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 Chapter 367 - The Brothers First Battle

"Leave Zhao Yun's body and the woman, and I'll let you go."

After a slight hesitation, [Purple Eye] Du Heng looked at Ye Qingyu and the others, and finally said these words. Compared to the aggressive attitude before, it was obviously that he made a great compromise.

When he said these words, the expressions on the faces of the two subordinates of the Du Palace changed. [The Ten Gods of Slaughter] of the city's north district patrol camp were also apprehensive.

They were all familiar with Du Heng's temper and nature.

Tonight's events had gotten into such a mess. If they just lost 10 guards or experts, the loss is not too big, but the loss of Guan Gongfeng, a Bitter Sea expert, was a large loss even for the Du household. Even in Snow Capital, if they wanted to fully control an expert of the Bitter Sea stage for their own use, they also had to pay a price.

That year, the Du Palace also paid a certain price in order to have the [Jade Sword Snow Palm] Guan Gongfeng.They had to initiate a lot of assessments to determine the reliability of this person.

With such a precondition, [Purple Eye] Du Heng still allowed the group of youngsters to leave, then could it be that these youngster's background is very impressive?

It seems that tonight's matters would not be that simple.

A person with a flexible mind would immediately be aware of this.

But young master Du, who had lost his mind due to his anger and resentment, could not think too much--and in fact, even when he was sober, he also did things crazily and recklessly.

"What? Big Brother, you're letting them go?" Young master Du was like a wild dog whose tail was being trampled on, bellowing at the top of his voice, "No, no, you have to help me kill them, kill this group of pigs..."

[Purple Eye] cast a glance at his younger brother, a calm expression as he said, "Do you know who they are? Want them dead?"

"I don't care, I don't care..." As if had gone crazy, young master Du was jumping up and down, howling, "I just want them to die..."

The serious look within [Purple Eye] Du Heng's eyes flickered away, eventually turning into a helpless look, he sighed, waving his hand and said to the two subordinates of the Du palace, "Take young master away to rest."

The two subordinates responded, supporting the crazy young master over to the cabin of the purple airship.

"How about it? Want to exchange?" [Purple Eye] Du Heng looked down at the young experts below, asking in an indifferent tone.

Ye Qingyu turned around and looked at the others behind him.

The young experts were not fools At this moment, they vaguely understood that the matter that they were drawn into tonight was not little. If they were in their territories, they would not have to give face to anyone, but this was the imperial capital, Snow Capital. What they do and say must be carefully thought about.

[Avalanche] turned around, cupping one hand in the other to express his respect to the other young experts. "Brothers, thank you for your help, but this matter started because of me, the matters are also the matters of my North East army, you have helped me to here, I am already very grateful. What happens next, I will bear it myself, you don't have to wade into this mess."

While speaking, he looked over at Ye Qingyu and continued, "Brother Ye, your kindness, I will remember. If I do not die today, I will certainly repay your kindness in the future, but the situation is pressing, hand over Head Qiu to me..." He extended his hand to receive Qiu Fenghan lying on Ye Qingyu's back.

As they spoke, he made his resolve to die.

The situation tonight was extremely dangerous and soul stirring.

[Avalanche] was very clear that even if his strength rose tremendously, facing [The Ten Gods of Slaughter] of the city's north district patrol camp and the two Bitter Sea experts of the Du Palace, as well as the unfathomable strength of [Purple Eye], there was no chance that he would win.

But even if he died, he absolutely could not leave Qiu Fenghan behind.

This was not only because he was once an admirer of the [Flower of the Thunder Army], but because he is a soldier of [The Whip of the Thunder Deity] army.

Soldiers, no matter when, would never give up on their fellow soldiers.

But Ye Qingyu smiled, taking a sideways step away from [Avalanche's] hand, and said in an indifferent tone, "You said we're brothers, but your way of handling this, do you not treat me as a brother?"

"But..." [Avalanche] was stumped for a moment. He understood the meaning of Ye Qingyu's words, but he felt both touched and ashamed, He could not bear to let Ye Qingyu fall into such a mess, and was about to say something when...

"Hey, what bullshit arrogant look is that, I despise people that think they are the best in the world." The black-robed youngster [Shadow] who had been silent all along said with a cold laugh, raising his head and ridiculing [Purple Eye] Du Feng on the purple airship in the sky. He flicked his wrist, and the black soft sword shook like a spiritual snake. "If you want me to hand over people to you, then ask the old partner in my hand first! "

[Avalanche] turned to [Shadow], his eyes wide with shock.

All along, his friendship with [Shadow] was not deep, mainly because the [Shadow] guy always had a scowling look on his face. Amongst the 18 young experts, very few people had exchanged more than three words with him.

