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 Chapter 169: Courting Trouble

As surprised as he was, Wu Changqing froze as his face immediately changed tragically.

Even in his wildest dream, he had never thought that it would unexpectedly turn into such a situation. He knew that the talks and negotiations between their companies, more or less, had already been done. And even though the Magnificent Tang Corporation was the one that took the initiative to find his company, however, the profit they would get, was extremely huge!

In the case... that all the deals fell through because of this; then perhaps, he would no longer be able to keep his position as the Vice General Manager anymore.

Upon figuring out this point, cold sweat emerged on his forehead. He quickly let out an obsequious smile and said, "Uh, this is only a misunderstanding. Truly a misunderstanding. Actually, I was only joking with this lovely and beautiful lady. Chief Kang, you've more wisdom than me, surely you'll understand. I give you my guarantee that our business relation will be very smooth. Moreover, I'm going to report to the General Manager to give you some benefits and concessions after I go back."

Tang Xiu looked up at Kang Xia and slowly asked, "Anyway, if we set up our own chain stores in every big city in the country, how much investment should we prepare?"

For a moment, Kang Xia stared blankly as she then replied with a wry smile, "We'd need quite a huge sum! And spreading out specialized chain stores to sell the products all over the country within a short time, will be quite difficult."

Tang Xiu said, "Since it's a cosmetic business, we'll take a high-end route. Firstly, open our own exclusive stores in the biggest cities and then continue expanding to the second-tier cities! After the funds return, we'll continue to the lower-tiered cities. Do bear in mind that this is the sale of our cosmetics products. We must hold an absolute right to speak for ourselves."

Kang Xia's expression changed as she nodded repeatedly, saying, "Understood! I'll revise the plan after I go back and modify it as per your request. However, about the preparation funding..."

"Give me some time. At most up to one month, I'll give you the necessary funds needed for the early investment." Tang Xiu said.

Pleasantly surprised, Kang Xia replied, "Great, if we have enough funds, I believe the time for our products to be listed on the market will be greatly shortened."

"Do remember, we might not make luxurious jewelry, but it's imperative for us to take the high-end route. As long as our cosmetic products are good enough, selling the products is not the aspect we should worry about." Tang Xiu said.

"Understood!" Kang Xia nodded with a smile.

Upon seeing as how Tang Xiu and Kang Xia were related to each other, Wu Changqing was at a complete loss as his mind was messed up. He just found out that the famous General Manager of Magnificent Tang Corporation-Kang Xia, turned out to accept orders from someone else. Even more so, Kang Xia was just like a wage earner, an employee who listened to her Boss's instructions.

Who was this young man? How would he be able to give the orders to Kang Xia?

Could he be...

Wrong guesses out of his shock popped out inside Wu Changqing's mind, but he dismissed all of them the instant they appeared. He just simply didn't believe that Kang Xia would work under a twenty years old young man. What was most unacceptable for him was that the Big Boss who recently invested an enormous investment for the Magnificent Tang Corporation turned out to be a young man!

"You are..."

Finally, Wu Changqing was unable keep the doubts and questions inside his heart.

As for Andy who had an angelic appearance but an extremely sharp mouth, she gave out a big supercilious look toward Wu Changqing as she snapped at him, "Are you really an idiot? Our Magnificent Tang Corporation luckily hasn't done any business cooperation with your company! Otherwise, we would surely have been implicated by a dead no-brainer idiot like you! I thought Chief Kang had obviously shown her stand, but you are so stupid that you still asked?! If I were you, I would've simply left to look for a block of tofu and hit myself to death and be done with it. It's better than hiding myself from the world because I've made myself a disgrace!"

"WOW, that was harshly AWESOME!"

Huang Xu secretly raised his thumb with a face full of a schadenfreude.

His heart could be described as shattered to pieces when Andy humiliated him. The anger even almost drove him crazy. And now, upon hearing how Andy humiliated others, he felt somewhat comfortable. Even the feeling of shame he got from her before was dispelled.

