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 This is the invitation to the cursed game at abandoned hospital? It looks quite new, but it is less scary than the documents at the Third Sick Hall.

One of the newly unlocked four-star scenarios by the black phone was at Xin Hai Central Hospital. Chen Ge felt like this cursed game's invitation should be related to that.

I'll keep this for now. I'll probably have need for it in the future.

Chen Ge was not that interested in the cursed game. All he wanted was the four-star scenario. If anyone dared to curse him, then he would immediately use the Pen Spirit and the Weeping Statue to find out the person's location and then charge the place with his Red Specters. He was an open person and never relied on underhanded tactics. Putting the invitation and phone number away, Chen Ge walked out from the Prop Room.

When he reached the door, Xiao Gu and Xu Wan had arrived. Chen Ge helped them with their make-up and returned to the Haunted House. He found an isolated place and summoned Ol' Zhou and Duan Yue. "Both of you have shown incredible talent at dealing with sudden problems, and you've proved yourselves to me. Today, I need you to help me with the visitors. Of course, I will not have you work for free. Just tell me if you need anything."

"It's my honor to work for the boss, and I like staying with the visitors." There was an eagerness in Ol' Zhou's eyes.

"Don't push it too far. I only need you to help usher the visitors into the scenarios. Today, your roles are not actors but pure service workers." Chen Ge was afraid that the two did not understand him and would scare the visitors before they even entered the scenario.

"Service workers?" Both Duan Yue and Ol' Zhou appeared rather disappointed.

"If you think it's too boring, you can give the visitors a little surprise when they leave the scenarios." Chen Ge had spent quite some time with Ol' Zhou's group. He knew their limits and personalities, and this was why he was willing to get their help. This was an unprecedented event.

"I know that your body will be injured if you appear in daylight, so this counts as work injury. If you have any wish, you can tell me, and I'll treat it as compensation." Chen Ge was always kind to his workers.

"As long as I can work with her, I have no other wishes." Ol' Zhou tried to grab Duan Yue's hand but was slapped away. "Go stand over there, I'm just acting with you."

"Then, how about we make it real?"

Chen Ge stood there and felt like a third wheel. "Are you feeding me dogfood? Please mind the attitude when you're working, or I'm afraid the other employees will have something to say."

He found two outfits that would not show their faces from the changing room for Ol' Zhou and Duan Yue. "If possible, try not to speak, and don't expose yourselves. If there's any issue, call me."

"Don't worry." Ol' Zhou and Duan Yue were good at customer service-Chen Ge had noticed that quite some time ago. With them around, no matter what happened, they had the ability to handle it themselves.

After giving a few more orders, Chen Ge returned to the staff breakroom. "If all the ghosts were like Ol' Zhou and Duan Yue, things would be so much easier." He set an alarm and fell asleep. Chen Ge was woken up by the alarm when it was almost noon. "Time for lunch."

Stretching his arms lazily, Chen Ge exited the room. Duan Yue and Ol' Zhou did not disappoint. Everything was running smoothly. Since Duan Yue had a beautiful voice, she was responsible for communicating with the visitors while Ol' Zhou ushered the people into the scenarios. To quell the nervous atmosphere, Ol' Zhou even made a few jokes to liven up the situation.

"Thank you. You can go rest now." After sending Ol' Zhou and Duan Yue back into the comic, Chen Ge ran to the surveillance room to check the recording to make sure that they did not cause any problems.

"It feels like they're more suitable for this job than me." Chen Ge walked out from the Haunted House to greet Uncle Xu.

"You're quite honest today. The visitors have very good feedback. A few foreigners came to visit, and they said that you were able to communicate nicely with them. Why haven't you told me you have a good grasp of English?" There was a smile on Uncle Xu's face. Actually, he did not have many requirements-he was satisfied as long as Chen Ge did not create trouble.

"One should never stop learning. I've even learned painting and violin. If there's a chance, I'll show you." Chen Ge looked at the long lines before the entrance and felt happy. He entered the resting hall to see the visitors' progress.

Currently, Coffin Village had been cleared twice-the visitors had found the way to clear this scenario. The maximum number of visitors for a three-star scenario was fifteen visitors, so they would find all fifteen people before entering. Then they used the fastest time to find the wedding dress and carried it out in turn.

Once a visitor was scared until they fainted by the lingering spirit inside the dress, the people next to them would pick up the dress and continue the marathon. The abandoned member would be given up, and by the power of cooperation, the wedding dress would be sent out of the scenario. With suitable background music, the scene looked rather inspiring.

Since the visitors have found a method, the difficulty of the scenario has been greatly lowered, and the number of people who have cleared the scenario will only increase.

Fortunately, Chen Ge was not worried. When the visitors were combing their mind to clear the other two three-star scenarios, Chen Ge already started to plot for the 3.5-star and four-star scenarios.

I cannot wait for the day that the visitors enter the four-star scenario. The popularity of my Haunted House will probably witness another rise.

The Haunted House closed at 6 pm, and the last batch of visitors was sent away at 6:30 pm.

After cleaning the place, Chen Ge waited until Xiao Gu and Xu Wan left before returning to the staff breakroom.

"With the earlier nap, I don't feel that tired." Chen Ge took out the paper from his pocket. "It's time to go fetch this new employee. The chance of winning this is smaller than Yan Danian, so it should be a Red Specter."

Taking out his phone, Chen Ge studied the number many times before calling it. It was 7 pm. All the workers at the park had returned home, so the place was quiet. The dial tone echoed in his ears. The number was still in use, but no one answered it.

"Nowadays, not many people use landline anymore. What is the hidden meaning of this number?"

When it rang for the fourteenth time, the call was finally connected. Chen Ge held his breath. He did not say anything but focused on listening. There was a strange sound coming from the phone-it sounded like something was burning.