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 Chapter 153: Knocking the School's Door and Fight

Sitting at the opposite of Jiang Feng was Yang Xianyu. Just like him, he was also over his seventies, looking vigorous, buoyant and beaming with spirits. He didn't care even though he lost to Jiang Feng after comparing their kungfu.

"An old gramps like you unexpectedly still have such a soaring fighting spirit. Losing to you is kinda normal, you know. You've always been well-known as a talented martial art genius since your childhood. So it's no shameful thing for me in losing to you!"

Jiang Feng said with a laugh, "This is what people say that the body may be old but not the heart. Anyway, for years I have not seen you, and I got no time to ask you something before we went to drink. So, why did you come to Star City this time?"

Yang Xianyu's face instantly turned serious upon hearing Jiang Feng's inquiry as he replied with a deep tone, "I heard that a few days ago a young Divine Doctor has cured a girl who was contracted with a strange illness in Jingmen Island. An illness for which quite a lot of well-known domestic doctors were unable to cure. So I rushed to Jingmen Island but came out empty-handed. After asking around, I heard that this young Divine Doctor comes from Star City."

With some doubt, Jiang Feng asked, "What do you need that young Divine Doctor for? Who has contracted a serious illness?"

Yang Xianyu replied with a wry, forced smile, "It's the old lady of mine. She has been a vegetarian and a Buddhist follower the entirety of her life. She thought that doing that would garner her the blessing and protection from the Gods and Buddhas. Previously, she also doesn't close the door when she is going to sleep, so now she got some paralyzing stroke. The most nefarious thing is, not only is she got the stroke, but she also contracted a strange symptom for she's always shouting in her stupor, calling out that she's seeing some deities or something. So, I rushed to Star City personally to find that young Divine Doctor, wanting to ask him to treat my old woman."

Jiang Feng suddenly said, "How much information have you got about that young Divine Doctor? I've been in Star City for decades; I have quite a lot of personal contacts and network here. Perhaps, I can help you finding him."

Yang Xianyu said with a wry smile, "I only know that he's called Tang Xiu; a 20 years-old young man. But I'm totally clueless about other things. Look, the reason why I'm visiting you today, was because I need you to accompany me to the Star City Chinese Medical Hospital, to ask for his whereabouts from the people there."

Jiang Feng said, "I do have an old friend, and he's exactly the President of the said hospital, so I'll call him and ask about it! Maybe he knows about the person you're looking for!"

Yang Xianyu stared blankly for a moment, before immediately replying with a surprised expression afterward, "Then, thanks a lot, Brother Jiang!"

"No problem."

A faint smile appeared on Jiang Feng's face as he then prepared to dial Li Hongji's cell number. However, sounds of a ruckus bursted from the outside, followed by miserable, shrilling screams.

"What happened?"

Jiang Feng put his mobile down as he looked and asked his youngest son, who was rushing inside.

Jiang Xiang was a thirty years old man with a tall stature. He was wearing a black-colored training outfit as a slight alarmed and afraid expression was cast on his face as he replied, "Dad, some people stormed over our hall!"


Jiang Feng was struck with surprise for moment before his expression changed greatly.

He clearly could remember that it was a decade ago the last time when someone stormed over and caused a ruckus at his school. Since he had great fame and reputation, besides also having taught a lot of disciples, nobody in the entire of Star City would have the guts to give him no face in the recent ten years! But now, some people unexpectedly came to storm and challenge his school when his old friend was visiting. Wasn't this playing with his old face?

"You go. I'll take a look as to who dares to come storming and challenge the Rising Dragon Martial School." Jiang Feng took the lead with an angry face as he walked in big strides toward the front yard.

The Rising Dragon Martial School covered quite a wide area, comparable with a public school. The front courtyard was the place where disciples practiced their kungfu, while the backyard was the living place for the school's instructors.

At the kungfu training field in the front courtyard...

Tang Xiu and Kang Xia were sitting since Zhong Tiekui had gotten them chairs, while the twenty men along with him were standing in two rows at both sides of Tang Xiu and Kang Xia, respectively.

In front of Tang Xiu, Zhu Tianqiang along with the other four were lying on the ground, unconscious.

When Jiang Feng arrived at the kungfu training field in the front courtyard, his face suddenly changed upon seeing such a scene, as suddenly a cold glint came out of his eyes. Along with the dozens of kungfu instructors around him, he came before Tang Xiu and he shouted with a deep tone, "Who are you?"

Tang Xiu replied lightly, "I heard that the martial arts society has the custom for accepting a challenge for hitting the school. But it seems that you regard me as a stranger, a passerby only. Then, I might as well challenge your hall! I don't like your Rising Dragon Martial School, so if possible I hope you can disband your school as to avoid your people bullying and hurting others in the future."

Whilst looking at Zhu Tianqiang and the other four deeply, Jiang Feng asked with a sinking tone, "Your excellency, hitting the martial school also has another custom, that you must leave your name. And listening to your tone, it seems like the people from my Rising Dragon Martial School have offended you. Care to tell for what reason they did that?"

Tang Xiu turned to Zhong Tiekui and spoke with an indifferent expression, "Wake that guy up."


Zhong Tiekui went to Zhu Tianqiang's side as he picked him up, severely punching his face and knocking him down to the ground again. The acute pain woke Zhu Tianqiang up from his unconscious state, but he quickly howled a miserable scream due to the piercing pain he felt.

About ten seconds later, after Zhu Tianqiang endured the pain, he looked up and around. His face suddenly changed greatly as he found himself back at the Rising Dragon Martial School, as well as clearly aware what kind of situation he was in.

"M-M-Ma- Master!"

