For that, I even gave you the shares as well as urged you to start cultivating. So naturally you'll also need a lot of resources. If you want to become stronger, you must have massive cultivation resources, which in turn, we also have to make money faster."

Kang Xia couldn't help but feel at a loss whether she had to be amused or cry as she said, "So you taught me a cultivation technique, just for that purpose? Aii, you truly boarded me on a pirate ship."

Tang Xiu teased her, "But still, you have the opportunity to disembark."

Kang Xia firmly shook her head and replied, "No, disembarking will not prevent me from dying. I want to be the celestial being as in fables!"

Tang Xiu called Scarblade Qiang in the lobby's hall, telling him that he was waiting for him there. Shortly after, Scarblade Qiang had rushed down from upstairs. However, when he saw Kang Xia, he fell into a daze once again upon seeing such a beauty. He was as though someone who was having a hard time as he looked at her foolishly. Only after a while did he finally recover with an embarrassed and awkward expression.

"She's Kang Xia, the General Manager of my company. She'll be your direct superior. Do bear in mind that her words will be my words. And she will delegate every task on my behalf. If your performance isn't good enough or she's not satisfied with your work, she has the right to dismiss you."

Everyone loves beauties, even heroes would find it difficult to pass through them. Scarblade Qian was enchanted by Kang Xia's beauty, but Tang Xiu didn't bother to care about it. He only told him about Kang Xia's identity with a tone of warning in his words.

Scarblade Qiang's face turned solemn as he said seriously, "Worry not, Boss. Since you gave the chance and brought me here from a faraway place, I assure you that I won't make you lose face."

Tang Xiu nodded and said, "Kang Xia, we'll go to the winery you told me! If it's really good and we can buy it with a low price, then we'll set up our winery there. As for the recipe, I'll tell Scarblade Qiang directly. I'll buy the machinery for wine production after the site has been determined."

Kang Xia asked, "Boss, have you considered about the sales aspect for the wines we're going to produce?"

"We'll take the same route with our cosmetics and healthcare products. Open our exclusive chain stores in each city and take the high-end line. As for the price per bottle, it must be set at above five digits."

Kang Xia exclaimed, "Wouldn't it be too high a price?"

Tang Xiu replied confidently, "It won't be. You'll find out later."

At present...

Kang Xia was not driving her Lamborghini, but a Mercedes-Benz, while Scarblade Qiang acted as a driver, causing the latter to smile wryly inside.

Cistern Mire Winery.

It was an old winery in Star City, and was a state-owned enterprise. Because of the poor management, it was sold to the private sector by the government. The winery was located in the Old Riverstreet District. Except for the recycling center in the vicinity, the surrounding itself was a cropland, while the road leading this place was supposed to head to this winery.

After the Mercedes-Benz parked in front of the winery, they got off from the car and walked toward the door.

"It's locked?"

After looking at the big rusty iron lock, he looked at Kang Xia with a confused expression.

Kang Xia's brows also deeply wrinkled as she said with a puzzled expression, "I found about this winery from the Internet and haven't investigated this site before. So I don't know much about the situation. Should we find someone to inquire about it?"

The exact moment she said that, a plump-bellied old man wearing big pants and a singlet, was taking a stroll whilst carrying a big pipe. Kang Xia quickly walked toward him and asked, "Uncle, do you know why this Cistern Mire Winery is locked?"

The old man stopped walking. He glanced at the Kang Xia trio a few times before snappily replying, "What other reason can it be. That wretched boss pocketed the worker's wages and even made bad wines. So the business was just dumped. This old man was a guard here before, and he still owes me almost half a year's wage!"

"Since the winery has been closed, then, who's the owner now?" Kang Xia asked with a puzzled expression.

The old man let out a curse, "That bastard ran away! He was so much drowned in debt that, before he ran away, someone killed! The government has taken over the winery, but only God knows when someone will buy this winery."

Kang Xia was surprised. "The government has taken the winery back? Was it because the last owner owed the government?"

The old man said, "The last winery's owner evaded tax, to begin with. After he went bankrupt, only then the government found about it, so the authorities confiscated it. Ah right, what's your business here?"

Kang Xia said, "We're investigating the situation with this winery since we're planning to invest in the liquor business. So we're taking a look at this Cistern Mire Winery! But we didn't expect that everything to be gone when we came here. Anyways, thanks for telling us, Uncle."

The Old Man waved his hand and took his big pipe away.

Kang Xia then looked at Tang Xiu and asked, "Well, what should we do now, Boss? Shall we negotiate with the government?"

Tang Xiu nodded and said, "Yes, negotiate with the government and try to buy this winery under the market price. If your personal network is not enough, contact Long Zhengyu. He's the local boss here. It would be wasteful if I can't use this resource."

Kang Xia covered her mouth as she laughed and replied, "Hahaha. To think that Long Zhengyu would have such a friend. It's truly his bad luck! But what you said makes sense. I'll call him now and try to buy this winery at the lowest price. However, this winery is very old, and even though it's very large, it's quite dilapidated. I'm afraid we'll have to renovate and even rebuild it if we're going to use it."

Tang Xiu said, "Then push the reconstruction for the site! Use everything remaining that can still be used and deal with the rest that can't be recovered! After everything has been completed, we'll think about the issue with the wine sales later."