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 Chapter 186: Telling the Truth

The wisp light of dawn shined from the East horizon.

Tang Xiu got up early since he had planned to go to a driving school today, and then went to see his mother to tell her about his matter. He believed that because of his excellence, his mother would accept it, albeit requiring a little persuading. But as time passed, she would feel happy for having a good and outstanding son.

After eating breakfast, he left the villa and walked toward the villa complex's entrance. After nodding and greeting the two security guards, he walked to the sidewalk and calmly waited for a taxi.

"Honk honk..."

A car's horn sounded.

Tang Xiu looked at the Porsche Supercar and saw Long Xueyao on the driver's seat. Then, he immediately said with a smile, "Are you going out too?"

"Yup, gotta take care of something. Anyway, where're you heading? Want a ride?" Long Xueyao replied and asked with a smile.

Tang Xiu shook his head and said, "No need. You already have something to do. Besides, I'm just going to find a driving school and use this summer vacation taking the driving license test."

"It's alright. My matter it's not that urgent. Besides, there are few taxis passing in this area. If you wanna catch a cab this early, you'll have to walk about a kilometer to the commercial street. Come onboard! There's a big driving school nearby the place I'm heading. It's a good one, too." Long Xueyao said with a smile.

Tang Xiu asked, "Where are you going?"

"The Tax Bureau." Long Xueyao said.

Tang Xiu nodded, opened the door and sat on the co-pilot's seat. A fragrance smelling of jasmine floated inside as the interior was lovely decorated. Then, he said, "I know that your family name is Long, but I never thought that you're actually Zhengyu's cousin. I only just heard it from him two days ago when we were drinking."

Long Xueyao started the car. Whilst driving with one hand, she said with a smile "I thought you already knew! By the way, if you need a driver license, I have a way to help you get one directly. So you needn't go there every day."

"Eh? This could be done through the back door also?" Tang Xiu was surprised.

Immediately, Long Xueyao couldn't help laughing, saying, "What back door? It's just that you needn't go to the course everyday and can directly take the exam. If you feel that you can't pass, you can have someone else take the exam on your behalf. As long as there's some incentive, the official examiner will turn a blind eye."

"As always, it's the sinful, money-oriented society!"

Tang Xiu shook his head with a sigh before he said, "If so, then I'll have to trouble you to find someone! Well, consider it as me owing you a favor for this one. To be honest, I really have a lot of things to do in this summer break, so I don't have much time for studying."

Long Xueyao said with a smile, "No prob. Anyhow, we'll go to another driving school. I have an acquaintance there."

"As you wish!"

Tang Xiu replied with a nod.

Half an hour later.

Tang Xiu and Long Xueyao came out from the driving school. After he paid the registration fee, Long Xueyao helped him find the driving school's principal. Now, for the following activities, he wouldn't need to take the classes and the driving school would inform him the date of the exam later.

"Everything's done, all thanks to you. If you got time later, I'll treat you to a meal!" Tang Xiu said.

Long Xueyao replied with a tender smile, "You're my cousin's friend, so you needn't be that polite with me. But since I'm quite free these days, I'll take the offer."

Tang Xiu pondered a moment, and then said, "Alright then, how about tomorrow? I'll call you by then."

Long Xueyao picked up the phone, saying, "Okay, I'll wait for your call."

Tang Xiu saved her cell number. After getting a taxi in front of the driving school's entrance, he rushed to his family's restaurant, since he calculated that his mother should also have arrived there.

As he had expected, he saw his mother and several waiters placing tables and chairs when he arrived. He felt quite happy as he saw them chat and laugh.


Tang Xiu called out.

Su Lingyun turned around and was pleasantly surprised upon seeing him, "Xiu'er! You're finally back! How was it? Had a good time travelling?"

Tang Xiu said, "Well, it was good. Mom, let Banshou take care of the restaurant today! I wanna take you to a place today."

"Where're you gonna take me?" Su Lingyun asked with a confused expression.

Tang Xiu said with a faint smile, "Well, weren't you puzzled by why I became quite mysterious recently? I'll tell you everything today!"

Su Lingyun hesitated for a moment as she nodded and said, "Then, let's go."

At South Gate Town.

As Tang Xiu and Su Lingyun got off from the taxi, she looked at the front entrance of South Gate Town and said with a somewhat timid expression, "Xiu'er, why did you brought me here? I know this place. This is South Gate Town. And from the ads, I know this place is the most high-end villa complex, where only the powerful and rich can live. Just look at the security guards at the entrance, they're just like the police standing guard there. Let's leave before they get rid of us."

Tang Xiu only smiled as he pulled Su Lingyun toward the entrance.

The two security guards saluted Tang Xiu. The other two security guards inside the post also stood up upon seeing him.

Su Lingyun looked at them with astonishment, as she then asked with curiosity, "Xiu'er, looking at their appearance, they seem to know you? You've been here before?"

"Of course, Mom. I've been living here for a while. Come on! I know you're very surprised inside. Wait until we arrive home. I'll tell you about everything."

