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 Chapter 156: Haggling over the Price

Tang Xiu snappily said, "The amount Bill Gates own isn't so few you know. Well, let's stop talking about this. Anyway, I'm giving the men and the formula for the health care products to you now, since I wanna focus on dealing with the College Entrance Test first. So, you take care of matters and don't disturb me."

Kang Xia gave out a lovable and charming expression as though she didn't know what to do with Tang Xiu, as she said with a snort, "Hmph. I have never seen a Boss like you before! You just directly and brazenly passed the job to others but do nothing yourself. But still, don't you feel at least happy that such an outstanding and beautiful mature woman like me is doing things for you?"

Tang Xiu touched the bridge of his nose as he said with a pale smile, "I just recalled that someone has said, that a woman's heart is even more poisonous than a hornets' tail needles. Just like flowers, the more beautiful and tender they are, the more lethal their poison is. Besides, don't you think that I'm way too young to be attracted by such poison?"

"Pfft, haha..."

Kang Xia couldn't help laughing, even bursting into laughter. Previously, she didn't know that Tang Xiu would be this eloquent. The more contact she had with him, the more she found Tang Xiu's mysteriousness. It piqued her interest. Her eyes turned as she suddenly leaned on him. As her sensual lips were getting closer to Tang Xiu's ear, her warm breath blew in his ear as she whispered:

"Boss, you're really mysterious. You're simply unlike a high schooler. Can you tell me from where you learned your powerful martial arts? Also, those security guards you've brought, from what background are they anyway?"

Tang Xiu pushed Kang Xia away and said snappily, "Don't try to seduce me. I'm young and my self-control is quite weak. If you dare to overstep for half a step more through the minefield, then I won't be able to restrain myself and force you do something we don't want to. About my martial arts and their origins, now it's not the time to tell you yet. Perhaps later on you'll know."

Kang Xia gave a supercilious look as she turned to look outside the window with a bitter expression.

Her heart itched the more Tang Xiu shut it out from her, causing her to want to figure out about his everything. Moreover, she also realized that she got quite the sickness, and it wasn't just an ordinary one, for she was always thinking about Tang Xiu from time to time, thinking about how and what he was doing; wondering for when he would contact her; thinking about his mysteriousness; all of those drove her to want to unveil those layers of mysteries of his...

"Ah, how come my mind strayed and my imagination run wild?"

Kang Xia patted her forehead as she turned toward Tang Xiu, giving him another lovable and charming supercilious look again.

Shortly after...

Kang Xia arranged to have the twenty security guards settled. She also gave the captain- Zhong Tiekui a sum of money for their wages in advance. Then, after taking out her sports car, she drove Tang Xiu to South Gate Town.

Whilst sitting on the driver seat, she looked at Tang Xiu's back when he entered the South Gate Town's front gate. Her eyes couldn't help but roll again as she clearly remembered that Tang Xiu had never raised the topic of "asking her to visit his home".

"Ah, what an insensitive person. He's unamenable to other's feeling. Isn't this the characteristic of someone on their way to spending the rest of their life in loneliness?"

Kang Xia couldn't help but secretly criticize him in her heart.


After he returned home, Tang Xiu found that Yuan Chuling, Cheng Yannan and the other two were still waiting for him. He made up some lies to them, and then began to give the tutoring for their schoolwork.

In the blink of an eye, time marched on as though a galloping white horse...

Days passed on as Tang Xiu spent his days in boredom. And quickly, the College Entrance Test was only three days away.

What made Tang Xiu happy was that his mother got discharged from the hospital and that her restaurant that also successfully expanded. Not only was it bigger by several fold, but it also had been decorated more luxuriously. His mother also decided that the restaurant would resume the business the second day after his College Entrance Test ended.

In the recent days, he devoted himself on tutoring Yuan Chuling, Cheng Yannan and the other two in their study, causing the four's study to progress by leaps and bounds. Tang Xiu believed that their results would be greatly improved even if they had to do the test now, but he didn't know as to what extent their improvement would be.

He also got news from Chen Zhizhong and Long Zhengyu. One of the them was that they joined hands to create the circumstances to aim at Su Shangwen and put him out of business. They believed that it wouldn't take long for his Shangwen Real Estate to go bankrupt as well as pushing him into jail.

As for Long Zhengyu, Chu Yi, Bai Tao and Ouyang Lulu, for whom he had the partnerships to develop the building, the early stage for the plan had been properly prepared. Tang Xiu also had carefully drawn the overall blueprint of the architectural design and gave it to them. As for how they would manage the execution of the plan and how to build it later, it was up to them.

At Star City First High School...

Tang Xiu was quietly practicing inside the Class 10. Along with the passing of time, his cultivation level was rapidly progressing. His Star Force was also stronger by several points due to absorbing the power of the stars everyday. He was confident that it wouldn't take too long for him to achieve the Skin Strengthening Late Stage if he could maintain this pace. At that time, he would be able to breakthrough to the next stage.

"Tang Xiu! Teacher Han is looking for you!"

Cheng Yannan, who had just entered the classroom, directly called him from behind the moment she saw him.

"Huh? What does she want from me now?" Tang Xiu looked up and asked with a confused expression.

