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 Chapter 155: Price

Coldness struck Zhu Tianqiang's heart. He could see that each and every one of those twenty strong men Tang Xiu brought along were ruthless and powerful. Just like the martial arts contest a moment ago, although they didn't kill anyone, but the pain and injuries they inflicted to his fellow apprentices were all quite severe.

In this case...

If they didn't give them the money, would their Master be able to preserve their lives?

When he thought up to there, Zhu Tianqiang couldn't help but shake his head in secret. As the saying goes: humans had no choice but to bow their heads under the eaves. In such a situation, he had no alternatives left, and could only spend money to avoid a disaster.

"Fine, I'll pay you!"

Kang Xiu applauded as she said with a smile, "Wise men always know how to submit to circumstances. Money is a dead thing, and a gifted one won't be subjected to it. Besides, you can always earn more as long as you're alive."

With an ashen complexion, Zhu Tianqiang endured it and reluctantly replied, "100 million is quite an amount for me. You need to give me some time to collect it. After which, I'll send it to you immediately."

Kang Xia's face changed, and then said with a cold and detached voice, "Do you think we're only three years old children? Are we easily swayed by you? I give you half an hour. If you haven't sent the 100 million to our Boss within this time limit, there's no need for you to collect the money."


Zhu Tianqiang opened his mouth as he looked to Jiang Feng, seeking his help.

Jiang Feng sighed inside. He knew that if he wasn't able to make Tang Xiu satisfied today, the matter wouldn't end peacefully. He immediately said slowly, "I'll provide the money, and all the issues will have to end today."

Tang Xiu looked at Kang Xia with a strange look. He secretly admired the smartness of this woman. Although she did extort these people relying upon others' strength, but it was really effective. A stream of words came out of her mouth, and one hundred million was obtained. The Magnificent Tang Corporation was in development and in dire need of liquid, but with this one hundred million, he believed that it would be sufficient to cover some of the more urgent needs.

"Kang Xia, give them our account number. I believe that they won't dare lie to me. Let's go! I've wasted too much time today, and I don't know those friends of mine to still wait for me." Tang Xiu got up and walked out in large strides without even glancing to Jiang Feng again.

Jiang Feng's expression changed as he asked loudly, "Your excellency, you haven't told me your name."

"It's Tang Xiu. Do remember to tell your people, no one should dare to provoke me again, else I wouldn't mind killing all of you!" Replied Tang Xiu whilst walking.

Tang Xiu!

The name was deeply etched into Jiang Feng's mind.

At the side, Yang Xianyu looked at Tang Xiu's back with a complex expression. He simply didn't recall and think about the name. Curiosity filled his heart as to what kind of background this youngster had. Not only did he have twenty martial arts experts as bodyguards, but even his own strength should be very terrifying.

A few minutes later...

Only a few handful of people were left at the kung fu training field of the Rising Dragon School. Jiang Feng then walked toward the place where Tang Xiu was sitting, as he looked down at Zhu Tianqiang and spoke with a sinking tone, "If it was only an ordinary issue of comparing martial arts and you lost because you were not as good as your opponent, I wouldn't blame you. But you- you unexpectedly formed a gang to have your revenge on others. This won't do. I'll give that 100 million of yuan to the five of you, but you all are no longer the disciples of my Rising Dragon School anymore. If later you dare to use the school's name to break the law and commit crimes; there will be none but me who will get rid of you and even kill you personally. Wake those four up and get the hell out now!"


Zhu Tianqiang's complexion was as though he suffered a disastrous incident, as he involuntarily exclaimed out in a sob.

Jiang Feng shouted again with anger, "Shut up! I'm no longer your master! Were my words not clear enough? Get lost now!"

Zhu Tianqiang's lips wiggled a few times. He finally kowtowed and knocked his head three times in front of Jiang Feng. Then, he stood up with his lame legs and walked toward his other four brothers, woke them up, and then left with their heads down.

Jiang Feng looked at another disciple at his side and spoke with a solemn tone, "Send some people to find Fei Qing and the other three to see me. Tell them, that even if they are in the ends of earth, they must see me now!"


That disciple complied as he greeted his other fellow apprentices and quickly left.

Yang Xianyu looked at the angered Jiang Feng. After sighing secretly, he patted his shoulder gently and said with a forced smile, "There's always a sky above the sky and a better man than us. We all understand these words. Although you don't know that young man and have yet to practice with him; but they are powerful indeed. So, it's kinda good since the other is willing to end this issue at this point."

Jiang Feng nodded as he said with a helpless expression, "I admit that today I indeed have met with some powerful people, so it's no wonder that I lost. But why do I feel that his name sounded familiar?"

Yang Xianyu was confused, "What name?"

"Didn't you also hear that young man spell his name when he left?" said Jiang Feng.

What was he called?

Yang Xianyu slowly recalled the moment as his eyes suddenly turned round and wide. With a disbelieving expression, he exclaimed out loud, "TANG XIU?! He said his name is Tang Xiu, didn't he?"

"Yes, that's the name." Jiang Feng said.

Yang Xianyu's blinked and spoke no longer as he rushed toward the outside extremely fast. But when he arrived at the gate, Tang Xiu and his people were no longer there.

"What happened with you? You..."

Jiang Feng asked in confusion.

