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 According to the black robe, the blood in the vial was the most precious thing they had found behind the door. It carried the Red Specter's secret and seemed to be the main method the ghost stories society used to control Red Specters. However, to everyone's surprise, it was swallowed by a cat.

"It ate it?" The black robe was so angry that his fingers were shaking. He really did not expect that someone would bring a cat to a place like this. "Get it to vomit it out!"

The black robe's voice turned shrill; this appeared like it was his real voice.

The white cat's ears were pressed against its skull. It sensed the aggression from the black robe and prepared to escape.

"Go and catch it! I want to split its stomach open and squeeze every drop of blood from its body!" The face monster beside him heard the order and rushed to the roof. The arrival of the Red Specter made the cat run immediately. It jumped over the rooftop before disappearing among the group of deformed villagers. The village was a mess. The black robe gritted his teeth. He was a careful person, but even he did not expect a turn like this.

"I need to catch it; that was the last bottle." The black robe saw the Red Specter that was led away by the white cat, and the distance between them grew bigger. After the Red Specter was ten meters away from him, the black robe had a black feeling starting in his heart. He turned over his shoulders and saw Chen Ge charging at him with the hammer.

"Enjoy your last minute of freedom! That was what you said earlier." Chen Ge found the opening he needed.

"I hate people like you who need to rely on others the most. Humans have to rely on themselves!" Chen Ge roared with the hammer flailing. "If you dare, let's hash this out among ourselves!"

The black robe looked at the hammer in Chen Ge's arms, and he sucked in a cold breath. "This madman."

He turned to run, and Chen Ge followed close behind. The Red Specter had been lured away; this was the perfect opportunity, and Chen Ge definitely would not let it pass so easily. The black robe no longer had the ease to maintain the sense of mystery. He kept his hands on the hood as he called for the Red Specter to return.

This situation was similar to how it had been at Fang Hwa Apartments. After the Red Specter was lured away, those who were possessed opened themselves up to being attacked.

Looks like the Red Specters aren't omnipotent. Chen Ge, having experienced this twice, realized the problem. That's right, a single Red Specter is not enough. Looks like I need to befriend a few more of them!

They were both parties protected by ghosts, but the black robe's physical condition was much worse than Chen Ge's. This was probably because the way they interacted with ghosts was completely different. Chen Ge used tricks and goodwill to make the ghost accept him while the relationship between the society and their ghosts was more like a contract.

The black robe slowed down after some running. When Chen Ge noticed this, he picked up the pace!

"Today, I shall avenge the dead investigator!" Those who did not respect life would not be respected by life. The Red Specter heard the black robe's call for aid, and it quickly hurried back.

However, when it passed the red coffin, the expression on all its faces changed like it had seen something very dangerous. The black robe was in grave danger, but the Red Specter did not go over to help him. It stopped beside the red coffin on high alert.

The blood fog in the village thickened. The deformed villagers seemed to feel something; they all turned to look at the red coffin, and their bodies shook.

"Another failure."

The voice came from inside the red coffin, and the woman inside slowly opened her eyes. Her eyes were different from a normal person's, reflecting the shadow of the little girl, Jiang Ling. "In the end, I cannot sever my relationship with you."

The blood vessels crawled into her palm, and the woman touched the back of the girl's head lovingly. "I owe you a piece of your skull, so I owe you a favor."

Jiang Ling collapsed to the ground, and the woman turned her gaze to the Red Specter that was covered with faces. "Since you refused to give me the opportunity to be a human, then I shall refuse you the chance to be a ghost."

When she finished, the blood fog turned and formed invisible shackles controlling everyone present. The woman walked out of the red coffin, and there were numerous blood vessels trailing behind her. The face monster tried to struggle, but the blood fog kept it firmly in place. Half a village's fog morphed into blood water to stick on the society's Red Specter.

"Still want to fight me in the world behind my door?" The woman reached out to touch the thing's faces. When her fingers reached into its body, all the faces started to scream, but it was pointless. What happened next was gory and bloody. The woman peeled the faces off one by one and threw them right into the red coffin.

"Now, it's your turn." The woman controlled the blood fog to lift up the kneeling villagers. The louder they begged, the happier she was.

With the woman's laughter ringing beside his ears, Chen Ge, whose movement was also impaired, shivered involuntarily. He looked at those villagers in pain and shook his head. "Those who you've injured would eventually turn into your nightmare."

The blood fog seeped into the woman's body. After she finished tormenting the villagers, she carried Jiang Ling off the floor and walked to Chen Ge.

"You said I cannot hit you even if I jump?" The woman looked at Chen Ge with a faded smile.

"Did I say something like that? I don't remember anything like that." The hair on Chen Ge's body stood on end. The woman before him had a vengeful heart, and she was much more difficult to deal with compared to the ghost stories society.

"If you can't remember it, then so be it." To Chen Ge's surprise, this vengeful and scary woman did not trouble him. She moved several steps to the left and squatted down before Fan Yu. "You discovered me a long time ago, didn't you?"

Fan Yu nodded. He was just a child, so he did not think about lying at all.

"Then why did you choose to stay by my side?" The woman leaned her face close to Fan Yu like she was trying to see his expression closely.

"It was you who accompanied me. I don't have that many friends." Fan Yu pointed at Chen Ge. "Unless you count him."

The woman smiled and took out a jade bangle from her sleeve. "You can see them. Wear this, and they won't harm you anymore."

Standing up, the woman placed Jiang Ling beside Chen Ge. "Take her and leave. This village is going to be buried forever."

Chen Ge did not quite get what the woman was saying. He carried Jiang Ling and grabbed Fan Yu's hand. "I can leave?"


"Then can I bring him with me?" Chen Ge pointed at the black robe. "I have something to ask him."