Fear struck Zhu Tianqiang's heart, but he braced himself and called out.

With a sinking tone, Jiang Feng shouted at him, "Tell me, what's all this about?"

Zhu Tianqiang hesitated as he turned his head and looked at Tang Xiu with a frightened expression. Then, he replied with a bitter and astringent tone, "Master, your disciple is no good. I have shamed you."

"Straight to the point!"

Jiang Feng scolded him and snapped.

Zhu Tianqiang told the whole story again and finally said, "Master, he hit my fiancée; I can't swallow this. So I only took the other four fellow disciples to seek him and avenge her. The whole problem is my mistake, but please don't blame the other four brothers. I admit my mistakes and am willing to receive any disciplinary punishments."

Jiang Feng looked at Tang Xiu as he said with a cold snort, "Your excellency, you're rather too rampant, aren't you? It was you who hit someone first, and now you even dare to come to our Martial School. Do you really think that we're that easy to bully?"

Tang Xiu waved his hand as he said with a dull and indifferent tone, "I have no good impression toward your martial school, even a bit. This is already the second time. Last time some of your people accepted dirty money to waste me. But the outcome was me severely injuring them. But I think those four fellows are not in your school anymore, are they?"

Four? Who were severely injured?

Jiang Feng's mind quickly went back to the previous days, when Fei Qiang and the other three came back injured. Suddenly, he understood. When Fei Qiang came back, he said that he was provoked, challenged and tried to suppress it. And then, they got beaten and seriously injured. It turned out that the four of them received some dirty money from others against the moral and judicial code.

However, since others were bullying them at their own turf, Jiang Feng also couldn't bear this tone. Whilst looking at Tang Xiu with a cold and detached expression, he spoke with a sinking tone, "Since your excellency have come to challenge our hall, then let's cut the crap and begin! Since you can defeat my good-for-nothing apprentices, surely you have good kungfu."

Tang Xiu replied with a sneer, "Hmph, your three feet cat's kungfu isn't good enough for me to take notice. But this time I brought some of my company's security personnel; I'll let them play with you."

Jiang Feng was angry, "You're extremely arrogant!"

"Arrogant or not, you'll know after we play. Hey, amongst the twenty of you, who's willing to come out and accompany them to play?"

"I'll do it!"

One big man stood as he replied with a deep tone.

Tang Xiu said with a nod, "Remember, we're at home. Stick by the laws of the country and don't kill them."


The strong robust man nodded heavily.

Jiang Feng looked at Tang Xiu's eyes deeply. Then, he looked and sized up the strong man before he turned to his son, Jiang Xiang, and coldly said, "Xiao Xiang, you go."


Jiang Xiang stepped forward in large strides.

Tang Xiu looked at his watch and said, "Finish this quickly, I still have things to do this evening. I don't have much time to waste here."


The strong man replied as he threw himself toward Jiang Xiang in large strides. His footsteps were steady and very fast. Even as he had yet to strike, his moves already emitted a fierce and ruthless flavor within it. He was once trained at some special forces training camp. What he had learnt was the killing style. And he was also a seasoned veteran soldier and had experienced hundreds of battlefields.

"The Eagle Spreads the Wings."

Jiang Xiang shouted loudly as both of his arms opened wide as though eagle claws, constantly attacking the strong man fiercely.


The strong man coldly snorted. His fist aimed to hit Jiang Xiang's neck in an instant as his left leg also sent out a lightning kick to Jiang Xiang's shoulder. The moment his fist was blocked by Jiang Xiang, his left leg quickly hit Jiang Xiang's shoulder heavily.


Jiang Xiang's body was kicked and instantly sent him flying before he hit the ground heavily. Everyone present were all martial artists; they could see clearly that Jiang Xiang's shoulder which had been hit was different from before. Apparently, it was twisted to the rear by the kick.

A middle-aged man around forty-years-old then stood up amongst the people from the Rising Dragon Martial School. His stature was thin, with an upward-shaped bridge nose and a frosty expression on his face.

"What a good, ruthless method, and a powerful force as well. I'm Situ Lu, disciple of Master. Please give me some guidance."

The strong man was losing his interest. He previously thought that his opponent was powerful, but it turned out that the opponent was knocked down and got wasted the moment he hit him. Moreover, since the Boss had ordered to not kill the opponent as to avoid more troubles, he found it troublesome. If he was allowed to, he could have killed Jiang Xiang with a strike within half a second.

Then, Tang Xiu spoke with an indifferent tone, "Since the other side wants to play more, you accompany them to play. Let ten of them to stand to fight you. If those ten from this Rising Dragon Martial School are able to beat you, then I'll give them some countenance for their face."

"What arrogance!"

Jiang Feng shouted angrily upon hearing this. He then spoke with a sinking tone, "Kid, you have yet to say your name!"

While pointing at the strong man, Tang Xiu replied at him with a laugh, "Send out ten more of your people. If all of them can beat him, I'll satisfy your curiosity. Else, your Rising Dragon School is much too disappointing for my taste; it will be equal to humiliate yourselves if you wanna know my name."

With a smile filled with extreme anger, Jiang Feng said, "Fine! Such a big tone. But if that's the case; then, the request of your excellency will be satisfied. Ten of you, come forward and beat him down!"

Instantly, ten Rising Dragon School's instructors rushed forward toward the strong man and surrounded him. An excited expression could be seen flashing from their eyes. It was as though this strong man was just like a lamb waiting to be butchered in their eyes.

The strong man's spirit was also sparked. The look of being addicted to fight was seen flashing in his eyes. He knew that Tang Xiu still had some matters to be taken care of, so he didn't say more words and took the first initiative to attack.