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 Chapter 160: Declining the Offer

The other female teacher interrupted Huang Jie as she said with a serious expression, "Huang Jie, you spoke incorrectly. He can never become our Music Academy's student."

For a moment, Huang Jie stared blankly as she immediately blurted out, "What do you mean? He's fully qualified to become a student of our Regal Classical Music Academy!"

"Just think, if he becomes a student in our Music Academy, you tell me who has the qualifications to teach him? I think he can directly become a teacher in the Regal Classical Music Academy. As long as he stay for a few years, to be nominated for professorship is completely no problem for him." The female teacher replied with a sinking tone.

Becoming a teacher? A professor?

Huang Jie patted her head and quickly said, "Yes, yes. His level is indeed not suitable for students. If so, Tang Xiu, are you willing to come to our Music Academy? I guarantee that I can make you become a zither teacher smoothly. If your performance is good, you could become a music professor a few years later without any problems."

Yuan Chuling, Cheng Yannan and the other two were dumbfounded and tongue-tied. They looked at the two female teachers who wore serious expressions, as well as looked at Tang Xiu with his tranquil expression. It shocked them greatly, and the shock was too extreme.

What was the so-called "reaching the heavens in a single bound"? This was what it meant!

With only the symphony of a zither music, several teachers of the nationwide-renowned Regal Classical Music Academy were conquered. He didn't even need to take the College Entrance Test and directly jumped to become a teacher there. Even more so, by listening to their words, Tang Xiu definitely would have a bright future, as he would become the youngest music professor in the country.

It's just so godly and awesome!

In this world, could there be any person more amazing than Tang Xiu?

Tang Xiu looked at the several female teachers who had anticipating expressions on their faces. He slowly shook his head and said, "I'm really sorry. I'm not interested."


The female teachers exclaimed out loud involuntarily; even a look of disbelief was cast on Chen Xiaofen's face.

He refused?

He easily gave up such a huge opportunity and immeasurable future?

Chen Xiaofen was afraid that Tang Xiu was clueless as to what it meant to become a teacher of the Regal Classical Music Academy, and quickly said, "Tang Xiu, each and every teacher of the Regal Classical Music Academy has high social status. They also have prominent reputations in the music industry. But becoming a professor of this Music Academy, you will be regarded as a Maestro of Music nationwide. Be it treatment, wealth, or social status; everything is what countless of musicians have been longing for in their dreams!"

"Wealth and status, I will fight and strive for them in the future. But music, it will never be the path I take. I do love music; however, it is but only a mere interest. Therefore, either it's becoming a teacher or professor, I have not the slightest interest to become one." Tang Xiu replied with an indifferent expression.

Chen Xiaofen's mouth was opened wide, but no words came out as she didn't know what to say. Even the three female teachers of the Regal Classical Music Academy were also struck dumb. Nothing in their minds came up as how to persuade him.

Yuan Chuling and Cheng Yannan were one of the well-offs as well as not originated from ordinary families. They also knew that Tang Xiu had set up his own company. But aside from them, Xia Wanfen and Li Xiaoqian didn't know about his circumstances. In particular, was Li Xiaoqian who dreamed in becoming a star as she quickly said, "Tang Xiu, if you can enter the Regal Classical Music Academy, it means that you're half a step into the entertainment world. Are you not interested in becoming a star?"

Tang Xiu shook his head and replied, "I don't have any interest to become one."

Li Xiaoqian said with an inconceivable look, "How so? What's not good about a star? Your musical skill is so high. And you're highly likely able to become a superstar, an Emperor-like figure in the music industry! Just comply with the three teacher's suggestion, I believe that they can get it done with everything they promised you."

Tang Xiu still shook his head and said with a dull expression, "I've said that I'm not interested. Well, the night is late, I still have things to do for tomorrow, and I need to rest early."

After having said that, he took the lead and walked toward the private box's door.

"Hey, Eldest Brother, wait for me!"

Yuan Chuling chased him and went out in big strides.

After Tang Xiu left the Westland KTV, he saw that Cheng Yannan and the other two girls didn't come out. Then, he said to Yuan Chuling, "If there's nothing else, it's better for you to go back first since I'll go to the restaurant and then home."

Yuan Chuling hesitated for a moment. But he didn't rush to leave, and asked, "Eldest Brother, in the College Entrance Test, to which university are you going to register?"

Tang Xiu shook his head and said, "Haven't thought about a suitable one. Will have to wait and see after the College Entrance Test."

"Actually, I think you won't have any problems to enter any domestic universities with your results. I was thinking to enter the same university you're gonna pick if your choice isn't one of the top universities in China. But if you're planning to enter one of those top universities, I'm afraid that it would be very difficult for me to pass the College Entrance Test." Yuan Chuling said with a nod.

Tang Xiu said with smile, "Attending school anywhere is basically the same. Mainly, it would depend on how many things you can learn. Besides, you might be able to follow me for a while, but you can't follow me for your entire life. As for whichever university you're going to enter to pave the sort of path you're going tread on, you need to decide it for yourself. On the other hand, your family has quite a big business, so I think that you should ask your father's advice too."

Yuan Chuling said with a force smile, "I did discuss this with him when I went home a few days go. He wishes that I could study in Beijing and take Economics."

Tang Xiu was quite astonished and said, "And you don't like the idea?"

Yuan Chuling shook his head and said, "It's not that I'm against it. It's just that I don't wanna leave Star City. I always feel that my parents are hiding something important from me. So I couldn't help but feel that there's a profound meaning in his advice in making me study in the capital."

Tang Xiu was silent for a moment before he slowly asked, "Your parents still haven't told you the reason for the divorce?"

