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 Chapter 147: A Loud and Clear Slap on the Face

When he saw the Zhang Deqin and Zhang Yongjin siblings, Tang Xiu's expression was as tranquil as always. He just threw them a glance and directly chose to ignore them. He had taught Zhang Yongjin a lesson many times and believed that he had already given him a very big lesson. As long as they didn't provoke him, neither would he pay attention to this kind of Young Master playboy.

Coming out to this world as an infant and becoming a man of the house was but a lesson about life skills in itself.

Although the saying was true, however, even if ones had life skills, yet without diligently putting a great effort to create their own future, they would only turn up to be a good for nothing person, and ultimately would be very difficult for them to be a great person. And Zhang Yongjin, in Tang Xiu's eyes, belonged to this group.

"Tang Xiu, right? We meet again."

Zhang Deqin walked forward a few steps, blocking the path of Tang Xiu and his two friends.

Tang Xiu's brow wrinkled and said with indifferent expression, "Is there something you need?"

Zhang Deqin said, "I've sent someone to investigate you. A chicken who flew from the coop as a phoenix just because you have some tricks. Even Long Zhengyu and Long Zhenglin think highly and look up to you. However, after I got the investigation report, it said that you have bullied my younger brother, is this true?"

Tang Xiu's eyes swept at Zhang Yongjin and replied with an indifferent expression, "Your parents have not taught him properly, so I taught him on their behalf. Got something wrong with that?"


Zhang Deqin was furious. The thing she disliked the most was to have others commenting that their parents did not teach them discipline. She knew that inside her younger brother's heart, it was also taboo words for others to say about them.

As expected, a furious expression appeared on Zhang Yongjin's face. Rushing in big strides in front of Tang Xiu, he raised his hand and pointed at him as he threw out curses out of rage, "Who the fuck do you think you are? Just because you're powerful in a fight do you think you got the rights to be so fucking arrogant? Not even you have the right to criticize anything about how my parents have taught me!"

Tang Xiu secretly shook his head and said, "To be honest, I really don't want to pay any attention to the both of you. So long as you don't provoke me, neither will I take on anything you throw at me. I politely advise you one thing: I'll walk on a single plank wooden bridge of mine, while you take your broad highway to walk on. Next time, just like the river water don't mix with the well water, we need not to cross with each other. Otherwise, even if from the little background you come from, I can make you regret it."

Zhang Deqin was extremely incensed as she laughed out of anger and coldly said, "What a big tone you have! Even Long Zhengyu would never dare to say such a thing to me. I really wanna know, from where such a country bumpkin like you to have this courage?"

With a hostile expression, Yuan Chuling took a step forward and looked at Zhang Deqin as he spoke with a cold snort, "Hmph, the Big Sis of the Zhang Family does have an arrogant tone eh!? Tang Xiu is my brother. If you dare to make some trouble for him, don't blame I, your Father, if I hit you. Even your very parents will never know about it."

Zhang Deqin and Zhang Yongjin's attention was completely focused on Tang Xiu. They were not aware that behind him was Yuan Chuling. At the moment they recognized his identity, a trace of fear was revealed on their faces. However, since their Zhang Family was as powerful as the Yuan Family, they also did not fear as much.

"No wonder you dare to be so arrogant and domineering in front of me. It turns out that apart from the Long Zhengyu brothers, you still have the support from the oldest son of the Yuan Family eh?! Tang Xiu, are you only a turtle who forever stands behind others' back?"


Tang Xiu moved a step and instantly appeared in front of Zhang Deqin and slapped her face.

Zhang Deqin staggeringly stepped back a few steps. She raised her hands to cover her red cheek as a look of disbelief was cast on her face. Never once had she ever dreamt that Tang Xiu would unexpectedly be so overbearing. Without even words, he immediately moved to hit her. Only at this moment did she regretting not have taken any bodyguards with her.

However, she reacted quickly. Her eyes immediately fixated toward the edifice's security personnel nearby and shouted, "SECURITY! I'm the Zhang Group's General Manager, Zhang Deqin. Some people have committed a violent crime here, why the hell are you standing still?"

Upon hearing it, those few security guards immediately ran over to their position. They all knew Zhang Deqin's identity. Therefore, the 3 security guards quickly surrounded Tang Xiu and Yuan Chuling with angry expressions.

"Who are you? Don't you know the rules in the Oriental Golden Seat? Squat down! Otherwise, don't blame us for being impolite to you!" A middle-aged man Security Captain pointed and shouted angrily at Tang Xiu.

Tang Xiu smiled coldly and said, "You got no rights to know our identity. If you don't want to court a disaster, get the hell out of my sight!"


The Security Captain was shocked. He didn't expect that Tang Xiu would be so rampant. However, he had been a security personnel for 5 or 6 years in the Oriental Golden Seat. He had met a countless number of people with high statuses, so he naturally knew that those people were the kind he couldn't afford to provoke. Since he didn't know who Tang Xiu was, for quite a while he didn't know how to act.

Zhang Deqin angrily shouted, "What the hell are you stunned for? They are the one who committed violence here. You're security guards, why the hell are you ignoring it? Break those brat's legs for me, I'll take the whole responsibility!"

Those few security guards glanced at each other. Along with the silent nod from the Security Captain, those few men suddenly took their batons as they rushed over toward Tang Xiu.

"You are all overreaching yourselves!"

Tang Xiu instantly moved forward the moment Yuan Chuling was about to rush, and took the lead to act. With a very fast punch, his fist struck. Even though he only used less than 10% of his strength, but the instant the Security was hit, he was sent flying upside down. At the same time, he kicked the other security at his side, as the latter screamed out miserably and then fell to the floor, fainted.

