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 Chapter 146: Enemies Are Bound to Meet Again

Along with the reports Kang Xia gave him, Tang Xiu gradually understood the development progress of the Magnificent Tang Corporation. It made him quite satisfied since Kang Xia was truly a capable person. Only a short time had passed but the company was already ready to start the initial stage of the plan.

"You've done a good job!"

Tang Xiu praised her and then looked at Wei Zhongfeng.

Kang Xia quickly said, "Boss, since we are in dire need of staff now, I'm planning to have Wei Zhongfeng help with some of the work. Once all the issues in the company have returned back to its track, I'll send him back to the Sales Department."

Tang Xiu said, "Wei Zhongfeng, do you understand the intention behind my decision for you before? If you really do understand it, maybe I'll change my decision and directly put you into the company's top management."

For a moment, Wei Zhongfeng was silent, and then respectfully said:

"It's to refine and temper myself."

Tang Xiu nodded and said, "True. I'm very pleased with your answer. It takes thousands of hammerings and refining to temper iron into steel. It seems that what Kang Xia has said was correct, you really are a talented person. Anyway, as such, Kang Xia will re-arrange your position."

A trace of happiness was revealed on Wei Zhongfeng's face as he quickly nodded and said, "Thank you so much, Boss!"

Tang Xiu waved, hinting for Wei Zhongfeng to leave. Then, he got up and went to sit on the office's sofa as he casually waved toward the dumbstruck Yuan Chuling and the frowned-in-a-daze Cheng Yannan. He then spoke to Kang Xia, who sat on the opposite side, "I did hire you to work for me. And I also have given you the rights and privileges to manage the company according to your wishes. However, there are some requests I have for you. If you can do it, it will prove that my evaluation and judgements are not mistaken. If you can't, that means your ability is in question!"

Kang Xia's expression changed and replied seriously, "Please say!"

Tang Xiu said, "I'll give you 3 to 4 months of time before September 1st. You must complete all the preparations for the first stage of the company. The factory for the manufacturing line has to be completed and we must have a large number of products in stock. So, my first request for you is to have our products hit the sales network and markets nationwide in September."

"So soon?"

Kang Xia's face turned blank for a moment as she replied with an astonished expression.

Tang Xiu said, "I am short on money and am in a dire need of it."

For the next two minutes, Kang Xiu was thinking, as a firm expression then flashed from her eyes. She nodded and said, "I'll do everything to achieve it according to your request!"

Tang Xiu said, "My second request is: I hope we can have our own large-scale factory within six months. Not just only a cosmetics factory, but also for the health care product."

"I can do it!"

Kang Xia answered with a resolute tone.

Tang Xiu nodded and said, "Third request: within 2 years, our Magnificent Tang Corporation must move from this edifice to our own building and establish our very own General Headquarters. And we must have at least have no less than 10 digits of liquidity in our company's public fiscal account."

"No problem!"

Kang Xia nodded repeatedly

Tang Xiu said, "Fourth request; which is also the last one; I want the Magnificent Tang Corporation to enter in the top 50 domestic enterprises and open the gateway to the international market within these 4 years."

4 years?

Kang Xia was silent.

She knew very well about how strong those enterprises in the top 50 domestic enterprises were. The probability for them being capable to become one of the top 50 domestic enterprises within the next 4 years, was nearly nil. However, the products Tang Xiu had given her were really defying common sense. She couldn't estimate as to what scale the company would develop to 4 years later.

"How is it? Can you achieve it or not?"

Tang Xiu asked with a tranquil expression.

Kang Xia shook her head and said, "For a 100% guarantee, I cannot give you that. But as for going all out to achieve that, I will do my best. Also, I don't have the slightest worry for opening and entering the international market. When our products have been listed and create a huge sensation after they hit the market, I believe that those foreign major cosmetics enterprises will all be flocking to us when that time comes. Not only will they try to find every possible way to get the products from us to sell them, they will even try every possible means to annex our company."

Tang Xiu laughed with a sneer, "If they really have the ability to do that, then bring it on!"

Kang Xia hesitatingly said, "Boss, if you insist on having our company not listed in the stock market, they won't have any means to get our company's shares. It will also be impossible for them to buy out our company."

Tang Xiu said, "Then, we won't list our company on the stock market."


At the side, as Yuan Chuling was sitting on the sofa, his heart had long been moved from Andy to Kang Xia. He had a kind of feeling that coming to this place was as though coming to a country of women. Moreover, it was a country from the world of fairy maidens. That Andy was the most good-looking Lolita ever, and her western-foreigner looks was a big killer. But Kang Xia's beauty was stunningly breathtaking and could stir the soul. He had seen the first beauty in the capital, but even if that woman was to be compared with Kang Xia, she could not even reach half of her beauty.


The teacup in Cheng Yannan's hand, who was sitting next to him, fell to the floor and broke into pieces. However, she didn't seem to be aware of it as a look of disbelief hung over her beautiful face as she stared at Kang Xia. Her lips opened and closed for a few times, but not even the slightest voice came out.

Tang Xiu frowned and asked her, "Cheng Yannan, what happened to you?"

Cheng Yannan turned her head with difficulty. After her sight moved and caught Tang Xiu within her line of vision, only then did she reply with a rushing breath, "Only now have I finally figured it out, as to why I felt that Kang Xia's name sounds familiar. Isn't she that outstanding genius of the business world, the Kang Xia who came back from the World Financial Center, Wall Street?"


Tang Xiu nodded.

