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 Chapter 167: Forgetting the Previous Discord

Whilst looking at Tang Xiu's confused expression, a smile emerged on the corner of Long Zhengyu's mouth as he said with a smile, "You didn't know that Long Xueyao is my elder cousin?"

Tang Xiu replied with an astonished expression, "She turns out to be your cousin? I really didn't know that. But nevertheless, I'm the one who ignored this point, though. Not too many people have your Long family's name, to begin with. Your family name is Long, as well as hers; while she's also the Property Manager of South Gate Town, so it's no wonder that she's your relative."

Long Zhengyu replied with a laugh, "Well, it's not like it's an unpleasant thing to have, no? Anyway, in order not to make me a lot more depressed, you've gotta stay here and drink a few glasses with us tonight."

Tang Xiu shifted his sight at Andy as he nodded and said, "Alright. I'll stay and accompany you to drink a few cups. Anyways, this is Andy, Kang Xia's right-hand woman. She's actually here waiting for Kang Xia to attend a charity auction party and got starved waiting. That's why I ordered the dishes for her to eat first."

With an amazed expression, Long Zhengyu said, "Andy? The extraordinarily 'big' famous succubus, Andy?"

"Mr. Long, the words you said, was that supposed to be a praise or a curse? I might not be too proficient in Mandarin, but savoring the taste of your words, it seems like the flavor is kind of unbecoming, don't you think so?" Andy said with her lovely smile.


Long Zhengyu's complexion was strangled as he secretly rolled his eyes inside. A foreign girl who said she wasn't particularly proficient in Mandarin but yet was able to understand the subtle meaning behind his words? As he shook his head, Long Zhengyu let out a forced smile and said, "It's my bad to have misspoken out of indiscretion. Those people who say that you're a succubus are truly blind. You're very lovely as though a fairy that descended to the mortal world. If later on there are still people speaking that you're like a succubus, those people are complete and total jerks."

"Hee hee..."

Andy let out a laugh that reverberated as a pair of her two big lethal weapons on her chest waved and surged forth. All the young men present, including Tang Xiu, couldn't help but secretly swallow their saliva upon seeing it.

It was seductive and way too tempting!

As young and vigorous as they were, the four young men couldn't help but whisper inside their hearts one after another: 'You're neither a succubus nor an angel, but a seductive-coquettish young demoness who can wreck a country and bring ruin to the people!'

"Cough cough..."

Tang Xiu coughed to conceal the awkwardness inside his heart as he spoke to divert the focus, "Long Zhengyu, I just recalled that your little brother hasn't come to harass me recently. Do you know where he is?"

Upon hearing this, Long Zhengyu shook his head and said with a smile, "He's leaving for Blue City. I don't know what that kid is thinking. He unexpectedly spoke to my father and said that he wanted to set up his own enterprise. He said he'd mix in first in Blue City before going to Shanghai to develop himself further, as well as asked five million yuan from my father. It's been a couple of days since he has gone to Blue City, and he hasn't contacted me since."

"Ah, it turns out that he's really leaving Star City?" Tang Xiu was astounded.

"Huh? You seem to know about it. Care to tell me?" With a curious expression, Long Zhengyu asked.

"Well, I can say that he left because of me. I told him that he won't have a bright future if he's always under the shelter of you and your parents' wings. Even though he's very smart and has a keen sense of business. However, he lacks ambition. I did stimulate him, but I never imagined that he'd really go to the outside world, though." Tang Xiu replied with a smile.

Fei Shan and Huang Xu glanced at each other. The both of them knew Long Zhenglin's character inside out. As surprised as they were, for Long Zhenglin to listen to Tang Xiu and adhere to his opinions was something that they had never imagined, causing their impression toward Tang Xiu to deepen a bit at this instant.

Huang Xu said, "Young Master Long, your second brother ran away to Blue City, and he didn't even contact me? Man, did we not have enough camaraderie? Ah, whatever. I'll look for him when we go back there. Regardless of any businesses he wanna do, I'm gonna help him and give him green lights to open his way."