"Should be related to us, I think. You too know that she made us come to school two hours earlier today. She gave us two exam papers after we arrived; one for Math and the other foreign language. But she didn't tell us about the results after we finished the test though. Instead, she told me to pass the message for you to go to her office." Said Cheng Yannan.

Tang Xiu stood slowly, patting the sleepy Yuan Chuling and asked, "Hey, you did those tests too, how was it?"

Yuan Chuling pursed his lips and groaned as he said, "Damn good I say! The tests were much easier compared to the previous ones I've had. Anyways, why don't you hurry and go? Teacher Han is calling for you. And don't disturb my dream, will you?"

Tang Xiu was speechless.

After leaving the classroom, he directly headed to the office, and he could see that there was only Han Qingwu inside. He then greeted with a smile, "Teacher Han, is there something you need from me?"

Han Qingwu's mood was obviously quite bright today as she waved to Tang Xiu and said with a smile, "Tang Xiu, you really didn't reveal your true nature eh? Previously I thought that Yuan Chuling and Cheng Yannan, at the very least, would only get a small improvement in their study even though you are giving them supplementary lessons and tutoring them. So, I asked those four to do a test for two subjects this morning. Can you guess what results they got?"

"Definitely good, I'm sure of it! Otherwise, you would be giving me long and angry looks, criticizing my tutoring." Tang Xiu answered.

Han Qingwu snapped with a smile, "What smelly boy. I've been that unreasonable, haven't I? Anyway, just like you guessed, the results of the four are really progressing by leaps and bounds. Also, there are some questions in the Math test that are on an Olympic level and are extremely difficult. But those four correctly answered the problems."

"Those who trust me will gain eternal life."

Suddenly, Tang Xiu recalled the time when he was in the Immortal World. There was a demonic sect with such a slogan, for which they used to attract the cultivation talents. Whilst revealing a smile that didn't look like a smile, he looked at Han Qingwu and immediately said, "Teacher Han, won't you gimme some kind of reward for helping those four improving their results?"

Han Qingwu laughed involuntarily and said, "What reward do you want?"

"Give me a day off! I need to get out and get some fresh air to vent out things." Tang Xiu said.


Han Qingwu was stunned. From Tang Xiu's high tone, how come she felt that schooling was just like a prison for him?

"I won't have you give a holiday since all the third year students will all be having a holiday tomorrow. They'll have two days of rest before the College Entrance Test. So, you must stay honestly at school for all day today."

"Really?" It was quite a pleasant surprise for Tang Xiu.

"Did you see that I was joking with you?" Han Qingwu scolded him in reply.

"Nope!" Tang Xiu shook his head.

Then, Han Qingwu waved and said, "Well, the reason why I called you up is that I wanna praise you for your efforts. And since we've passed that part, quickly go back to your classroom and review your schoolwork! If these four classmates of yours have good results in the College Entrance Test and make me happy, I'll treat you to some western food in summer vacation."

"It's a deal!"

Tang Xiu quickly answered, and then left the office.

"Ring... ring... ring..."

Just when Tang Xiu was about to enter the Class 10's door, the mobile in his pocket ringed. Looking around and ensuring that nobody was around, he walked away. Accepting the call, he said, "Long Zhenglin, what's up?"

"Eldest Brother, I'm in the Star City Medicinal Herbs Market and I found an excellent medicinal ingredient here. Wanna take a look at it yourself?" Long Zhenglin's excited voice came out from the phone.

"What herb?" Tang Xiu asked with some doubt.

"The shop owner said that the herb is extremely rare, and it was picked from the snow-capped mountain in the Western Region. It's fully matured, and he put it inside a warm jade box." Long Zhenglin replied.

"You mean, it's a Tianshan Snow Lotus?" Tang Xiu asked with astonishment.

Long Zhenglin laughed as he replied, "That's it. It's Tianshan Snow Lotus. Moreover, it's a thousand years old one. I wanted to buy it for you, but it's extremely pricey. The owner won't even hand it over if I don't give him nine digits of money. So, are you gonna look at it or not? If you don't, I won't be able to prevent him from selling it to others."

"Wait for me, I'll rush over there!" Tang Xiu said without hesitation.


Long Zhenglin complied and then hung up the phone.

Tang Xiu thought for a moment. He didn't go to Han Qingwu to request leave as he sneaked out of the school's wall and left the school. He directly stopped a taxi and rushed toward the Star City Medicinal Herbs Market. A little more than half an hour later, he finally arrived at the Herb Market from his school.

After rushing and arriving at the shop Long Zhenglin told him, a lot of people had already gathered around it. However, since this big fellow-Long Zhenglin went all out to guard this Tianshan Snow Lotus, the shop owner was unable to sell it, even if he wanted to.

"It's really that herb!"

Tang Xiu was quite surprised secretly.

In the eyes of ordinary people, the value of this Tianshan Snow Lotus might only be a nine digits' worth of money. But in his hands, its value would be hundreds of times that.

He didn't need the Tianshan Snow Lotus for his cultivation. But Gu Yin very much needed this medicinal ingredient. If he could buy this herb and refine it, he definitely would be able to make Gu Yin breakthrough to a very high cultivation realm within a short time.

"Boss, how much is it?"

After pushing the crowd and entering the front most, Tang Xiu directly asked.

"100 million! Less than that by even a dime, not selling!"