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 Chapter 152: A Good Play

Whilst they were talking, Tang Xiu's expression suddenly changed. He was acutely aware that a lot of eyes with ill intentions constantly swept over him from the surroundings.

'What's happening here?!'

He instantly released his Spiritual Sense and completely enveloped the scope of two hundred meters in the surroundings. His brows knitted as he could sense that a lot of people were indeed keeping eyes on him. There were even nearly thirty young thugs with knives and sticks hidden in their bodies.

For a moment, Tang Xiu was silent. Then, he suddenly said, "Kang Xia, you got other plans for this evening?"

Kang Xia shook her head and said, "Been busy all day long today. I'm not an iron woman, so I'll head home to have some sleep, naturally. Anyway, what's up? Got something in mind?"

"Interested to follow me and see a good play?" Asked Tang Xiu.

A good play?

With raised brows, Kang Xia asked, "What sort of good play?"

With a calm tone, Tang Xiu replied, "Well, you can see it for yourself! If you don't want to, you can go back now. If you do, then just follow me!"

"Fine with me!" Kang Xia nodded.

Around ten minutes later, Tang Xiu and Kang Xia arrived at a park's side which was rarely visited by people. The shade of the moonlight was whirling and dancing along with the scorching heat brought by summer.

Then, Tang Xiu stopped under a towering big tree.

With a confused expression, Kang Xia said, "Boss, what did you bring me here for?"

A faint smile surfaced on Tang Xiu's face. With his Spiritual Sense he could see that those people quickly gathered and were headed for his position. Then, he loudly spoke, "Yo people! It's really laborious of you to come all the way to this place. Since there are only two of us here, do you think you still need to hide?"

"Crazy punk!!"

Leading four of his fellow apprentices, Zhu Tianqiang quickly appeared along in front of Tang Xiu and Kang Xia. And those nearly thirty young thugs pulled out sticks and knives as they surrounded the two.

With a cold and detached expression, Tang Xiu looked at him. He took out his mobile, dialing a number and spoke, "Where are you?"


Zhong Tiekui's cold voice came out of from the mobile.

Then, Tang Xiu issued the order, "Immediately come here and surround all of them. No one amongst these people who have come tonight can leave without bleeding."


Following the end of the call, twenty big guys quietly appeared behind the young thugs. Their expressions were cold and grim. But since Tang Xiu had yet to give his order, they didn't act. Yet.


Zhu Tianqiang's expression changed. The four fellow apprentices at his side also showed a surprised expression. They had never thought that their plan to intercept Tang Xiu would turn out in them being the ones surrounded instead. Those thirty youth thugs' complexions also greatly changed. They had always liked to bullying weaker people. But now, twenty big guys suddenly appeared. And it was obvious that those guys were not one of them.

Upon seeing Zhu Tianqiang and his group, Tang Xiu spoke with a smile, "I don't know who or what you are. But even so, I don't care what kind of background you have. I just wanna ask a question. I guarantee that your fate will be ten times much better than everyone else if you answer me."

A ridiculing expression was revealed in Zhu Tianqiang's eyes as he said, "You're Tang Xiu, right? Just like from the investigation I got, you're really extremely unbridled and arrogant. You think that by relying upon your trivial kungfu you are much higher than others, eh? You think you can be arrogant in front of us? What a blockhead! We, from the Magnificent Dragon Martial School, have always been the ones to bully others, and not otherwise!"

Magnificent Dragon Martial School?

Tang Xiu frowned. He just found himself disliking the people from this martial school. The last time was Fei Qiang and his three fellow apprentices. And this time, some other bunch from this school appeared again.

"Tell me the reason as to why you sought me out."

Tang Xiu spoke with a tranquil tone.

With a burst of laughter, Zhu Tianqiang then spoke, "What? Feeling anxious after you heard that we are from the Magnificent Dragon Martial School? I, your father, will tell you! You dare to hit my woman! This alone condemned your fate to be extremely miserable. I care not how many people you have brought along. In my eyes, they are only just garbage!"

"And your woman is?" Asked Tang Xiu.

Coldly snorting, Zhu Tianqiang replied, "Zhang Deqin. Don't tell me you know nothing about her!"

Tang Xiu suddenly smiled and said, "Well, looks like that she looked for you and asked you to avenge her! The sibling is no good, and I can tell that you are just as the same. Since you're also a garbage then I'll clean you up, and then pack them up again as well."

After having said that, he turned toward Kang Xia, who neither had the slightest fear or anxiousness as he asked with a smile, "Well, tell me. You want me to let them play? Or should I personally act?"

"You can win against so many?" Asked Kang Xia

Tang Xiu smiled as he replied with a nod, "I got you! Stand here and don't move. See how this drama will be played today."

As his voice ended, Tang Xiu's instantly sprinted forward. And within a blink of an eye, he appeared seven or eight-meter distance near Zhu Tianqiang and his four brothers. The trajectory of his fist strikes was very strange as the instant movements hit Zhu Tianqiang's left lower ribs. But even so, his fist didn't pause even for a bit, as his fist also hit the next person on the man's right lower ribs.


Piercing and miserable screams came out from Zhu Tianqiang and the other man.

"Get lost!"

