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 Chen Ge had discovered the 'ghost' underneath the crib, but the 'ghost' did not know that.

"Come out, brother." Chen Ge pushed the crib aside, and the wiring hidden under the baby pulled taut. A slim man had hidden himself underneath the crib and was holding a remote control in his arms. He was wearing scary make-up, his body drenched in fake blood.

"Let me ask you, what kind of item am I supposed to look for here?" Chen Ge also felt he was being a bit forward, so he added, "When I came in, the security didn't tell me anything so perhaps you would be able to."

The 'ghost' under the crib didn't say anything and turned to run out of the room. This sudden action surprised Chen Ge.

"Why did he run?" To maintain his heartrate, Chen Ge did not run after the guy. He walked leisurely as he had been doing since he entered the Haunted House. "A baby grabbing your clothes, this scare is a bit too plain. There should be a bigger scare. Most likely, the actor is supposed to jump out when I am leaving."

Picking up the baby from the bed, Chen Ge realized that the make-up skill was still not as good as his was.

Xu Zhenzhen?

The blanket underneath the baby had this name on it.

Why is it her again?

Chen Ge picked up all the nearby babies, and all the mannequins had this name underneath them.

Ever since I enter the Haunted House, I've been seeing this name. Is this some kind of psychological trick?

He looked through the nursery and finally found a clue inside one of the cribs. It was a pendant in the shape of a key. The pendant was sitting on a piece of paper. It read-For my daughter, Xu Zhenzhen.

Taking something that belonged to the victim will give someone the impression that they're haunted by the dead victim. This note is probably supposed to increase the visitors' fear toward Xu Zhenzhen.

The pendant was something that Chen Ge needed to proceed. Not taking it meant the inability to move forward. This was another trick by the Haunted House.

After picking up the pendant, Chen Ge looked at the note. He retrieved the Pen Spirit's ballpoint pen, and he added a few words to the back of note while mimicking the handwriting-I've written.

A little surprise for them.

The scare in this room had been exposed by Chen Ge. He walked toward the door, and as he stepped out, there was the sound of something rolling in the dark. Then, a woman with disheveled hair, a face covered with blood, and a bloated stomach ran toward Chen Ge pushing a cart filled with babies. The scariest thing was that the woman had no legs.

When he saw this, Chen Ge's heart rate jumped slightly, but he soon calmed down. The woman's body was tightly adhered to the left wall, and he had confirmed that the left wall was suspicious before entering the nursery.

Instead of saying that the woman was pushing the cart, the woman was actually sitting inside the cart and was being carried forward. The corridor was small, and the cart moved fast. The 'pregnant ghost' practically flashed across Chen Ge.

His gaze filled with resentment locked with Chen Ge. Their faces were merely twenty centimeters away.

So, the scariest thing is outside the room; that's quite an ingenious design.

The visitors would be afraid when looking for the key inside the nursery. They would sigh in relief when they finally found it. They would be completely unprepared for the female ghost who waited for them as they left the nursery.

There are no tracks on the floor, so is there a machine inside the wall that pushes the cart?

Chen Ge followed the 'pregnant ghost' as the cart pulled back. His footsteps were light. The 'pregnant ghost' did not know that Chen Ge was following behind her. She enjoyed this experience of scaring people. She turned her body around, hoping to scare Chen Ge again.

However, as she turned and met Chen Ge's extremely inquisitive face, she was caught by surprise, and the expression on her face froze.

"So, you've been squatting inside the cart; that's quite creative."

The cart was motorized, and the woman was basically the driver. To protect the visitors' safety, half of the bottom of the cart was connected to the machine inside the wall, and the distance the cart could travel was only one meter.

"This design is quite interesting, and your gaze earlier did give me the feels. Resentment mixed with hate, it's almost like a real ghost." Chen Ge was never stingy with his praise. After hearing Chen Ge's praise, the 'pregnant ghost' did not know how to reply. She had been in this business for years already, and this was the first time that someone had praised her acting inside a Haunted House.

Normally, the visitors would not have paid attention to such details. They were like dancers in the dark; they focused on their work, but there was never any appreciation. Sometimes, visitors might even turn aggressive on them. Even though she hated to admit it, she quite enjoyed the compliment.

"It's nothing..." Perhaps she had been a ghost for too long, but even her voice sounded grim.

"I'm not kidding. Your gaze was similar to an actual ghost. You are an excellent actor."

Chen Ge moved on to the next scene with his key. When he left, the woman suddenly realized something. "What does he mean by 'similar to an actual ghost'? Sounds like he has seen an actual ghost before."

After the nursery, it was the bathroom. There were several mannequins hanging upside down in it. The scares at Tian Teng Medical School were mostly visual scares like these. It would give its impact at first glance, so those visiting their Haunted House would scream endlessly.

Other than these scenarios, Chen Ge's Haunted House had a different scenario. He depended on continuous influence of the atmosphere to slowly collect the fear inside people's hearts before exploding it at one shot, giving his visitors a scare that echoed deep into their soul.

The bathroom, diagnosis room, and the doctor's resting room had no actors, and they depended on mechanisms to scare people. In other words, these were the rooms Tian Teng Medical School gave their visitors to recover themselves. Normal tricks and gory scenes did nothing for Chen Ge. He went through all three rooms easily, and then inside the nooks and crannies of the three rooms, he found three different-colored pendant keys. Including the two found inside the heart and the nursery, Chen Ge now had five keys on him.

All of the keys have different colors, so there should only be one real key.

Chen Ge pocketed all the keys and entered the fourth room. The room was small and had the décor from decades ago.

The paint on the walls was yellow, and the chandelier swayed in the wind. There was a 'dead body' lying on top of the office table, and there was a plastic knife and several blood-stained patient's records on the floor.

There were bloody palm prints on the ceiling, and the floor was covered with messy footprints. The place was messy, like it had been visited by a bunch of ghosts.

This is interesting. Why is the dead body's frame so similar to the young man that was hiding under the crib earlier?

Chen Ge walked to the office table and found something interesting. On the bookshelf behind the table sat an old-fashioned tape recorder that was no longer in production.