As words could say, Huang Xiu might be a lustful and lascivious person, but he was somewhat mindless in nature.

With a face as white as wax paper, Wu Changqing looked at Tang Xiu with disbelief. He then shifted his sight toward Kang Xia. Still attempting to reconcile and redeem the situation, he squeezed out a smiling expression that was even more unsightly than crying, saying, "Chief Kang, this... Brother, I humbly admit that I'm at fault here. Please don't lower yourselves to my level, and I swear that there won't be any next time for what I've done! Our company needs this deal. If anything, we can have any matters settled through discussion."

"Get lost!"

Tang Xiu wanted no more explanation from him at this moment as he detested Wu Changqing's arrogant and domineering attitude from before.

"Vice Chief Wu, I've clearly told you about how I vision this matter already. No matter how hard you try to redeem this act of yours, this won't affect anything whatsoever. Please leave now! Don't make your company lose face here." Kang Xia said.

Wu Changqing's lips twisted a few times. Upon knowing that he really couldn't save the day, he immediately turned hostile as he glared furiously at Kang Xia and Tang Xiu, saying, "What good people you all are! You have gut and courage eh? Just wait later, I hope you won't regret this when the time comes!"

Huang Xu raised his leg and curled it up on top of the other as he raised his palms and shouted, "Yo, punk retard! You talk too much. Do you believe that I, your Big Daddy, won't be able to drag you out? Brother Tang has told you to get the fuck out. Save your chirping somewhere else!"

Wu Changqing's neck shrunk as he left with a dejected look.

Whilst slowly standing up, Tang Xiu then spoke, "Kang Xia, I'll leave everything here for you to handle. I'm not used to this kind of atmosphere, so I'll go home first. Anyways, Andy has drunk some wine tonight, so you should send her back."

After having a guarantee from Tang Xiu about the provided funds, Kang Xia was in quite the good mood as she replied happily, "Boss, do you want me to send you back? Well, let's just say, I'm used to entertaining courtesy with courtesy as well. As for this auction, it's just for raising donations. Besides, we're too poor now, and I won't pretend to be a generous person here. So it won't be a problem if I take my leave either way."

"Is it okay if you leave now?" Tang Xiu asked with hesitation.

"Yup, no problem." Kang Xia nodded heavily.

"Alright. If so, then drive me back home! Having said this, you also have to go home and rest as fast as possible." Tang Xiu said.

Shortly after...

Tang Xiu bade farewell to the trio Long Zhengyu, Huang Xu, and Fei Shan, as he then left along with Kang Xia and Andy.

At the entrance of the party hall...

Looking at the three's backs, Huang Xu spoke with a sour expression, "Tang Xiu's luck with chicks is really way too awesome! Kang Xia alone is an outstanding belle, she could even overcome the light of the most beautiful woman in the capital. And that angelic looking XXX Lolita-Andy doesn't lose to her. She also belongs to the rank of a rarely found most beautiful-looking women in the world. I think that on the surface, Kang Xia is going to send Tang Xiu back home, but I highly suspected that will go to bed and have an XXX, surely!"

With an expression of being at a loss whether to cry or laugh, Long Zhengyu replied to him, "Hey, Big Young Master Huang, how the hell those words come out of your damn mouth? Since when have you changed your skin? I tell you, Tang Xiu is not that kind of person. He's not like you who will do XXX tricks."

"No, no. Young Master Long, I gotta rebuke what you just said. Haven't you heard the common saying that even heroes have a weakness for the charms of beautiful women? Kang Xia and Andy belong to the ranks of the most beautiful women, and you can only pick one of this kind of woman out of the thousands, no? Tang Xiu might have good self control, but tell me, can he stay firm and able to withstand their enticements?" Fei Shan shook his head and said.

"You two are really have a dirty mind!" Long Zhengyu cursed as he said with a laugh.