Owing a house here?

Su Lingyun was quite scared upon hearing Tang Xiu's reply.

If they bought a house here, how much would it cost?

Along the way.

The security patrols unceasingly saluted Tang Xiu and Su Lingyun- even the employees of the Property Management Complex also greeted Tang Xiu respectfully. Su Lingyun, who had never seen such a scene, was shocked as though in a trance. Only after she and Tang Xiu arrived in front of the villa's entrance did she sober up, as though waking up from a dream.

Looking at the grand and beautiful villa that stood magnificently in an excellent location, Su Lingyun subconsciously grabbed Tang Xiu's arm and whispered, "Xiu'er, you wouldn't be joking with Mom, right? Even when your uncle was still rich he couldn't afford such a big villa!"

Tang Xiu said with a smile, "Mom, let's go inside, then you'll know understand everything."

Tang Xiu took her through the villa's door and went straight to the hall. He saw Mu Qingping ready to go out as he called her and said, "Big Sis Mu, this is my mother, it's her first time coming here. Mom, she's Big Sis Mu, our housekeeper. And her daughter is my apprentice."

Housekeeper? Apprentice?

Su Lingyun was stunned. She had been working for her entire life, but she could never afford a housekeeper. And... what was this apprentice about?

Mu Qingping looked at Su Lingyun for a while as she said with a smile, "Hello. I've seen your photo in Tang Xiu's bedroom. Anyway, you can call me Little Ping."

Due to their age, Mu Qingping didn't know how to address Su Lingyun. After all, Su Lingyun was much younger than her, at least 10 years. Her daughter was Tang Xiu's apprentice. So, if she called her Big Sister, she missed the rank by a generation. And if she called her Aunt, it was definitely improper.

Su Lingyun stared at Mu Qingping blankly before turning to Tang Xiu. Only after a long while was she able to speak, "Xiu'er, Mom still can't understand everything. Tell me everything. What is all this about in the end?"

Tang Xiu led her for a tour of the villa before bringing her back to the living room. After sitting down, he said, "Mom. Recently, I wasn't just spending my time only studying. I also did some business. Firstly, you don't need to be mad and worried. The College Entrance Test is already over, and I assure you that this won't disturb my studies."

"You're doing a business? What business? Xiu'er, you mustn't do anything against the law!" Su Lingyun was astounded.

Tang Xiu let out a wry smile and said, "Mom, what kind of person do you see me as? I have a lot of businesses, for instance: cosmetics and healthcare products. As the capital for the investment, I'm also drawing architectural designs for others. I know that I've been hiding the truth from you and you're afraid, worrying about my study. I assure you that once the result of the College Entrance Test has been announced, I'm sure that I'll eligible to enroll in a top university."

Su Lingyun was confused, "You also draw architectural designs? How don't I know about this?"

"It's an after-school hobby, Mom. Just like how I know about Chinese medicine as well." Tang Xiu said.

Su Lingyun was silent. She still couldn't fathom what her son had done, for her experience couldn't afford it. After a long while, she looked at Tang Xiu and asked, "Son, with this business of yours, you can afford to buy a villa in South Gate Town. How much money do you have now?"

Tang Xiu said with a smile, "Actually, I didn't buy this villa. I helped my friend solving a big matter, so he gave me this villa! As for the sum of money I currently have, I don't know at the top of my head. But I estimate that I've at least have several hundred million yuan."

"How much?"

Su Lingyun jumped up from the sofa as she called out in alarm and disbelief.

"At least several hundred million." Tang Xiu replied.

Su Lingyun swallowed a mouthful of saliva. She was truly shocked upon hearing such astronomical number. Even if her restaurant was very good and had a daily income of nearly ten thousand yuan; however, compared to several hundred million, it was just like comparing the day and night!

Tang Xiu continued with a smile, "Mom, we no longer have to worry about money anymore. I have grown up. Not only can I finish my studies with excellent results, I'm even able to create an enterprise. If you don't want to manage the restaurant anymore, you can sell it. But it's also fine if you want to continue managing it. In short, you can live however you wish. I only hope that you can live a well-off, good and happy life in the future."

Su Lingyun looked dazed as she looked at Tang Xiu. She suddenly realized that her son truly had grown up and no longer needed her protection. He now truly had the ability to support and take care of himself.

"Woo, woo, sob..."

Sitting on living room's sofa, Su Lingyun was holding her arms, crying. She recalled her husband, reminiscing the bitter life they had gone through all these years, the grievances...


Just as Tang Xiu was about to speak, Mu Qingping stopped him.

Mu Qingping then sat down beside Su Lingyun. She held Su Lingyun as she said in a low voice, "I, more or less, understand the situation in your family. I also know that you and I are the same. We're mothers who brought up our children alone. I know the sadness and loneliness which only mothers like us feel. I also understand why you're crying. As a mother, you're very happy to see your child having such a good life. But in front of our child, we should smile, we shouldn't cry. Besides, it's a big event, we should celebrate. Don't you think so?"