Yuan Chuling shook his head and said, "Nope. Even a bit. I think they have some difficulties to bring up this issue; but still, they don't want to tell me the reason for now. Studying in the university will take four years, and I'm afraid that something would happen in this time period."

"Each and every family does have to go through their own problems!"

Inside, Tang Xiu secretly sighed.

He patted Yuan Chuling's shoulder and said with a smile, "Your Dad can survive so many years in business world, that means he has the capability. So I believe he can solve any problems he comes across. Besides, you and I are good friends. He can contact me whenever he comes across some difficult problems later."

"Contacting you?" Yuan Chuling stared blankly.

"What? You don't think I can help your Dad?" Tang Xiu said with a laugh.

"Eldest Brother, I know that you've established your own company. But the thing is, the problems my Dad has to face aren't something you can solve for the time being. But anyways, having an Eldest Brother like you saying these words, I'm really grateful and moved." Yuan Chuling said with a forced smile.

Tang Xiu shrugged his shoulders and said, "Well, you can interpret my words any way you like. OK, I gotta leave now. See you later!"

The River Street of the Old Town...

Tang Xiu took a taxi and went to his family's restaurant. After he arrived there, he was quite amazed upon seeing the surging number of people at the entrance. The number of guests who came in and out of the restaurant was unusually a high. It was originally but a small cafeteria. And after having undergone expansions twice, the shop front at the both sides of the restaurant had been successfully rented; even the second floor also had been opened up. The small two-storied building might have no distinct and unique style, but after having gone through renovations for two times, it seemed that the site now gave off a kind of interesting and appealing antique charm.

There was even something that made Tang Xiu feel somewhat, amused. That was, the two security guards at the both sides of the entrance. They were unexpectedly wearing a full-suit of black tuxedo. He also remembered these two guys. They were the ones who caused troubles for the restaurant before with their thuggish appearance and behavior. But now, they actually had a face-lift and appearance changes as they looked decent and honest.


Upon seeing Tang Xiu, the eyes of the two young men who acted as security guards suddenly brightened up as they greeted him with flattery. After the incident with Tie Long who caused troubles back then, their faith in Tang Xiu became much deeper and they were more hell-bent on following him. After all, Tang Xiu was even able to pack up the kind of powerful people such as Tie Long. In this Star City, what kind of things was Tang Xiu unable to deal with?

"Well, is everything good with the restaurant?"

Whilst walking toward the inside, Tang Xiu asked them.

The young man nodded and replied with a smile, "Everything is great. The business is even hotter when we reopened the restaurant. Whether it's in the noon or evening, we're always full of guests. I even heard from Brother Banshou that people have to book in advance if they want to have seats here. And they have to book at least a day earlier."

Tang Xiu replied with an astonished expression, "It's that good?"

The young man said, "Certainly. The prices in our restaurant is reasonable and inexpensive. The delicacies and foods we have are also delicious. So the guests really loved it. In particular, we also have quite a lot of regulars now."

Tang Xiu said with laugh, "I got you."

After having entered the restaurant entrance, as Tang Xiu was looking at the busy staffers, he found that there were a lot of new attendants he hadn't seen before. Obviously, they were the new recruits. He also saw a dozens of men and women with impatient looks in front of the counter that were apparently waiting for vacant tables.

"Ah, you came. I'll get the Boss."

Upon seeing him, the attendants who knew who Tang Xiu was immediately called out in a pleasant surprise.

"It's alright!"

Tang Xiu walked over with a smiling face.

"Hey, what does it mean? Don't you know that the ones who come first should get the first service? We've been waiting for almost ten minutes here! Even if you call your Boss out, you still must serve us first!" An ugly and fierce-looking middle-aged man shouted as he stared with his big eyes.

"Pfft, haha..."

The waiter couldn't help laughing.

Tang Xiu turned and looked at more than a dozens of visitors who cast a sidelong glance at him and said with a smile, "Please be relieved! I won't fight over the tables with all of you."

The middle-aged man snorted coldly and said, "Hmph, you said you won't fight over the tables with us. But you're rushing inside? Don't think that I know nothing how restaurants work. They're always currying favor with people who have some statuses. No matter, in any case, I don't give a damn about it. As long as there's any vacant tables, I want them to be given to us first!"

Another middle-aged woman also followed, "Yes! We can be considered as regulars of this restaurant. This is even our third visit this month. So you must give us the seat first!"

The staffer looked at Tang Xiu who wore a forced smile as he smiled and explained, "Ladies and gentlemen, you misunderstood something here. He's our Young Master, our Boss's son."


The ugly and fierce-looking middle-aged man was paused and stared blankly as an awkward expression was immediately drawn on his face when he spoke, "That... ugh... Hehehe... Little Brother, I didn't know that you're the Boss's son. I, I apologize! It's just that, we're impatient. We've been here for almost ten minutes, watching people eat, drink and chat while laughing..."

Tang Xiu said with smile, "It's alright."

Then, he turned around and walked inside.

"Please wait!"

A voice resounded from behind him.

Tang Xiu turned his head and looked at a fat middle-aged man who came out of the crowd. Then, he asked with a puzzled expression, "Is there something you need?"

The fat middle-aged man blinked as he said with a smile, "Idol, it turns out to be you! I felt that you are somewhat pretty familiar. Hey, do you remember me? You took my taxi, gave me the directions for the road, and we..."

Tang Xiu's mind revolved and suddenly remembered this fat middle-aged man's identity. Then he immediately interrupted him and said with a smile, "It's originally you! Ah, I haven't said my thanks to you before!"