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 "Even though I was afraid, I insisted on finishing the game. When I stood upright again, my friend saw that there was some paper stuck to my back. On it was the method to leave the western and eastern campuses."

The diary did not end there. Attached were the detailed instructions of the three games and the warnings. It was as if the diary was luring the readers into playing the games.

"Successfully playing these three games will get us the way to leave the abandoned school. Looks like we are quite lucky to have found one of the main quests." Lan Dong flipped the diary to the last page and carefully read how to play the three games.

"Isn't our quest to find the oil paintings?" The male assistant was afraid that Lan Dong might do something crazy, so he spoke to warn him, but it was still too late.

"Even if we find the paintings, we might not be able to leave. What if the boss becomes desperate, doesn't keep his word, and forcibly increase the difficulty?" Lan Dong had considered this well.

"This Haunted House has five main quests, and we drew the easiest quest-another quest had a description related to escape. In other words, the diary that we've found is an important clue for another quest. If we can find the way out, we will have nothing to be afraid of. Then, we can mock the boss, pointing at the camera imaging how angry and helpless he is behind it."

Lan Dong's words were music to Liu Gang's ears. He agreed immediately. "It's just three mini games; it's perfect for the livestream. We'll be done with them in five minutes. After we get the clue, we'll continue the search for the art club."

"Don't worry, we've played many similar games before. Nothing will happen." Lan Dong held the dairy. "The rule for the first game, Guess the Person Behind the Door, is very simple. Someone has to standing inside a dark room alone while the others retreat outside. No one can speak, and the people outside will pace before the door twice and knock on the door thrice. The person inside the room will call out the name of the person who knocks, and if the guess is correct, the knocker will replace the person in the room, and it will continue."

"It's a simple game with no difficulty." Liu Gang had thought that it would be some scary game, but it was just a normal kid's game. "We can discuss the order beforehand, and we'll just follow that order."

"Yes, that's what I think." Lan Dong looked at the dormitory behind him. "This room will do. I'll be the first. Ah Li and Xiao Chun, you'll follow. Then it'll be Brother Gang and finally the cameraman and the assistant."

"Okay, we'll finish this in a minute." Liu Gang nodded, and the rest did not say anything. The game started, and Lan Dong entered the room and closed the door. The male dormitory was dark, and there were things placed on the bed as if there were people lying there.

"I'm ready." When Lan Dong said that, footsteps echoed outside the door. They were light. After two paces, the door was knocked on.

"Xiao Chun, is that you?" The door was pushed open, and the quiet girl entered the room. "What kind of stupid game is this? Any of the games we've played before are scarier than this."

The footsteps began again. The people followed the predetermined order and entered the room one by one. A chill crawled into their collars, and fewer and fewer people stayed outside the door. The male assistant gripped the phone and kept looking around. In the quiet corridor, the knocking sounded harrowing, and the pacing footsteps became more unsettling. The male assistant was flustered. For some reason, he was reminded of old stories that he had been told when he was a child.

Staying out late at night, pacing up and down the corridor will attract their attention, and when you open the door, they will follow you home.

"Why are we playing a game like this?" He was very afraid, and his palms were sweaty, to the point they drenched the phone. Xiao Chun, Ah Li, and Liu Gang successfully entered the door. Only the cameraman Muscle and the assistant remained outside the door. Carrying the camera, Muscle followed the rules and walked toward the other end of the corridor, leaving the assistant alone at the door. Isolated, the fear in his heart was exacerbated, and his legs were shaking.

"Just hold on, this is just a game." When the male assistant's mind was wandering, Muscle was walking back. Footsteps echoed in the assistant's ears. One in front, the other behind, there were two distinct footsteps. He whipped his head around. He stared down the corridor hard. There seemed to be something approaching from the darkness.

"It's your turn." Someone tapped him on his shoulder, and the male assistant jolted awake. He saw Muscle, who was one meter away.

"What are you doing? I'm going in now." Muscle knocked on the door and looked at the male assistant strangely. "Why do you look so pale?"

The door opened, and the cameraman entered the room. The assistant was the only one left. Something seemed to come from the dark. The male assistant took some deep breaths. After the cameraman entered the dormitory, the footsteps disappeared. "It should be my imagination or the workers of this Haunted House."

He kept encouraging himself and moved his shaky legs. Following the rules, he headed to the end of the corridor, but once he moved, he heard two footsteps.

"It came from me?" He tried two more steps, and the two footsteps seemed to overlap, but he was sure that they did not come from the same person. "Muscle was standing here when he called after me earlier, and the footsteps began here... Wait!"

The male assistant suddenly realized something.

"When Muscle greeted me, I felt a pat on my shoulder, but he was one meter away from me, and he should be carrying the camera!

"He's not the one who touched me!"

A chill rushed down his spine. He was about to scream when the same spot on his shoulder was patted.

"Who is it‽" He turned back, holding his phone. His action was so big, and due to the sweat on his palm, the phone slipped out from his hand. "There is no one..."

Bending over, the male assistant went to grab his phone. Through the weak light from the screen, he seemed to see something. Widening his eyes, while his body was leaned over, he saw many 'carcasses' dangling from the ceiling behind him. They seemed to be walking in an inverted world, and they had been following him!

The black hair lowered to his face, scratching his nose. The male assistant forgot how to breath. He slowly lifted his head, and many upside-down faces were there to greet him.

"Ah!" He lost the ability to speak. He dropped his phone and ran away from the human faces while screaming his head off. Hearing the scream outside the door, Liu Gang's group quickly opened the door, but the male assistant had already disappeared, and only the echo of his scream could be heard.