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 Chapter 165: It's for You Sweetheart!

At Star City Zoo...

Tang Xiu was holding Gu Yin's small hand as they strolled on the bypath in the zoo's bamboo groove. In the afternoon, Tang Xiu told Gu Yin that he would take her out to play, for which, she instantly happily agreed. However, she didn't like amusement parks but preferred going to the zoo. And naturally, Tang Xiu went along with her wish to make her happy.

"Can I ask you a question?"

A smile hung on her delicate, small face as Gu Yin answered, "Master, please do!"

"The other children like amusement parks, but why do you like the zoo? Those small animals are indeed very cute and lovable, but I don't see much differences seeing them on TV with looking at them in person." Tang Xiu asked.

The smile on Gu Yin's small face quickly disappeared as a sad and sorrowful expression flashed from her eyes. However, she then replied with a strong voice, "Dad once promised me that he would take me to zoo someday. However, he already died, so he couldn't take me."

Suddenly, Tang Xiu gently squeezed her little hand to show his consolation and to comfort her.

Gu Yin looked up as a smile returned to her small face. "Master, there's an old saying that a Master for a day is equal to a father for life. You've become my Master for a while now, and inside Yinyin's heart, you're my father. Besides, you take me to the zoo now, so the regret in my heart is also gone."

Warmness struck Tang Xiu's heart as he hold her up, and said with a smile, "My family's Yinyin is really sensible and thoughtful, then... come here, let this teacher-father hug you."

"Tee hee... it's itchy!"

Gu Yin's laughter was very sweet as though a silver bell as it reverberated in the bamboo forest.

"Ring, ring, ring..."

Inside his pocket, Tang Xiu's mobile phone ringtone suddenly ringed.

Whilst still holding Gu Yin with one arm, Tang Xiu took the mobile with his other hand as he looked at the caller ID number on the screen with a sudden surprised expression on his face.

"Hello, Tang Xiu speaking."

Miao Wentang's voice came out from the mobile, "Tang Xiu, remember you asked my help for something? Well, I've already managed it, and I should be arriving at Star City at the most by noon tomorrow."

"You mean, it's about the steward instructor tutors I asked you to look for?" Tang Xiu asked.

"Yes, they are."

"Thank you!"

After saying his thanks, Tang Xiu was prepared to hang up the phone; however, Miao Wentang's voice came out again, with a slightly hesitating tone.

"Anyways, Tang Xiu, can I ask for your help? I have come across some troubles recently; otherwise, I could have finished managing what you've asked earlier."

"What happened?" Tang Xiu asked.

Miao Wentang said, "I and Shao Mingzhen have found a Sky Cavern, and we suspect that there are special ores there. We've explored a layer of the cavern for a few times, but we came back disappointed every time, we also even got injured. We also tried to bring some people there, but the losses were quite serious."

"Sky Cavern? What's that?"

Tang Xiu was somewhat confused.

Miao Wentang explained, "The Sky Cavern is a very deep big hole created by meteorites that fell from the space and crashed on the ground on Earth. However, finding this place is quite troublesome. It's located in the Spring Forest Mountain Range in Dongyuan Province. The terrain is quite rough, as vipers and fierce beasts roam around here and if we aren't cautious, we'll be dumped in the swamps. The most important thing is that the place also seems to have a formation array. We went to this Sky Cavern a few times, and even have successfully arrived at the edge of this Sky Cavern. However, it's located at a precipitous mountain massif. Even more so, there are a large number of tunnels in the interior of this mountain massif. In short, the situation in this place is very complicated."

Tang Xiu narrowed his eyes. At present, he was indeed eager to find the ore materials to refine interspatial rings, and now the news about special ores came to him. Thus, he didn't hesitate any longer and asked, "Where are you now?"

"We're now in Cangbei County of Dongyuan Province, in a small town called Qingshan Town, located nearby this Spring Forest Mountain Range." Miao Wentang said. [1]

"Well, I'll settle down those foreign steward instructors first, then I'll immediately catch up with you. But I need to tell you in advance that I have to get a share of the precious ores if we can get them!" Tang Xiu said.

"No problem!"

Miao Wentang was greatly overjoyed as he promised without hesitation.

After the call ended, Tang Xiu put down Gu Yin as he said with a smile, "It seems that not only did you become a student, but your Mom is also going to become a student, since I have hired very good teachers for her from abroad."

Gu Yin laughed. "Mom certainly won't be as smart as me, though."

Tang Xiu pinched Gu Yin's small face as he said with a smile, "Yup, our family's Yinyin is the smartest in the world. Anyways, there's a lion enclosure there, let's see those lions."


In afternoon...

Tang Xiu lingered around the zoo along with Gu Yin as they played and enjoyed themselves to the fullest. As the evening came, he took Gu Yin to eat at McDonald's and only after then did they return to South Gate Town.

At night...

Tang Xiu called Long Zhengyu. After he got to know that the latter was drinking in the Long's Dining Hall, he immediately went there to see him. Some foreign steward instructors were about to arrive tomorrow and he needed to arrange the accommodation for them in advance. Moreover, it was also best to find them a proper villa in South Gate Town.

The night in the Long's Dining Hall was filled with flashing neon lamps, giving off the scene as though a group of stars was falling to Earth. Tang Xiu himself had come to this place a few times, so it could be said that he was the regular for this place as the security guards also remembered him and directly let him pass after recognizing him.

"Huh? Boss, is that you?"

Suddenly, a bewildered voice came from the inside of the hall.

Tang Xiu followed the direction of the voice, and found that it turned out to be the young Lolita, Andy. He nodded to her slightly as he went over and asked, "You came here to dine?"