However, he deeply admired Tang Xiu as much as them inside. He was a smart person and had a good ability to observe and judge people's feelings and their mood. He could see that Kang Xia and Andy had deep impressions toward Tang Xiu. Once this kind of feeling was nurtured to a certain point, the feeling probably would change in essence and turn into a dead-set diehard love.

The next day...

Kang Xia sent the company's car to pick up the four steward instructors from Great Britain who already arrived at the airport. She then drove them to South Gate Town's villa.

Each of the four instructors had their own unique ability, and they were also very famous amongst the British aristocrats.

After seeing these four he had spent quite a sum of money to hire, Tang Xiu directly sent them to Mu Qingping. As for what kind of skills she could learn from them, it depended entirely on her.

At the evening, the same day...

Tang Xiu took a high-speed train to Dongyuan Province. There was no direct passenger flight from Star City to Cangbei City. But the railway line was highly developed. It took him only three hours by high-speed train to get there. At 10:00 PM, he finally arrived at Cangbei City. At first, he intended to catch a cab outside after he left the train station. However, he was quite desperate afterward. There were a lot of taxis, but when he told the drivers the destination "Qingshan Town", not even one of those drivers was willing to take him there.

"Why aren't you willing to go there?"

Tang Xiu couldn't help but ask the woman driver.

The woman driver let out a forced smile as she replied, "Little Brother, it's not that we don't want to take you there. It's just the distance from this train station to Qingshan Town is kinda distant, while the pay we got is also, well, not enough. Besides, it's very late and the location is very remote and it's very dangerous on the way there. Even if our customers are good people, but in the case we happen to bump into highwaymen... we'll surely be miserable!"

"Road robbers?"

Tang Xiu didn't want to give up in vain, and asked curiously, "We are highly likely to encounter road robbers on the way from here to Qingshan Town? Shouldn't the law reach this place too? Besides, the police force should handle this problem, shouldn't it?"

The woman driver replied with a sigh, "Take care of this problem huh? It's not like the cops haven't tried to handle this problem. But those road toll brigands are just like rats. They are familiar with the surrounding topography. Not to mention that that there are also quite a ton of paths to remote areas where you will rarely find people from the surroundings for dozens of miles. Even if the police want to arrest these brigands and bandits and stop them by force, it would still be very difficult to apprehend them. Every time these brigands see that the situation is not right, they will quickly drill into the roadside toward the forested mountain. It's hella difficult to catch them even if the police deploy a lot of manpower."

Suddenly, the woman driver's voice quieted down a lot. She then turned and looked around. After she confirmed that no one was paying attention to her and Tang Xiu, she whispered, "Little Brother, I advise you to spend the night in Cangbei City. You can still rush to Qingshan Town tomorrow. Those highwaymen and road toll brigands are way too rampant and wild. I also heard that they have connections with some dirty cops in this city. So, it's better safe than sorry. We'll be out of luck if we come across these scourges."

After hesitating for a moment, Tang Xiu let out a forced smile and said, "That being the case, then take me to Cangbei Hotel. It's the hotel my friend suggested me to go."

Seeing that Tang Xiu accepted her suggestion, the woman driver smiled all over as she replied immediately, "Good good, then get on board, Little Brother. I'll take you to the best five-star hotel in Cangbei City. Ah right, do you need me to pick you up and drive you directly to Qingshan Town tomorrow morning?"

"You also have this service?" Tang Xiu was astonished.

The woman driver said with a laugh, "Well, you can say this as a big job scheduled in advance anyhow! You know, we-the taxi drivers of this Cangbei City, can in no way be compared to those black limousine chauffeurs. So you've gotta know how to work your way through if you wanna keep your rice bowl, if you ask me!"

Tang Xiu said with a laugh, "So be it then. Come and pick me up in the early morning."


1. Uh, well... XXX is censored in the raws with asterisks... ah well, you guys won't have to be a genius to figure it out, though. But I myself was wondering whether it was a threesome, gangbang or not... lol. And no, I'm not a porn lover...

2. About Dongyuan Province, there should be a Dongyuan County in Guangdong. But the story doesn't seem to refer to this one though.