With an interested expression, Kang Xia looked at Cheng Yannan as she said with a smile, "I didn't expect that my name would be that famous! Even this beautiful young girl also has heard my given name. I'm extremely honored and flattered!"

Cheng Yannan stood up suddenly as she shouted with a disbelieving expression, "How could it be possible... for you to work under Tang Xiu? A-aren't you the business genius a lot of domestic major enterprises have always been wanting to hire? But you, you..."

Tang Xiu asked faintly, "What's wrong? You think that I'm not qualified enough to hire Kang Xia?"

In that instance, Cheng Yannan immediately realized that her words were improper and quickly said, "That's not what I meant! I was just shocked that Kang Xia would unexpectedly come to Star City, to even work for you, that is! Tang Xiu, you have no idea. Even my Second Uncle has repeatedly visited and personally invited her three times, only to get refused."

With a ruminating expression, Tang Xiu asked, "Who's your Second Uncle?"

Cheng Yannan said, "Cheng Jianguo."

Kang Xia said with a smile, "Ah, so you're Cheng Jianguo's niece. Your uncle did visit me thrice. Hoping that I would go to your Cheng Family's Company Group to take over the CEO position. But your family intervenes too much in the company's matter and put a lot of constraint on me."

Tang Xiu asked, "Is the Cheng Family very famous?"

Kang Xia said, "Yes. They're quite famous. The Cheng Family does have a spot amongst those big families in Beijing. Not only do they have quite a big influence in the political circle, they also have quite a particular standing in the business world. If my memory serves me correctly, Cheng Jianguo also acts as the Vice President of the Chamber of Commerce for the Northern Region."

With an astonished expression, Tang Xiu looked at Cheng Yannan and asked, "Since your Cheng Family is so famous in the capital, how come you moved to Star City and are studying here? Also, why would your older sister work in the Star City's Criminal Investigation Division? By reason and your status background, you would have developed better if you stayed in Beijing."

Cheng Yannan was silent.

As the saying goes, each and every family has to go through their own problems.

The Cheng Family indeed was a big family with a big enterprise and a lot of assets. However, they too had a lot of family members that had the rights to speak. If it were not for the intervention from her grandfather, the Cheng Family could have been torn apart. There were a lot of schemes and underhanded conducts for the struggling of wealth and power within the family, all of which were particularly quite severe. Unwilling to become a sacrificial victim for political purposes, her older sister rejected an arranged marriage proposed by her family and moved to Star City, and got a job relying on her own ability. As for her, she followed her older sister to move here.

Tang Xiu was not the kind of person who liked to get to the bottom of anyone's matters and secrets. Upon seeing that Cheng Yannan didn't want to say anything, he no longer pried further about it, and instead, got up and looked at Kang Xia. "Anyway, I still have things to do tonight, so I'll go home first. About those words I've said, I would feel at ease in giving this company to you to manage."

A few minutes later...

Along with Yuan Chuling and Cheng Yannan, Tang Xiu left the Magnificent Tang Corporation's office. Not only must he give tutoring courses to Yuan Chuling and the other three tonight, he also must use the time to study and prepare the health care products.

At the gate of the Oriental Gold Seat...

A Mercedes-Benz slowly stopped as a woman with black high-heels, silk stockings, floral skirt, and pink sunglasses came out from the back seat. On the other side of the car, a young man with a reluctant expression on his face also slowly got off.

"Big Sis, how many times do I have to tell you? I really neither have the talent nor the interest in business! I'm usually fine in getting second-hand goods blindly, and selling them for some pocket money. But if I have to manage a big business of our family's, that's simply impossible! Please cut me some slack, will you? Besides, those two guys, Hu Wanjun and Xue Renfei, have been waiting for me at the Super 4S Auto shop!" Zhang Yongjin rubbed his shiny head as he spoke with a helpless and desperate expression.

Zhang Deqin narrowed her eyes and said lightly, "Fine! You can go to that Super 4S Auto shop. But within two minutes after you leave, I will cancel all the bank cards you have and cut you off from your sources of income. Besides, a few days ago a pregnant female college student came to our house and I'll disclose this news to our parents. And you, you gotta prepare yourself to become a groom!"


Zhang Yongjin's body trembled, and he quickly pulled up a smiling expression, saying, "Big Sis! My blood sister wouldn't do such dirty moves, would she? Fine then. I'll listen to everything you say. If I don't go to work for the company, then I'll stay at home. No problem. Now, what do you want me to do?"

A smile outlined on Zhang Deqin's lips as she said, "Remember, this is what you wanted. I have never forced you to do it, understood?"

"Yes! Yes! Yes!"

Even though he secretly rained down criticism and curses inside his heart, Zhang Yongjin did not even dare to spit them out with his mouth. Ever since he was still an infant, his parents were too busy, and did not have much time to educate or control him. But his 7 or 8 year older Big Sis had become his important guardian, and the only one who was able to control all the things he had, either the important or minor matters.


Suddenly, Zhang Yongjin's eyes focused on one direction as his pace also abruptly stopped. His eyes fixated on Tang Xiu who had just come out from the inside.

"Enemies are really destined to meet again, huh!"

Zhang Yongjin coldly snorted. Although he did have some fear toward Tang Xiu, but since his Big Sis was with him at this moment, his courage was boosted up.

On the other hand, Zhang Deqin could keenly sense her younger brother's unusual acts. She followed his line of sight as her complexion also slightly changed afterward. Nowadays, there were only a few young men that could leave a deep impression on her, and Tang Xiu was definitely one of them. She also recalled the last gambling house she had with Long Zhengyu. If it were not because this young man in front of her, she definitely would have been the final winner.