Fei Shan also said with a smile, "I might not be able to help in anything if he's in other places. But in Blue City, our words are quite useful. I know your little brother. He's kinda, well, quite wild and unruly, and it will be inevitable for him to come across some of the Blue City's local bullies. That reminds me of something, what line was it? Ah, that's right, there's a common saying that a wicked person will be bedeviled by another of the same ilk. But heck, you can rest assured that we'll be looking after him in Blue City!"

Long Zhengyu grabbed the blended imported fine wine on the table and poured it into Tang Xiu's cup. Then, he raised his own cup and said, "To express my thanks and respect to all of you. Let's drink..."

As the wine entered his stomach, Tang Xiu squished his lips as he shook his head and said, "I have heard about these imported wines, but never had a chance to drink any. But, the taste is quite unpleasant! As I recall, we also have quite strong liquors brewed in our country, don't we?"

Fei Shan's eyes lightened up as he immediately walked toward a cabinet at the side. Then, he grabbed a bottle of wine that was still wrapped in it's package and went back to his previous position. As he handed the bottle to Tang Xiu, he said, "Brother Tang, you're also a man. You know that men like us like to drink strong liquors. So, you wanna try tasting this wine I brought from Blue City?"

Tang Xiu took the bottle as his sight landed on a sticker with the written slogan: "Serve the People!" on top of the bottle. As he also saw the yellowish glutinous rice wine inside the bottle, he said with astonishment, "Isn't this the legendary special wine supply?"

Fei Shan gave his thumbs up and exclaimed, "You do have good eyes, Brother Tang! This indeed is a special good wine supply for PLA military district. My big brother is a Chief of Staff in the Northern Theater Command and he brought back this wine to give my grandfather, while I just happened to sneakily get my hands on it. I heard him saying that this wine is nearly thirty years old as it has been cellared in the Northern Theater Command's cellar and only just came out six months ago."

Tang Xiu smiled faintly. Let alone drinking good wines that merely aged for three decades, he had even drunk quite a lot of good wines that had been cellared for thousands of years. However, on Earth, the thirty years old cellared wines were already considered quite good wines.

He opened the bottle and poured the wine into four cups.

As he drunk up the wine from the cup, he immediately felt a strong fragrant and mellow taste lingering on his tongue. It was as though there was a fire that went down through his throat and finally burst out inside his chest, as the strong heat flowed and quickly entered his stomach and spread out to his limbs and skeletal bones.

"Ah, it's really great and comfortable!"

Tang Xiu couldn't help but exclaim in praise. He felt that this wine was even better than the wines the Everlasting Feast Hall had.

In this moment, he had quite an impulse. He wanted to homebrew a number of good wines himself. After all, a lot of people loved wine on Earth. And if he found someone who could truly appreciate the taste of good wine- moreover, tasting the wine he brewed himself- it would definitely be a joyous thing.

And not only did Tang Xiu himself had a good winemaking technique, even the end product of his home-brewing wine was of the absolute best quality.

And at this moment, Fei Shan's eyes were especially bright. He was as if meeting a soul-mate as he felt a little closer to Tang Xiu when he said with a smile, "It seems that it was really worth it to steal this bottle of wine since I can get Brother Tang's appreciation. But I never expected that Brother Tang was also a wine lover. It's just a pity that I have too few of this good wine, otherwise, our drinking time could have been more joyous."

"It's alright. If you want to drink a good wine, just wait for some time. I'll bring some when I go to the university in Blue City. I'm sure the wine I bring will keep you satisfied." Tang Xiu said with a smile.

Since he had the idea, then he might as well put it into motion.

Tang Xiu decided to brew some good wines, since he thought that the materials to brew the wine was very easy to find, while the production cost was also very low. Not to mention that he also had a summer vacation coming, and he could take some time to brew it. Even if he couldn't drink it all, he could send them to his mother's restaurant.

