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 At Cheng Wang Fu, Wen Yang just dismissed the servants when Jiang Cheng abruptly entered her inner chamber.

"What is it, my lord?"

Despite the ill-tempered and strict expression on her husband's face, Wen Yang walked in even pace and approached him in a calm manner. Her movements are composed and a small smile hangs in her lips.

Jiang Cheng simply stares at his wife when she reaches to hold his hand and waited for her to explain. Stuck in a standstill, Wen Yang shakes her head and confessed. "Qie was simply acquiring on what happened. The ministers act like headless flies at the moment. No one knows what goes into his Majesty's mind. Wangye, this might be a good opportunity for our Chen'er."

It has only been a few years since the emperor sat on his throne. Even his empress... it has only been a year since she was established.

How much power do they hold? How firm is it?

Despite how it looked on the outside, the court has many holes inside. There are still factions opposed to the king recklessly moving in the dark.

And royals with the right for the throne still lives. Such as her son, Jiang Chen. If they could gather the right people and create a faction for him, wouldn't overthrowing Jiang Yu be easy?

This might be the chance they are waiting!

"That is a matter of the court. Don't step out of the line, Wen Shi." Jiang Cheng reminds his wife.

"But our Chen'er---"

"And this is for his own good too!"

'As long as he lives in the palace, that person wouldn't be excessive.'

Having said his piece, Jiang Cheng turns to leave. He slept on the outer court and did not return to spend the night with his wife.

Wen Yang could only grit her teeth.

'Just because you gave up doesn't mean that my son couldn't have what rightfully his!'

A first rank prince, personally conferred by the late emperor to his first grandson, that what Jiang Chen is!

Such noble birth! Compare to Jiang Yu that's only a son to a concubine!


Having received a 'proper' painting of themselves, the other sigh in relieved and refuse to speak of the matter. They consider themselves out of the issue.

Those who naturally oppose the emperor gave a snore and prepare their brush and ink. They're going to complain to the emperor about his childish action! No matter what happens, they must drown the emperor with memorials for playing with them!

As for others, they could only shiver in fear. When you're under his majesty, and he sent you those paintings. As if singling you out, wouldn't you think that the emperor saw pass thru your mask? Serving the imperial family is really like serving beside a lion! And a very scary one at that!

As for the few whose under his majesty's faction but still received such paintings, their reaction differs.

Most of them create a scene on the following morning court. Swearing their loyalty to the imperial throne and the country. Jiang Yu had a deja vu that day. Holding his head and massaging his temples, he declares for the court to end early.

For the rest, they immediately summon their confidants, making sure that their tracks are hidden. If this is a warning, they must prepare for his majesty's next move. Deaths were inevitable that day. As the saying goes, dead men tell no tales.

After the morning court ended that day, Jiang Liu was called to the imperial study. He was ordered to kneel before his royal brother stares him for hours. He has this look that tells Jiang Liu's he'll be dead if he even talks.

"Why don't you tell Zhen what do you mean by this?" A calm before the storm. That what his tone is telling Jiang Liu.

The emperor throws the scroll at his feet. It rolled out and let him see an eye-opener kind of imagine.

The great general of Xian Dynasty, Feng Zhihao. Old but still extrude the might of the man who devotedly defended his nation. The passing of time cannot steal even a bit of the man he had become.

Only that, there's a bear standing next to him, it's mouth wide open, bitting his head!

"Pft! Pft!" Jiang Liu tried hard to swallow his laughter.

Where did that come from?!

He remembered drawing this one. He adored him with armor, suited with his rank. He drew him beautifully with a straight posture and expression fitting that of a brave man.

But now there is a bear, as tall as he is, standing next to him. It front paws are holding his shoulders... or maybe hugging him? Jiang Liu cannot describe it well, it's like it's stranding him but not? Like a cape put on his shoulder? But Feng Zhihao's head is definitely inside its mouth! It's bitting him right?!

"Royal brother... pft! cough! cough! This brother has no idea what is that." Jiang Liu talked with much difficulty.

This... Jiang Liu is not lying. Not only because it's not him who drew that, but it also because their ancient civilization does not have such a thing.

"If it's not you, who else?! Don't think Zhen don't know how much you like to talk about how he--- same with some bear trait!"

"As tough and ugly as a raging bear." He corrected his royal brother.

After returning from the borders, this man taught both Jiang Liu and Jiang Yu martial arts and how to swing a sword. His voice is deep and always shouting. Jiang Liu did not like how he roar like some boar or bear and talk about it all the time.

"En. Like that... That's not the point!"

General Feng came to him first thing after court to make a fuss. He was shouting something like:

'Does the emperor want this old official to retire?! How is that I'm in that position with a bear?! Or it is that his majesty hates this crud personality of mine?!'

He then wailed like a girl. It probably has something to do with his age and their sensitivity on being 'useless'. Even in his age, he refuses to be dismissed.

But still! That's not the point!

Jiang Yu throw the returned scrolls to Jiang Liu in his anger. When one of them hit his head, Jiang Liu could only wonder, 'why is this so familiar?'.