A middle-aged man could feel that Tang Xiu's leg was about to hit him as he instantly raised his arms, trying to push Tang Xiu's leg out. However, the clear sounds of bones breaking were heard as his shoulder was severely split, followed by his body that fell on the ground in that instant.

"Bang, bang ..."

A cold and grim smile could be seen on Tang Xiu's face. His moves were particularly ruthless and vicious. These five men were the instructors from the Magnificent Dragon Martial School. But within four or five breaths, he already knocked them down to the ground. His movements were as smooth as the passing clouds and flowing water, free and unhindered; along with the terrifying lethality it brought. Even those twenty big guys' complexions slightly changed upon seeing how Tang Xiu moved.

"Let's call it a day!"

Tang Xiu patted his hands as he looked at Kang Xia and asked, "How about it? Was my performance good enough?"

A brilliant glint flashed in Kang Xia's eyes. She raised her thumb up and exclaimed in admiration, "Beautiful! Never have I ever seen anyone as powerful as you; even those foreign boxers and the fighters in movies. I can say that in no way can they be compared with you. Even I got some kind of illusion that you were showing some kind of art when you hit them!"

With an involuntary laugh, Tang Xiu replied, "What eloquence. No wonder that you can be such outstanding person in the business world."

Kang Xia showed a faint smile and said, "You're overpraising, Boss! Anyway, what's all this about? These people said that you hit his woman, and this was to seek revenge on you."

Tang Xiu lightly said, "I got no problems with them whatsoever before. But this woman's younger brother is very arrogant, so I taught him a lesson a few times, for which he resents me afterwards. But that woman once had a gambling house with Long Zhengyu, while I was the one who helped him win the game. Therefore, when we met by chance a couple days ago, some cheap words bursted out from their mouth, so I slapped her. But I didn't expect that she would ask someone to retaliate, though!"

Kang Xia suddenly said, "Boss, more or less, I know your character. You are not the like to take the initiative to provoke others. So I can tell that the words from that woman's mouth were not the usual cheap ones."

Tang Xiu smiled as he looked at the twenty to thirty young thugs whose complexions had greatly changed. Then, he shouted with a solemn tone, "Hit them up and knock them down. Don't forget to break their legs. Young but don't learn from good role models, then we might as well prevent them from acting against ordinary people."


The twenty robust men replied in unison as they stormed over toward the thirty youth thugs like tigers and wolves. These men's attacks were very fast, ruthless, accurate and lethal at the same time. Within just half a minute, all of those bullies were knocked down with one of their their legs wasted.

Tang Xiu looked at those youth thugs who let out howling and painful screams everywhere as he also looked at Zhu Tianqiang who was just like a dead dog after he hit him. Then, he shouted in a deep tone, "Bring those five and follow me."

Immediately, five men picked up Zhu Tianqiang's group as they walked behind Tang Xiu toward the parked bus. The bus driver was a fat middle-aged man and was quite behaved. He also saw the fighting scene clearly from the distance a moment ago. And after Tang Xiu and the others walked toward his bus, he immediately stammered and spoke stutteringly, "I, I, I'm only a driver for the company, your problems have nothing to do with me."

"You won't be related with this problem whatsoever. The only thing you need to do is drive the bus. If you think that our behavior is way too violent, you might as well resign this job tomorrow," said Tang Xiu faintly.

The fat driver promptly said, "Ah, no, no, no... I'm very satisfied with the job, but I'm afraid, ...."

Tang Xiu interrupted his words, saying, "Then join the Magnificent Tang Corporation. You don't need to be afraid of anything if you're part of the Magnificent Tang Corporation. We never take the initiative to bully others, but when others dare to bully us, we will never we take the humiliation and stay in silence. Anyway, do you know where Magnificent Dragon Martial School is?"

The fat driver asked in further doubt, "You wanna go to the Magnificent Dragon Martial School? I know the place, but there are two sub-schools for this Magnificent Dragon Martial School. One is the main-head school, and the other one is the branch. Which one are you going to visit?"

"The main one!"

Tang Xiu answered without hesitation.

Kang Xia, who was at his side, was puzzled as she heard the answer. "Boss, you're going to the Magnificent Dragon Martial School? What do you wanna do there?"

"Settling the account with their Martial School. Twice people from this school sought and created troubles for me, so I'm quite pissed off. I must take advantage of today's opportunity and solve this." Said Tang Xiu lightly.

"This is also part of the major drama tonight?" Kang Xia probed further.

"Correct!" Tang Xiu calmly replied.


The main branch of the Magnificent Dragon Martial School was located in the West end of Star City, in the bustling area with a lot of high-rise buildings. The streets were pretty much heavy with traffic, and the continuous streams of lights in the streets at night were as though a glistening huge dragon.

And now, Jiang Feng was very happy, since an old friend who had long been out of touch for so many years was visiting him. After serving his friend a satiating dinner, he also began to compare notes as he found that not only was his old friend's kung fu outstanding, but he particularly also had honed his legs techniques to the point of perfection, even though the fight was just like before, he coming out as the winner.

"Old Yang, this younger brother's kung fu hasn't decayed, right? Previously, I closed up and created this kungfu style in the Great Northwest region, and have defeated quite the number of people there. But even though you actually made great progress, but you still have no means to surpass me!" Said Jiang Feng with a smiling face whilst stroking the gray beard on his chin.