But unexpectedly, besides [War God], the first person to stand up for him was this cold guy. [Avalanche] was really shocked.

And the second one to stand up was the light yellow long hair youngster [Flowing Light].

There was a lazy smile on his handsome and delicate face, and without saying a single word he gently stood behind Ye Qingyu and [Avalanche], clearly revealing his stance.

The atmosphere momentarily tensed up.

In the sky.

Within [Purple Eye] Du Heng's eyes was a faint smiling expression, and this smile revealed a touch of self-confidence, as well as ridiculing of the choice of the youngsters.

From the beginning, Du Heng knew that amongst the following group of youngsters, some people would not agree to the surrender of Qiu Fenghan and the corpse.

Because Du Heng was too familiar with these army barbarians of the frontier fortress, and sometimes, these self-proclaimed soldiers werereally stupid, foolish and pitiful. Even if they knew that it was a trap, even if they knew that it was a fire pit, even if they knew that they would die, they would still foolishly go straight ahead.

Such people were the most easy to be used.

That person was too naive. He gathered a group of silly barbarians that had not seen the wind and waves of the imperial capital. With a little training, they now want to change the Heavens itself?

What he said just now was not really to let these young army barbarians go, but rather to bury a mine in the hearts of these young people. With some leaving and some staying, it would inevitably cause cracks to appear in the hearts of these young men.

In this way, the carefully selected and trained 18 people, even if they were to walk away alive tonight, it would cause infighting amongst them in the future. Their fighting strength will then perhaps decrease at some critical moments, it will lead to a greater failure, and cause a deadly blow to each other.

[Purple Eye] Du Heng's terrifying reputation was not only from killing and fighting. If one wants to stand firm in the imperial capital, one must also have a brain.

Everything in front of him was within his calculations.


"I also want to try the waters of the imperial capital, to see how deep it is." The always silent [Storm] also stepped forward, calmly coming over to stand behind Ye Qingyu.

The [Ordinary Person] with a large head also stood out without saying a single word.

There was something called hot-bloodedness that began to burn within the youthful bodies of the young men.

More and more people chose to stand behind Ye Qingyu.

Five or six ...

Ten or eleven...

When the young faces took on an indomitable and unafraid expression and hot bloodedness was burning within their body, they had, one after another, expressed their support for Ye Qingyu and [Avalanche] with silent action. The atmosphere was also somewhat different.

The expression on [Purple Eye] Du Heng's face, slightly began to change.

When the last young expert, with an indifferent smile, slowly walked forward and stood firmly behind Ye Qingyu and the others, as the 18 youngsters had universally made the same choice, [Purple Eye] Du Heng's expression had completely changed.

He did not imagine such a result.

He was supposed to divide these men...

He never thought that it would make them more united instead.

No need to imagine, and it would be obvious that, after this matter, the trust and cohesion among the 18 youngster experts would grow once again.

"Oh, this really is a group of interesting army barbarians. I knew that they were silly, but did not think that they were incredibly stupid to this degree... What a bunch of... It seems that younger brother is not wrong. These guys really are a group of... pigs!"

[Purple Eye] Du Heng's eyes were flashing with killing intent.

[The Ten Gods of Slaughter] of the city's north district patrol camp, sensing their Master's change in aura, immediately activated yuan energy and closed in on the young experts below.

A battle between the real top experts was about to begin.

The ordinary soldiers and masters around them immediately retreated away slowly.

A battle between the true top experts is like a mincemeat field. If they were swept up into the battle, they would be torn apart by the aftermath of the frightening battle.

"Surrender or die!"

Aggressive and overbearing murderous spirit was emitting from the mouth of [The Ten Gods of Slaughter], every time when the 10 people attacked together and said these words, it means that a bloody massacre will slowly be carried out.

The killing intent within Ye Qingyu was also gradually boiling up and could not be stopped.

These so-called nobles have really been pampered for too long, like the so-called disciples and descendants of the Three Schools and Three Sects that have been absorbed in their own military force. Even if they were knocked awake, they would not understand that in this world, there are a group of people who persist in defending the pride and and glory of being a martial expert.

Such people will never be overpowered by worldly power and status.

They have stronger bones than a spear or a sword, harder than a rock or the vein of an ore, and... a backbone.

Brilliance flashed.

The huge [Beheading Wind] sword was raised in his right hand.

"Haha, good, a battle? There is nothing we need to be afraid of. Today is the first battle of our group of 18 brothers... Those that stand in our way, die! "

Ye Qingyu sword attacks were like a rainbow, shooting out lightning.

A battle, instantly broke out--