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 Seeing how Chen Ge took out the walkie-talkie from his pocket like magic, the other half of Manager Huang's words were stuck in his throat.

"You're a police officer‽" His reaction was one beat slower.

When he realized the situation was getting out of hand, Chen Ge already received the reply from Team 1's leader, Lee Zheng. "Hang in there! We're coming!"

There were rushing footsteps echoing up the stairs. Team 1 was not far away!

Manager Huang's face fell. When he created his own ghost stories, there were victims who tried to call the police as well, but there would be a process of taking out their phone and calling the police. However, Chen Ge pulled a walkie-talkie out of his chest pocket without warning. Plus, Manager Huang did not get the feeling of a cop from Chen Ge!

Resentment, fear, and screams were a baleful specter's favorite food. Manager Huang was forced to do some cruel and scary things to prevent himself from being eaten by the monster possessing him. However, the man before him was cultivating three baleful specters on his own, and it included the scariest Red Specter. Based on the standard of the ghost stories society, the lives this man had claimed would not be less than ten!

However, this butcher whose hands were covered with blood also worked with the police‽

Incensed, Manager Huang knew that things would not be so easily settled tonight. Even after he killed Chen Ge, the identity that he was using then would have to be abandoned. "This is all because of you!"

The things that happened in the shadows had to be dealt with using the rules that governed the shadows. However, none of them expected there would be a 'traitor' among them!

The blood face's reaction was much more violent than Manager Huang's. The face knitted from blood flew toward Chen Ge. In that process, the facial feature had started to morph into Chen Ge's face.

This thing again. Chen Ge used the walkie-talkie to swipe at the blood face, but it was to no avail. His assault just passed through the blood face, he could not even touch his enemy.

"Killing you or temporarily taking control of your body might give me a chance to escape." Only Chen Ge knew Manager Huang's real identity. If the blood face took over Chen Ge and made him shut up permanently, Manager Huang still had a chance at escaping.

When the blood face was close to Chen Ge's face, the man's pupils suddenly transformed into narrow slits like those of a cat, and they radiated a chilly forcefield.

"Yin Yang Vision!" However, that was only enough to stop the blood face for half a second. Thankfully, that half a second was all Chen Ge needed. He thrust with his legs and sprung forward to do something crazy.

He knocked into Manager Huang, sending both of them careening down the stairs. His arms were scratched, and pain radiated through his body. However, to Chen Ge's surprise, the pain only lasted for a moment before it disappeared.

When his vision returned to normal, after Chen Ge stood up and prepared to run down the stairs, he realized the joints of his body were wrapped in black hair.

Zhang Ya? Other than some surface bruises, Chen Ge was completely unharmed.

However, the same could not be said for Manager Huang, who was slowly being dragged up the stairs by the black hair.

The blood face was punctured, and Manager Huang was unconscious. His body was twisted in various angles after being dragged by the black hair.

Chen Ge turned around and looked up the 22nd floor stairwell. Zhang Ya, dressed in red, stood quietly on the 23rd floor. The waterfall of black hair behind her was binding the conjoined twins, blood face, and thin monster. It formed a river that flooded the entire corridor.

The red dress was as bright as blood, and the black hair pooled around her legs. The ugly and scary monsters screamed and groaned before being torn into pieces and swallowed. To be honest, Chen Ge was quite frantic when he saw this.

Zhang Ya moved toward Chen Ge, and the bone-chilling fear and heavy smell of blood permeated Chen Ge's senses. There was another change to Zhang Ya's body. She seemed to have obtained the thing she wanted.

The lowered head tilted upward, and the black hair parted like curtains. Zhang Ya's face stopped several centimeters away from the tip of Chen Ge's nose. She looked into Chen Ge's eyes, and her pale, lifeless hands were carrying a normal-looking wooden box.

"For me?" The moment Chen Ge opened his lips, a cold draft sucked into his body. He accepted the wooden box and opened it to take a look. The black blood stain had disappeared, and in its place was a weird looking doll.

"The man with the ruined face!" The doll was one-tenth the size of the man. His mask had been taken away. Other than the eyes, the rest of his facial features had been ground flat. He had no nose or lips, just like a devil in people's nightmare.

"You've turned him into a toy‽" The doll in the box was a soul that had been pulled out of his physical body. The scary face turned left and right. Chen Ge could feel the wicked presence radiating off it.

Zhang Ya had also taken out Zhu Xiu's soul to make a toy when she dealt with her killer.

Chen Ge's hair stood on end looking at the man who struggled inside the box. This was the second scariest present that he had received in his life; the first was undeniably Zhang Ya's love letter.

"Thank you, I... like this present a lot. You're the first girl who has given me a present."

Zhang Ya moved her gaze away when she heard Chen Ge say that. She lowered her head like she did not want Chen Ge to see her expression. However, Chen Ge could sense the joy in her heart.

The black hair continued to move. Chen Ge could not believe that while they were having this 'friendly conversation' on the 22nd floor, the black hair was still consuming the monsters on the 23rd floor.

The black hair slowly returned to Zhang Ya. Chen Ge caught sight of Xu Yin's broken body, and his lips fell open. He immediately told Zhang Ya, "Wait a minute! The young man who is screaming pain and the girl in school uniform are my friends, please don't hurt them!"

The good atmosphere was thus ruined. When Zhang Ya raised her head again, she had returned to her usual self. Xu Yin and the Pen Spirit were ejected from the river of black hair. The black hair curled upon itself, crushing the other monsters, bathing the corridor with fresh blood.

Zhang Ya's body wavered like she was feeling sleepy. She raised her head to look at Chen Ge before walking past him. When Chen Ge turned around, she had already disappeared.

However, the chilliness behind his back did not dissipate. Chen Ge felt like there was a pair of resentment-filled eyes following him. After two minutes, when he heard Lee Zheng's voice coming from downstairs, the feeling finally left.

Chen Ge's body was frozen solid. He collapsed to the floor and summoned back the seriously injured Xu Yin and Pen Spirit before shoving the weird box into his pocket.

The presents given by Zhang Ya were scarier than the one preceding it. First it was a candy made from human soul, and now there was a 'toy' made from a mad murderer.

Chen Ge turned back to look with a bitter smile. With the light on his phone, he discovered with a shock... his shadow did not reflect himself!

The faded light landed on him, but the shadow was that of a long-haired woman!

Chen Ge changed his words without hesitation. "But these gifts are too precious! There was never a girl who was this nice to me! I'll remember this feeling for as long as I live!"