"Bang, bang..."

The remaining 2 security guards were also overthrown by Tang Xiu within the short 2 breaths of time.


With big, staring eyes and a hard-to-believe expression, Zhang Deqin looked at those four security guards who usually showcased decent and proper acts, were being hit as they fell to the floor by Tang Xiu within just a few seconds. In that split second, some fear struck her for she was afraid that Tang Xiu did not want to let them go and beat the siblings savagely.

But Tang Xiu spoke with an apathetic expression, "You're the ones who've offended me first. I'll give you a chance to redeem yourself. Slap yourself three times and get the hell out. Otherwise... I think you clearly know to what kind of fate you'll fall into."

Zhang Yongjin took a step forward as he stared and angrily shouted at Tang Xiu, "Surnamed Tang, I know you are powerful, but don't be so damn arrogant. We did wrong you, and I shouldn't have provoked you in the first place. I'll take that 3 slaps on the face as well as take the other 3 for my older sister. How about it?"

Tang Xiu replied with a sneer, "You think you are in a position to bargain with me?"

Zhang Yongjin shouted angrily, "I'll slap myself 6 times!"

Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa!

The loud and clear slapping sounds echoed at the entrance of the Oriental Golden Seat with a lot of office workers in the surroundings witnessing it all.

Tang Xiu's brows wrinkled. He looked at Zhang Deqin, who was full with fury on her face, then he looked at Zhang Yongjin also. After having been silent for a moment, he said, "At first I thought that you were just a trash that is not even worth to speak about. But I never thought that you still have the blood of a man and courage within you as you did not abandon your older sister to run away. You were even willing to stand up for your older sister and protect her. Let's put an end to this now. But if you take the initiative to provoke me again, don't blame for being ruthless!"

After having said that, he moved and walked toward the road outside.

With an obvious admiring and expression of respect, Yuan Chuling looked at Tang Xiu. He did not expect that Tang Xiu would be that powerful, as he hit those 4 strong and powerful security guards and knocked them down to the floor within a few seconds. He quickly turned over toward Zhang Deqin and Zhang Yongjin siblings and gave a middle finger to them before he walked away in big strides with a contemptuous expression.

Cheng Yannan had been silent the entire time, paying attention to the development of the situation. She also had never thought that Tang Xiu would unexpectedly take the initiative to hit them, even overbearingly becoming the final victor. However, although she didn't know Zhang Deqin and Zhang Yongjin siblings, but she believed that those siblings would never let him go, and perhaps they would sought revenge on Tang Xiu since they had been humiliated here.


She sighed inside her heart and pursued them half running.

Zhang Deqin's face was ashen and unsightly. A look of hatred resurfaced on her face as she looked at the three people leaving. Then, she took her mobile out and dialed a number.

"Tianqiang! Someone has hit my little brother! He even almost hit me at the entrance of Oriental Golden Seat! Hmm? I'll be waiting for you in the company's office..."

Zhang Yongjin's eyes immediately lit up upon hearing the contents her older sister was talking in her call. He was also full of hatred toward Tang Xiu and said with a pleasant surprise, "Big Sis, you're making my future brother-in-law to act? If he were to act, that bastard Tang Xiu surely would be scared shitless; maybe he'll even cry and calls his parents."

Zhang Deqin only let out a cold smile. Then, she observed the swelling on his cheek and asked with a face full of concern and loving, "Is it painful? Should we go to the hospital and check it?"

Shaking his head, Zhang Yongjin replied, "I'm fine Sis."

Zhang Deqin nodded and said with a bitter expression, "Making Tianqiang take care of him is but only the first step. He will have to taste the countless time of my revenge later until he leaves Star City! Just wait! He believes that with some petty abilities and friends, he has the capital to be a rampant and arrogant bastard. I will make him know what fate he will have by offending us."

Although Zhang Yongjin was a playboy, but he was not a fool. After hesitating, he spoke in a low voice, "Sis, Long Zhengyu owes him a huge favor. And aside from him now, there's also Yuan Chuling. If the Long and Yuan Family join hands and come at us, we..."

Zhang Deqin said with a jeer, "Do you think that the two of them will dare to have a war with our Zhang Family because of that little bastard? Hmph... if Long Hanwen and Yuan Zhengxuan are not fools, they are crystal clear about the consequences of having a fight with our Zhang Family. Even if they can defeat our family, but they will never be able to come out unscathed."

Zhang Yan was still hesitating and whispered, "Sis, how about we send someone to re-investigate that brat's background again. We might as well prepare everything in advance."

Zhang Deqin said with a sneer, "No need to investigate him further! I've sent capable people for that. I know very well about that brat's background from the investigation. You can trust me on this!"


After he heard this, Zhang Yongjin nodded.

However, he still didn't feel relieved inside. Perhaps, it was because so many times Tang Xiu had taught him lessons that he had instilled some degree of fear inside his heart.

"Big Sis, we don't have to go to the company today, do we? If you want to give me those documents, then it's better to give them tomorrow. Since we have to deal with Tang Xiu, I think it will be better if we pull Hu Wanjun and Xue Renfei. Those two also hate Tang Xiu. If they know that you're personally acting against him, they definitely will help us." Zhang Yongjin said in a low voice.

Zhang Deqin thought for a moment as she gave her approval, "Yongjin, you're right. If we can pull the Hu and Xue families into this issue, even the Long and Yuan Family will think twice if they want to stand up for that brat. Go now and find them. Take them to the company office to see me."


Zhang Yongjin complied as he covered his face and quickly left.