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 After grabbing his stuff, Chen Ge left the station with the white cat.

This Captain Yan is different from the others.

Chen Ge turned back to look and decided to stay low for a period of time. This incident had reminded him that the main city is different from Western Jiujiang. The previous few times, he did not get into any trouble because Inspector Lee had been helping him.

After completing the three-star Trial Mission, there's no need for me to go unlock other scenarios for now. I should focus on the Third Sick Hall.

In reality, even if there was a four-star mission for him to choose, Chen Ge would not pick it. Starting with three-star missions, the danger level doubled and tripled. After he got into the taxi, Chen Ge placed the white cat and chicken to the side before pulling out the black phone to check his unread messages.

"Player managed to reach the Mission Location on time and survived until dawn. Trial Mission, Third Sick Hall successful! A new scenario has been unlocked. Player can manipulate the props inside the set freely using the interface available on the phone!

"Trial Mission Completion Rate 60 percent. Player has not achieved more than 90 percent completion rate, so the hidden item for this mission has yet to be unlocked.

"Completing the hidden quest of the scenario will increase the Trial Mission's completion rate, and when the completion rate is above 90, the hidden item will be unlocked."

After reading the message, Chen Ge was shocked.

The mission completion rate is only sixty? Where is the problem? Did Men Nan's main persona hide something from me, or does this have something to do with those mental patients who have escaped?

Chen Ge anticipated the hidden items that were rewarded after the mission, but he also discovered a pattern. The higher the star of the Trial Mission, the greater the reward of the hidden item and the hidden missions. For example, the one-star Ping An Apartment gave him a missing person notice with malice points, but the two-star Mu Yang High School gave him a rare ghost-the Pen Spirit.

Will the hidden reward for the three-star Trial Mission be the little boy?

Chen Ge thought that was quite possible; after all, Men Nan's main persona had said that his consciousness had merged with the Third Sick Hall.

Men Nan's main persona's relationship to the Third Sick Hall is rather similar to Director Luo's daughter's relationship to New Century Park, but one was guarding their place behind the door while the other guarded around their location.

As for what kind of hidden missions the Third Sick Hall would offer, Chen Ge would need to enter the scenario himself to trigger it. Under the taxi driver's curious gaze, Chen Ge took his stuff and got out of the car. Once he entered New Century Park, he noticed that the visitors were tossing him weird looks.

If I'm not mistaken, today isn't a public holiday, so why are there so many visitors at the park?

The normally quiet amusement park seemed to have been given a new lease on life. Chen Ge was embarrassed from being gawked at, and he escaped toward the Haunted House as fast as he could.

Chen Ge stopped before he reached the Haunted House because he saw how long the line at his Haunted House was. It felt like he was dreaming.

"Why are there so many visitors?"

"Boss!" Xu Wan stood at the steps of the Haunted House, and she saw Chen Ge as soon as he got near. "You're finally here!"

The visitors all turned following her shout, and Chen Ge shriveled under their watchful gazes. He squeezed through the crowd, and after hearing Xu Wan's explanation, he understood that most of the visitors had come to see him.

The influence of the previous night's livestream was bigger than he had expected. His livestream had been cut into pieces and shared on most big news sites. 'Fake livestream leads to interaction with real murderers'-such headlines had already appeared on the internet.

The key thing was, Chen Ge realized, the decision he made while the popularity of his livestream was rising to promote his Haunted House was brilliant. Because he had used the largest font for the address, those who shared the video had to block ¼ of the screen if they wanted to hide the address. Instead of ruining the experience, they decided to be fair and helped Chen Ge with his promotion.

This meant that many forums and platforms had helped Chen Ge promote his Haunted House. Some of the visitors were from Jiujiang, and they came to pay the Haunted House a visit.

After the previous night's livestream, his account's followers number had kept on climbing, and the comments went into the millions. Even though his livestream was blocked, Chen Ge still managed to squeeze into the popular ranking for newbies.

Chen Ge reaped many rewards, but Qin Guang was truly unlucky. The platform had used who knew how much to cultivate him, but after the constant broadcasting problems, the livestream was finally closed entirely. Based on rumors, Qin Guang was scared until he was sent to the hospital. When Qin Guang woke up, he realized that because of Chen Ge, his supernatural livestream was also banned. He probably coughed up more blood at the hospital.

Due to the large number of visitors, Chen Ge could not rest even if he wanted to. He had a little nap that morning inside the interrogation room, so he could still hold on. After giving a brief explanation on the different levels of the scenarios, Chen Ge asked Uncle Xu to look after the crowd while he and Xu Wan went to put on their make-up and move to their designated places.

There was no break throughout the entire afternoon. Even when the sun was falling, there were still visitors lining up outside the Haunted House. The park had to delay its closing time for half an hour, and it was not until 6:30 pm that Chen Ge and Xu Wan managed to leave the Haunted House.

With her face white from exhaustion, Xu Wan sighed. "Who would have thought one day, we would need to work overtime at the Haunted House?"

"There are still many things that you wouldn't expect in the future. Stick with me, and I'm sure your future will be bright." Chen Ge looked at Xu Wan and smiled. Ever since he discovered that he could hire ghosts as workers, his desire to hire a new worker had died down a lot. Perhaps, throughout his career, Xu Wan would be his only living worker.

"Boss, there's something else I want to tell you." Xu Wan took out a flyer from her pocket. "There's a very famous travelling Haunted House that's coming to Jiujiang. They've rented the spot at the city central's merchant street, and tomorrow will be their official opening day."

"Competition is a good thing, don't mind it." Chen Ge glanced at the flyer. The Haunted House was called Tian Teng Medical School. It combined the themes of a scary hospital and a school. It was a large moving Haunted House following the tradition of Japanese Haunted Houses.

"When they started their promotion, I did not pay them much heed either, but this morning, when our popularity skyrocketed, they changed their promotional ad on their website, saying that their Haunted House was designed by foreign specialists and is definitely scarier than the other Haunted Houses in Jiujiang. They say that they are on a completely different level." Xu Wan took out her phone to show Chen Ge the website of Tian Teng Medical School.

Chen Ge took a look. The team behind Tian Teng Medical School did seem like they were aiming to slander. Even though they did not state it explicitly, the only other famous Haunted House in Jiujiang belonged to Chen Ge.

"Looks like they're looking for a fight." Chen Ge held onto the flyer. "No worries, when they are open tomorrow, I'll go to give them my 'support'."