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 Chang Wenyu was the most unique presence at the school. She did not follow the rules, did not want to be bound, and purposely tried to undermine it. But a personality like that was loved by many at the school. Perhaps their 'lives' were too boring-her appearance was like a light for those despairing students. The light was not bright, but it stood out in the darkness. Her personality was completely different from that of the painter. It was not done on purpose, and the two of them steadily went down opposite paths from each other.

Interestingly enough, the students at the school did not fully support either one of them. The students were quite evenly distributed in support of them. Theoretically speaking, only by vanquishing the other could they claim the entirety of the school's consciousness and become the new door pusher. That was when their battle started, and it had continued.

The man in the fog suffered attacks from the painter while he attacked Chang Wenyu. The runes on Chang Wenyu's back were destroying the school's door and blocking the attack of the man. Of the three, the one who had the prerogative was the painter. He could use one of his powers to deprive a Specter of their everything. This power was useless on the man in the storm, but it was useful on Chang Wenyu. The painter hesitated. After he dealt with Chang Wenyu, he would face the man in the storm alone, but that was not the key. The one closest to the door now was Chang Wenyu, and the second was the patient. When Chang Wenyu could not hold on anymore, the patient would immediately go after the defenseless door. If he became the new door pusher, it was over for the painter.

The vessels wrapped around the 'canvas' again-the painter did not use his power on Chang Wenyu. After so many years of battle, he knew her well. Since she dared appear, it meant that she had something else up her sleeves. It was too dangerous to go after her. The painter waited for Chang Wenyu to finish the fight with the man in the storm, and Chen Ge waited for the 'three' of them to end their fight.

What are the runes on Chang Wenyu's back? Why can they make the cracks on the door bigger? When I was interacting with the ghost stories society, I didn't notice anything that can damage the door unless the door pusher chose to suffer all the sin behind the door.

Chen Ge was curious about the runes on Chang Wenyu's back, but he couldn't see it from his angle. Chang Wenyu was leaning against the door, and her body blocked most of the runes.

Those runes appear to be drawn in blood. They don't look like letters but like patterns that were formed after paintings were torn open.

Time ticked, and the runes on Chang Wenyu's back slowly lessened. The new runes appeared to come out from her own body. They carried her flesh and blood, and when they printed on the door, they were stuck with her blood. More runes covered the door, and Chen Ge slowly realized that the runes were not formed randomly. They were arranged according to a certain arrangement before forming a bloody painting. It was a Specter with three heads, covered in shackles, and the eyeballs were shining with blood. Bizarrely, he eyeballs looked like they were real, like they had been gouged out from human eyes.

I have seen that somewhere before... Chen Ge used his Yin Yang Vision, and a thought crossed his mind. Before I entered the underground morgue, the ghost story society came to my haunted house! Doctor Gao left such a painting on my door!

Like he was struck by lightning, Chen Ge couldn't believe his own eyes.

It is the same one!

At the time, Doctor Gao had used the phone spirit to lure him away and then sneaked into the haunted house, but then his ceremony did not seem to have been completed. Before he entered the door, he had been stopped by the guardian spirit of New Century Park.

What is the meaning of this painting? Why does Chang Wenyu believe it can destroy the door? What does the monster represent? It looks like a ghost but is not a ghost, and even ghosts are afraid of it.

The door of the school was moaning. The picture of the three-headed demon became clearer. Every piece of the painting had Chang Wenyu's flesh. It looked gruesome.

Before, Doctor Gao wasn't a Red Specter, and he used a normal person's method to conduct the ceremony. This allowed him to enter the door at my haunted house. Now, Chang Wenyu, as a red Specter, is using her own blood to complete this painting. The effect is definitely different. Looks like she is determined to destroy this door.

Using her flesh to do the painting drained Chang Wenyu a lot. The blood at her heart was fading, and bruises appeared on her limbs. The man in the storm had blood that could poison the ghosts. Chang Wenyu could not resist it anymore, and the poison infiltrated her body. Indescribable pain ravaged her body, but her mouth was slowly blooming. She was familiar with this feeling-the greater the pain, the brighter her smile!

The painting on the door was almost complete, and Chang Wenyu's body was at its limit. The blood at her chest almost disappeared. Without the red dress, Chang Wenyu looked like a normal girl, but there was an indescribable emotion in her remaining eye. The man in the storm could retreat at any moment, and the one in the most dangerous situation was Chang Wenyu. Yet, the girl had madness burning in her eye that made everyone else cautious.

If the painter was a sea of death, Chang Wenyu was a flaming ocean. When she was in deep despair, there was no telling what she would do. In the whole school, the person who knew Chang Wenyu the most was the painter. At this point, the blood on the painter started to attack Chang Wenyu. Once the door was destroyed, the School of the Afterlife would disappear. All of the students would lose their sanctuary and be exposed to the red city. The painter and the monster in the storm joined forces, and that was far beyond what Chang Wenyu could suffer.

The painting on the door was becoming more clarified. It was almost complete, but Chang Wenyu was at her limit. There was no trace of blood in her body, and her body was filled with wounds, but she stood before the door with a smile. Her head swung around. The remaining eye seemed to be looking for something. In such a dangerous moment, Chang Wenyu's strange action drew the painter and the man's attention. They followed her gaze, and then three gazes fell on the western side of the school, on one person.

Chen Ge!

Being scrutinized by three Top Red Specters, Chen Ge was dripping with sweat. Why are they looking at me?

While Chen Ge was confused, Lin Sisi's phone in his pocket suddenly vibrated. He opened it to look, and it was a message from a stranger. 'Have you remembered what you've lost?'