Andy's dress tonight was very attractive with a floral skirt, a hanging loose long hair, high-heels and also wore a slightly pale makeup on her face. She laughed playfully upon hearing Tang Xiu's question and said, "Chief Kang invited me here to attend a charity party. And since she doesn't like to bring along male companions, she wanted me to accompany her. By the way, are you also going to attend the charity party?"

"Nope, I'm looking for someone here." Tang Xiu shook his head and said.

"Aiih, Boss, are you looking for a woman or a man? You're one hell of an outstanding man. If you ever find yourself a woman, I'll surely be very jealous of her." Andy said with a smile.

Tang Xiu faintly smiled. He also had heard about the straightforwardness foreign girls had, so he didn't mind Andy's remarks. Then, he said with a smile, "He's a man, a friend of mine. Anyways, what are you doing outside? Aren't you attending the charity party? Is the party over already?"

"Nope, the charity party hasn't yet started! I came early and am waiting for Chief Kang." Andy replied.

"That being the case, you can wait for her here! Anyways, I still have some things to take care of, so I'll go inside first." Tang Xiu said.

Andy quickly said, "Ah, can you take me in Boss? The security did let me in but I'm actually not a member of this place so they just let me wait here. And before Chief Kang comes, they won't let me in."

Tang Xiu was surprised as he asked, "Huh? They let you pass through the entrance, but they didn't permit you to go inside?"

Andy nodded as she showed a pitiful appearance, saying, "Yeah, they didn't let me in. And even more so, I'm starving right now, I got my lunch too early before."

Tang Xiu looked toward the security guards who were unceasingly patrolling as he waved his hand toward a familiar one he had seen before. The security guard then quickly came over as he greeted respectfully and said, "Is there anything I can help you with, Sir?"

Tang Xiu pointed to Andy as he said with a smile, "She's an employee in my company. I'll take her inside with me."

The security was hesitated and said, "Sir, you have visited this place a few times, so I know you and I can let you go inside. But, if you want to bring other people, I'll have to consult this..."

Tang Xiu lightly said, "The person I'm going to meet is Long Zhengyu."

The security guard was surprised for a moment before a more respectful expression quickly revealed itself on his face. "Sir, since you are our Chief Long's friend, then you are our honorable guest. Please do come in!"

Tang Xiu nodded along with Andy beside him. However, he had never thought that Andy would unexpectedly took his arm and even make "a face" toward the security.

"She's such a childish woman!"

Tang Xiu was somewhat feeling slightly amused upon seeing Andy's nature.

Shortly after.

Tang Xiu took Andy along with him to the main hall. Whilst looking at the well-dressed visitors inside, he was secretly sighing in his heart. For ordinary people, they could only enter the Long's Dining Hall if they knew some powerful people and followed them inside. Otherwise, let alone dining inside, even those ordinary people would find it very difficult to even pass through the front entrance.

The two of them took the elevator to the sixteenth floor as Tang Xiu then looked at Andy and asked, "Wait for me and my friend finish our talk, then you are free to find a place to eat."

Andy smiled even as her eyes narrowed when she asked, "Err, Boss, what about the reimbursement?"

Tang Xiu was at a loss whether he to laugh or cry before he replied, "No need for that. Eat to your heart's content. That friend of mine is very rich, just add the bill on his tab. Besides, I'll ask someone handling this place for a membership card for you. Then, you can come this place whenever you want later."

Andy blinked her eyes. Then, she tightened her legs as she bent down and instantly jumped up toward Tang Xiu's face. Since Tang Xiu was caught unprepared, he was straightly kissed on the face. As Andy's feet landed on the floor, only then she laughed, saying, "Hehehe, I knew it. I knew God sent you to save me. You even let me become your sweetheart! Well, I'm going to serve you well later."

Tang Xiu was stunned and dumbfounded. He looked at the extremely cute little face Andy had, but this boldness and directness of hers truly made him shocked. After hesitating for a moment, he raised his hand and stroked her forehead as he muttered a few seconds after, "Huh? You don't have a fever, but why are you talking such nonsensical things?"

Andy stared with a pair of big saucer eyes and exclaimed, "Boss, I do really want to be your lover. Don't think that I'm very casual. You know what? I'm still a virgin! If you don't believe me, you can try me yourself!"

Her voice was a bit loud as a lot of people in the surrounding immediately cast a sidelong glance over them one after another. After they looked at Tang Xiu and Andy, they were shaken as they saw the cute and lovable appearance Andy had as though they were seeing an angel. And then, they immediately cast their sight over toward Tang Xiu with a shocked expression. They truly couldn't figure out as to why such an angelic-looking girl would unexpectedly shout and want to be this young fellow's lover? Who was he? What kind of charm and capital did he have?


A elegant-looking young man with a jade-like face, who was just coincidentally passing by the two of them, suddenly stopped upon hearing the conversation between Andy and Tang Xiu. The pair of his eyes avariciously stared at the two big lethal weapons that burst out on Andy's chest as he immediately looked at her and said, "Little Sis, this young fellow is too insensitive and unromantic. You'll be bored as hell if you want him to be your lover. How about you become this big brother's lover? I assure you that you'll be happy ever after!"

"You immoral hoodlum!"

Andy turned her head and angrily glared at the young man.


[1] I can't pinpoint which Qingshan Town written by the author here. There are a lot of places with Qingshan name in China mainland. Either it's Qingshan District in Wuhan, Baotou; or the Qingshan in Shandong (Wendeng) as there are also quite a ton of townships called Qingshan.