With a curious expression, Fei Shan asked, "Brother Tang, you also have some good wines?"

"Hahaha, not any yet. But I'm preparing to brew some." Tang Xiu said with a laugh.

"Wow! You also know how to brew wine?" Fei Shan was astounded as he replied.

"I did brew once. And the taste is kinda good." Tang Xiu said with a smile.

Fei Shan clapped his hands and said with a laugh, "Hahaha, Brother Tang, it seems that not only are you an aficionado, but you also have already arrived at the point of becoming an oenophile yourself! I'm really looking forward to your homebrewed wine! I'll be waiting for you to go to Blue City, and treating you with a welcoming reception dinner in Blue City's best restaurant!"

Huang Xu patted Fei Shan's shoulder as he said with a smile, "No can do. How could it be your turn to treat Brother Tang a welcoming dinner? I'm the one who has misspoken to him, and I can't just walk away without washing my wrongdoings, no? Brother Tang is much more mature than me, and he didn't lower himself to act like me. But I-Huang Xu, put this matter seriously in mind. So, Brother Tang, I gotta be the host for you when you come to Blue City. Of course, that means I'll also be tasting the homebrewed wine you've personally made. Hahaha..."

Tang Xiu nodded with a smile.

He might particularly don't like Huang Xu. But as people say, hit not the people who are smiling at you and reach out your hand toward them. So, as Huang Xu repeatedly expressed his goodwill toward him, it was a necessity to give him some face.

Not to mention that he also perfectly realized the truth that having personal contacts in society was absolutely equal to having divine armament. If he could use it perfectly, it would be very helpful in dealing with a lot of things in the future.

As for Andy, she didn't have much interest in wine. However, she was actually listening to the conversations with full enthusiasm. In particular, she could see as how Long Zhengyu and the two others wanted to be on good terms with Tang Xiu. This made her feel good inside as she felt that her judgment toward the man she was eyeing was really correct.

In actuality, the made up words she said to Tang Xiu that she wanted to be his lover, was 20% true, while the rest 80% was but only a joke. Although she had a small figure, however, she still had what a normal person had with seven apertures on her head and also a brain. She knew perfectly well about the nature of people. She was the kind of person who was keen in reading the intention within the words people said, as well as the expression whether ones were lying, or being sly and crafty to conceal their true intention in a mishmash speech.

However, after having gone through things tonight and had a closer contact with Tang Xiu quite a lot, Andy could perceive and realize that not only was Tang Xiu an upright gentleman, he was also not the type of person who was fickle in love.

She was just only eight when her parents took her to China. After having lived here for six years, only then did they return back to the United States. In particular, after she returned back to the States, she made friends with a lot of Chinese descent people there, so she had a very deep knowledge about domestic customs. If it weren't for her Westerner looks, perhaps, nobody would have believed that she was a foreign girl.

"Ladies, Sirs, the dishes have been served."

A middle-aged manager entered the box along with dozens of waitresses carrying a trolley of dishes. Although everyone couldn't see the dishes, for it were still covered, everyone could still smell the fragrance fluttering into their noses.

Long Zhengyu looked at Tang Xiu and said, "So, how about we have the meal now?"

Tang Xiu said with a smile, "Good wine has always been added with fine delicacies. So let's have a meal now."

Immediately, everyone headed to the dining room. As they looked at the row of dishes lined up on the table, their appetite was sparked up. And just when some of them were ready to eat the meal, Andy's mobile phone ringed.

"It's the call from Chief Kang!"

Andy took out her mobile as she looked at the Caller ID number on the screen.

Tang Xiu asked, "What time the charity auction start?"

"At 8:30 PM, twenty minutes from now," Andy replied.

"If so, then ask her to come here to have a meal first! Tell her later that after being busy at work all day long, use the rest of the time to relax and rest. Create a balance between work and relaxation, and you'll be able to bring about more wealth and riches."

Andy let out a sweet-bright smile as she replied, "Having such a kind Boss as you, is truly a blessing for us."