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 "Brother, what should we do now?" Li Jiu and Ma Wei had not experienced something like this before, so the fact that they had not fainted directly was a miracle. There were still two minutes left until midnight, and the blood threads mixed with the red liquid, so one could not distinguish one from the other. Things only got worse. The blood threads were used to stabilize the dead bodies inside the walls. When the threads loosened and moved, the whole central hub shook like there was an earthquake.

"Come in here first." Chen Ge pulled Ma Wei and Li Jiu into the room. He stood alone at the door, holding the handle. Midnight was coming, and the outside corridors had undergone various changes. The dead bodies that were sewn into the walls seemed to have lost some limitation. Arms fell from the ceiling, and they shook with the whole scenario.

If this gets moved to the Haunted House, I doubt anyone would survive it.

When Chen Ge moved his gaze, the eyes of the dead bodies suddenly opened!

The dead opened their eyes‽

The eyes of the dead bodies were different from normal people. They had no pupils, or rather, the pupils had completely dissolved, and their eyes were a layer of something yellowish-brown. Thankfully, Chen Ge had a greater threshold for fear than most, and he could still maintain eye contact with the bodies calmly. However, what happened next caused even Chen Ge to panic.

More eyes opened in the dark. These were victims of the ghost stories society, and even now, they were still part of the society. The faces woke up from their slumber. Their faces twisted, and their bodies lost the humanoid shape. Their necks were turned in weird angles as they looked at Chen Ge. This was a hard scene to describe. Endless twisted arms and elongated necks reached toward Chen Ge. The caved-in heads opened their jaws as they moved toward him.

Chen Ge's back was covered with cold sweat. He tried his best to stay calm, and that was because his courage had been honed from completing the missions given by the black phone over the past two months. If he had seen this before he received the black phone, then he probably would have fainted.

Is this what a complete three-star scenario looks like?

His body stepped backward subconsciously. Chen Ge gripped the hammer, and it gave him a sense of security. When there was one minute left until midnight, the whole hub felt like it had come alive. All of the bodies had been awoken. The walls collapsed as the dead bodies crawled out from it. There were even cadavers that fell out from the ceiling. Their bodies were sewn together by red threads, and most of the body parts were attached even though they looked like they were falling apart.

Chen Ge now understood how scary the society's lair was, and he had a new understanding of Doctor Gao, who was behind all of this. As the chairperson of the ghost stories society, to be able to come up with the treatment methods for so many mental patients and murderous madmen, Doctor Gao was truly the scariest existence.

In the day, he was the best psychologist in Jiujiang, concerned about his patients, a flawless man. But at night, he stayed with the cadavers and used the victims' bodies to build an underground lab. This contrasting lifestyle somehow existed within the same man. The scariest thing was that he had lived this life for five years, and in these five years, no one had suspected him. "How did he do it?"

The cadavers rushed at them in waves. It was impossible for them to leave. Chen Ge could only retreat into the room and lock the door from the inside. "Come with me, don't ask anything. Whenever I order you to do something, just do it."

The cadavers seemed to be afraid of this door-they did not dare get too close. However, the bodies at the back pushed them forward, and the death masks would imprint themselves on the door.

"Don't just stand there, come on!" The steel door creaked noisily; Chen Ge had no idea how long it could last. He returned to the innermost room, staring at the time on his phone, he stood before the door quietly. Midnight finally arrived. Blood bloomed on the wooden door like roses. The heavy stench of blood leaked from behind the door, and it soon dyed the whole door red. Ma Wei and Li Jiu had not seen something like this before. What they had experienced that night stunned them. Their brains were running on autopilot, and all they knew then was to follow Chen Ge.

"What I'm saying next is very important so listen closely. You have two choices-either you follow me through that door or stay here and await your deaths," Chen Ge said seriously. He picked up the agitated white cat and used the hammer to push the door open.

The smell of blood swallowed them like a wave. Ma Wei and Li Jiu dry heaved from the smell. Their faces were white, but they still followed closely behind Chen Ge. "Since you're willing to take this risk with me, I shall give you another reminder."

Chen Ge pointed at the half-open blood door. "Based on my understanding of the blood door, if there is no one holding the door open, it will close on its own after one minute, and it can only be opened after twenty-four hours. You'd better be prepared."

Having been inside the door before, Chen Ge knew that only the door-pusher could control the door. The door-pusher in Coffin Village was the ghost in the well, and the door-pusher at the Third Sick Hall was Men Nan. Neither of them meant to harm Chen Ge, so after the mission was completed, they had helped Chen Ge open the door to let him return to the real world. However, this time was different. He was in an opposing situation with the chairperson.

After Chen Ge entered the door, no matter the result, the opponent would not open the door and let him leave. Therefore, Chen Ge would need to wait until the following midnight to leave.

If this is just to avoid the danger, there shouldn't be too much of a problem. The world behind the door is scary, but the door-pusher, Doctor Gao, is not in Jiujiang. This is just like how the Third Sick Hall was after losing Men Nan-the level of danger will be greatly lowered.

When Chen Ge was ruminating, the steel door outside collapsed. The blood vessels crawled on the ground, and the cadavers crawled into the room. Without wasting any time, Chen Ge led Li Jiu and Ma Wei into the door.

I properly prepare every time I go on a Trial Mission, but even so, accidents cannot be avoided. Chen Ge looked at the dead bodies outside, and his eyes were filled with complicated emotions. The dead bodies controlled by blood threads were different from Specters. Even if he unleashed all of his employees, it would have been pointless.

Perhaps that is Doctor Gao's aim, and that's why he did all of this. Chen Ge realized the another limitation of Specters, but he soon recovered. Normal Specters might not do anything to dead bodies, but Red Specter could be the exception. If I had enough Red Specters, I would have no reason to be afraid of these cadavers.

Chen Ge was never overconfident, but he would not give up easily. In this Trial Mission, he had found himself a new target.