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 Chapter 177: He's that Demonic Star

Tang Xiu wasn't paying any attention to any delicacies right now. His mind was fully occupied with two kinds of thoughts. Firstly, he wanted to snatch the "food" from the Qilin's mouth and take out the sky sandstones from the cavern. Even if he could only get a few pieces out, it was enough for his uses for a long time. Secondly, he needed to make money. And with the addition of nearly 200-million-yuan new debt, it made him be more determined to do it.

"Anyways, I've already received your money. But can I ask you something? Are the two of you quite rich?"

Whilst looking at the two men's smiling faces, Tang Xiu shifted his attention toward them. He had a lot of good things which were ten thousand times better that the Beast Subduing Secret Art. He thought that as long as Shao Mingzhen and Miao Wentang could provide the sum, he could sell them something. At least for a sum that would enable him to clear his current debt.

Miao Wentang asked with a confused tone, "Huh? We can say we have some. But anyway, are you in a very dire need of money, Brother Tang?"

"Pretty much!" Tang Xiu said.

Miao Wentang said with a smile, "How much do you need? As long as we have the amount you need, you can take the money first."

Tang Xiu shook his head and said, "Nah, I thought to have some deals with the two of you if you have a lot of money. But the premise is that you do have enough money for it."

Miao Wentang and Shao Mingzhen glanced at each other as they replied one after another:

"Well, I can take out 1.5 billion without a problem."

"1 billion for me."

A smile revealed all over Tang Xiu's face as he said, "You're lucky that I'm in debt now. I'll sell a set of Immortal cultivation technique to you for 2.5 billion, how about it?"

An Immortal cultivation law and technique?

A trace of awkward expression revealed on Miao Wentang's face as he replied with a forced smile, "Brother Tang, if it's something else, perhaps we're happy to accept it. For instance, that Beast Subduing Secret Art of yours. But you too know that we are also cultivators ourselves and we have our own inheritances of cultivation laws and techniques. Even if you sell us another set of cultivation technique, we won't be able to cultivate it, will we?"

Shao Mingzhen also nodded and said, "Practicing two kinds of cultivation techniques simultaneously is a no-no, since I think it's a much better choice to focus on practicing one type of cultivation technique. Besides, we also have limited energy, to begin with."

Tang Xiu shook his head and said, "No, if you heard me clearly, what I offered you is not a Daoist cultivation technique, but an Immortal cultivation one."

Involuntarily laughing upon hearing this, Miao Wentang then said, "Brother Tang, what nonsensical things are you speaking? Where would such Immortal cultivation technique exist in this world?"

Tang Xiu turned his head and waved to the staffer of the food stall, asking to lend him a paper and pen. After that, he wrote a set of ordinary cultivation technique on the paper as well as adding clear and detailed annotations and illustrations to practice it. Then, he gave it to Miao Wentang and lightly spoke, "Read this set of cultivation technique exercises, if you feel that it isn't worth 2.5 billion yuan, I'll talk no longer."

Miao Wentang received it with a skeptical expression, while Shao Mingzhen gathered up with him. The two of them then read the written Immortal cultivation technique Tang Xiu gave them with serious expressions.

Half a minute later.

An astonished expression revealed on their faces.

A minute later.

Their expression changed into a flabbergasted one.

Two minutes later.

They stood with trembling bodies and their eyes tightly stared at the Immortal cultivation technique in their hands without them realizing it.

Five minutes later.

They turned their head with difficulty and looked at Tang Xiu with shocked expressions, and were unable to express anything for a long time.

"You... d-do you really want to sell this for 2.5 billion yuan?" Finally, Miao Wentang asked with a shivering voice.


Tang Xiu replied with a calm tone.

Miao Wentang pounded the table and exclaimed loudly, "DEAL! 2.5 billion yuan then. We are willing to even sacrifice everything for this one! Wait for a few days and I'll transfer the money into your account!"

Shao Mingzhen also loudly said, "NO, no need for a couple of days later! I'll contact the General Manager of my company to transfer the money to your account ASAP! I and Brother Miao will share the pay!"

Ten meters away from the outside.

The group of people who were drinking with Scarblade Qiang was startled upon hearing the sudden shouts from Miao Wentang and Shao Mingzhen.

One of the big me, who was already red drunk, exclaimed resentfully, "Those people in that table are really damned! Those idiots made this Big Daddy startled and almost made me wet my pants. I'm a timid person, you scared me out, so you'll truly get your share!"

Another man also said loudly, "Yes! Our hearts are not strong enough to be scared by you! And what's this 2.5 billion bull? Even if you wanna show off, you gotta look around you! You don't fear that some ghosts will blow you out? If you got 2.5 billion, why the hell are you eating in a bird shit food stall like this huh?"

Scarblade Qiang also fiercely turned his head as he stared angrily at Shao Mingzhen and Miao Wentang. However, when his vision inadvertently swept toward the smiling Tang Xiu, his vision suddenly froze.

In a split second after, Scarblade Qiang jumped up from his chair as he fiercely slapped the head of his two brothers and cursed, "Is there nothing you can do but make a racket when drinking? Those two brothers were just speaking a little loud, what the hell is wrong with that? I wonder if I can scare you to the death!"

The two big men were dumbfounded. They couldn't figure out as to why Scarblade Qiang did that and what his intention was.

Scarblade Qiang ignored them and ran to the food stall's owner. He took two bottles of the most expensive liquor. He held them with his uninjured hand and came over toward Tang Xiu with a smiling face as he bowed and said, "Brother, I'm really sorry. These brothers of mine have drunk quite a lot, I hope you won't take their attitudes to heart. Please consider this two bottles of wine as an apology. I hope you can enjoy your drink."