A wry and forced smile was revealed as Yang Xianyu replied to him, "Do you remember what I told you before? The purpose of my visit to Star City, is to look for a young Divine Doctor called Tang Xiu. That young man called himself Tang Xiu, and his age is also about twenty years old. If my guess isn't wrong, perhaps the person I've been looking for is him."

"It's him?"

Jiang Feng looked at him with eyes turned and tongue-tied, as a hard-to-believe expression was drawn on his face.

Yang Xianyu said, "It should be right. Ah right, you are friends with the president of Star City Chinese Medical Hospital, right? Try calling him. See if he knows about this Tang Xiu. If he does, ask him who and what kind of person this Tang Xiu is."


Jiang Feng dialed Li Hongji's cell number. After exchanging greetings, he asked, "Old friend, the reason why I'm calling you is because I got something I want to ask."

"Alright, and that is?"

Li Hongji's voice came out of his cell phone.

Jiang Feng said, "I just heard that a young Divine Doctor appeared in Jingmen Island a while ago. And he's called Tang Xiu. But I also heard that he's also from Star City. Since you're the president of the Chinese Medical Hospital, you should know about the news within the traditional medicine society. So, you must know him if that young man really comes from our Star City, right?"

Li Hongji let out a crisp and clear laugh as he replied, "You're really well-informed, eh? The number of people who know Tang Xiu as a young Divine Doctor apart from our hospital's people, is absolutely very few in the entire Star City! Anyway, why are you looking for him?"

Jiang Feng was quite happy and quickly asked, "Which hospital he's working with? He's with you, I suppose?"

Li Hongji laughed, "You're fast! But anyway, you still have to wait for half a month since he needs to attend a College Entrance Test first. Only then will you be able to come to our hospital and be examined by him. Old Jiang, you have no idea of how much effort I've gone through to invite him to my hospital. That young man is simply a rare wonder-kid with a brilliant medical skill. But even so, he doesn't want to take a career as a doctor and is only willing to come to our hospital occasionally."

Jiang Feng, shocked, asked, "He's a student? A high schooler who's about to take a College Entrance Test?"

"Yup!" Li Hongji said.

After hesitating for quite a while, Jiang Feng then asked in a low voice, "Old Li, do you have any means to contact him? My friend wants to see him, and ask him to treat a patient."

"This... alright! I'll give you his cell number later. But tell your friend that he mustn't mess up with his private number, else that kid will fly into a rage." Li Hongji urged.

"Well, alright. Thanks, old buddy! I'll take you to drink some other day!"

"Good, I'll be waiting!"

After hanging up the phone, Jiang Feng looked at Yang Xianyu as he said with a forced smile, "Your guess, is apparently correct! That young man is indeed Tang Xiu, the young Divine Doctor!"

Offending a doctor, especially such a young Divine Doctor, was absolutely not something that Jiang Feng would ever do. He even suddenly felt that the issue that happened today was a kind of unexpected misfortune to him.

With a helpless expression, Yang Xianyu said, "Aiii, it seems like I've really provoked quite some trouble because of my intervention today. And if anything, I really don't know this young man's personality nor do I know his temperament. If I brave myself to visit him and ask for his help, I'm afraid that he would ignore me straight."

An apologetic expression was revealed on Jiang Feng's face as he spoke, "Old friend, it was my fault. I got you involved. If things go south, I will thicken this old face of mine to personally go to him, asking him with every effort within my power to meet his requests no matter what he wants."

Yang Xianyu shook his head and said with a helpless expression, "Let's just think and talk about this later!"

Jiang Feng's face suddenly changed as he quickly said, "Li Hongji told me before that Tang Xiu will attend the College Entrance Test within a couple of weeks. After which, he will come to Star City Chinese Medical Hospital and give medical services after he finished it. How about taking your wife there? We can also ask which day he would come to the hospital and give the medical services, so we can directly register your wife to be examined by him. What do you think?"

Yang Xianyu's eyes lit up and immediately nodded repeatedly, "Great idea! If he can cure my wife, I'll prepare a lavish gift for him!"


After taking the twenty men from the Rising Dragon Martial School, Tang Xiu and Kang Xia then took the bus toward the South Gate Town, since they needed to hurry and rest.

Sitting together on the last row seats, Tang Xiu could smell a faint sweet fragrance from Kang Xia's body. His lips curved as a smile appeared on his face when he spoke to her, "Well, the play tonight was quite good, wasn't it? Not only did we not need to buy the tickets, we even got 100 million."

Kang Xia replied with a soft smile, "Yep, it was indeed cool. Having a boss such as you is really great. How about taking me to see this kind of play everyday in our free time when the company is closed? Then I can ask money everyday."

Tang Xiu was quite dumbfounded and didn't know whether to laugh or cry as he replied, "You're silly. How come we can bump into this kind of matter everyday? People nowadays are much smarter, and coming across such fools is very difficult. Moreover, if people were to come finding me and cause trouble, I could die due to being sick of it."

A flowery smile blossomed on Kang Xia's face as she said, "Well, feeling vexed is indeed an annoying point. But, don't you think that it's quite a joyful pain? Tsk, tsk... just imagine, 100 million a day. And if it continues for three or five years, not only would you become the country's highest earner, but you'd also become the richest man in the world. Even Bill Gates would have look up to you, right?"