One of Scarblade Qiang's brothers could only look at his actions with a dumbfounded expression. As he sobered up after his daze, he called out with a forced smile, "Brother Qiang, your intention to turn a new leaf in life, is kinda way too fast, no? You were a hot-headed real guy before, how come you've turned a counselor now? What did you apologize to them for? It should be them coming to our table and apologizing. By rights, it should be us they have to propose the toast to!"

"Shut the hell up!"

Scarblade Qiang raised his newly treated right hand as he shouted angrily at him.

As for Miao Wentang and Shao Mingzhen, what Scarblade Qiang had done got them confused. They too realized that they lost a bit out of their self-restraint, so they spoke with louder voices. But how come this injured big guy with a knife scar on his face would dash over and apologize with the look of trying to please them with everything he got? And the look in his eyes, it was as though he was seeing something horrible.

Tang Xiu said indifferently, "Well, nothing's happened, and it's no big deal either, so let's forget it. You did good and I'm very happy for you."

Scarblade Qiang was immediately ecstatic upon hearing this. He repeatedly nodded and said, "Brother, thanks for the understanding and kind words. These brothers of mine are kinda dense and careless. How about I drag them here to show respect to you with a few cups?"

He said this, but he was actually anxious to immediately run and scram from this place. He had seen how frightening Tang Xiu could be. In his heart, Tang Xiu was an existence of a vicious and merciless demonic star!

But much to his shock, Tang Xiu shook his head and said, "Those brothers of yours need not to propose a toast to me, but you. I need to discuss something with you. After you finish your chores, wait for my call."

"Ugh, what?"

Scarblade Qiang was stunned. He tried to squeeze out a trace of a smile, but his expression was even more unsightly than crying. He really wanted to run, but he didn't have the guts to disobey Tang Xiu. In the end, he could only nod and reluctantly promise with a desperate feeling inside.

As he returned to the table, one of the big fellows who was confused, asked, "Brother Qiang, who is that kid? Why did you look like you bumped into a ghost and even need to prostate and be scared shitless in front of him?"

Scarblade Qiang swallowed the saliva in his mouth. He turned and glanced at Tang Xiu. As he saw that he didn't see him, he felt a bit relieved. Then, he stuck his head and whispered, "Shut the hell up, will you? Don't you see this broken wrist of mine? This was done by that expert. Him! He knocked me and dozens of my men down quickly and easily. He even casually snatched the gun in my hand when I pointed it to him. Do you think the lot of you are his match?"


The other big fellows on the table sucked deep breaths of cold air one after another.

They heard what had happened to Scarblade Qiang before, that he unexpectedly encountered a vicious and ruthless person. Instead of robbing the person, it was him and his boys who got robbed by the said fierce fellow in the end. The two big fellows who were just speaking had their foreheads slowly suffused by cold sweat as they glanced at Scarblade Qiang with a grateful look.

"I also have seen those two friends of his. They're staying in our town's hotel. And I tell you, they got a lot of bodyguards around. But..." A big guy began to speak but hesitated afterward.

"But what?" Scarblade Qiang followed with a confused expression.

"I don't know what kind of people they are. But they are definitely not your casual ordinary people! Those two men... along with their bodyguards, were as if just had ventured to the Primeforest Mountain Range, but they came back with quite the casualties afterwards. You all know that my wife is an attendant in that hotel. She witnessed everything! Those who died were carried off by an off-road vehicle, and those two were also severely injured and unable to even walk. But the most mysterious thing is, their injuries were nearly healed completely within just two or three days!"

"So scary?"

Scarblade Qiang and the other fellows were shocked. Such a matter was truly inconceivable.

But, they were secretly happy that they didn't make the Tang Xiu trio enraged.

After an hour.

After the Tang Xiu trio had sated their hunger to the full and were about to pay the bill, the food stall's owner told them that Scarblade Qiang had paid their bills.

Tang Xiu looked at the other table and saw that Scarblade Qiang was sitting and waiting there alone. Then, he spoke to the Miao Wentang duo, saying, "You two go back first! I have some private matters I need to deal with."


Miao Wentang and Shao Mingzhen quickly complied as they took a stroll toward the hotel. Tang Xiu had powerful abilities and they didn't worry that he would fall into accidents.

In the food stalls.

Tang Xiu waved to Scarblade Qiang. After he came over, he pointed to the opposite chair as he said with a smile, "Sit down!"

Scarblade Qiang sat down with an obedient smile even though he was actually restless inside, as if he was sitting on a pincushion. Then, he asked, "Brother, you asked me to stay behind, what instructions do you have for me?"

Tang Xiu said, "I'm really happy looking at your performance today. Being able and determined to turn a new leaf in life showed that you really adhered to my advice. So I want to give you a chance."

"A chance? What kind of opportunity?" Scarblade Qiang asked with a puzzled expression.

"I overheard that you're good in brewing liquor and you also have a good craftsmanship, do you not?" Tang Xiu asked.

Scarblade Qiang quickly replied, "I did inherit winemaking techniques from my old man. Before I was 25, I helped my old man brew liquors. After he passed away and returned to the Western Paradise, I gave up and abandoned my family's distillery and then spent my time fooling around with a group of local ruffians. After I mixed with them for quite a while, I racked up quite a reputation and became, well, their Boss. Ugh, Big Brother, I also kinda let those successes get into my head. If it weren't for you giving me such a fierce lesson, I would still have repeated the same wrong deeds over and over again even if I know that I might have big troubles upon me in the future."