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 Chapter 747: Manor Lord

While romance was flourishing between Bing'er and Pei Ze, Hui Yue was in secluded meditation. He was focusing on the dao of water trying his very best to sense the fluctuations of the dao around him.

Hui Yue had been born with ordinary talent; he had just worked exceedingly hard for every advancement and ounce of strength he gained, and little by little, he increased his strength and talent at cultivating as well.

Even so, it was a fact that when one comprehended a dao, the next dao would be harder to sense, and when one had comprehended as many daos as Hui Yue, it was almost impossible to sense other daos without a heaven-defying lucky chance.

Still, Hui Yue did not give up. He sat still in the middle of a massive waterfall, as the water from the river above poured down on him.

Being immersed in the water, he sometimes felt as if he was floating while other times he felt as if he was sinking.

Time slowly ticked by day after day, and Hui Yue just sat there unmoving with his eyes closed in the water pondering the mysteries of the dao. While Hui Yue was contemplating, all his friends were busy cultivating on their own.

None of his friends had gone back to their guardian sects, instead, they stayed in the Celestial Sword Sect's main sect, where they used all their resources.

The sect had been bustling with life the moment Hui Yue had created the mission, but now the sect was devoid of people. Almost all the sect members who did not have any tasks on hand to accomplish had long since left the sect in an attempt to locate these two men.

Rong Xing had been introduced to the mission hall elder, and Hui Yue told him that she was to be informed about everything there was to know about this mission. If someone returned with news, then she was the one who would look through it.

The elder had at first been surprised about such a thing, but now he had gotten accustomed to it. Rong Xing was the only one who was not training. All she did was wait at the mission hall for people to return with even the slightest bit of information, but, unfortunately, no one had been able to find definite proof that they had seen these two men, let alone information of their whereabouts.

Still, Rong Xing stayed in the mission hall and sorted through all the information that came in. Some of it was people who claimed to have seen two men of the description that had been given, while others were claiming that they themselves were Rong Ming and Rong Liang, yet from the recordings, Rong Xing could easily tell that they were not her father and brother.

Like this time passed by. Days went by one after another and soon she was counting the weeks as they went by. Weeks rushed by as months passed with a steady stream of information constantly flooding into mission hall.

By now the information was getting more and more chaotic. More and more information was shared with Rong Xing, but even so, she just held her head high and went through all of it. She kept looking to see if any of it would be of any use to her.

Rong Xing was not stingy. There had been some sightings of her father and brother, and every time she got valuable information, she would pay the people with Worldpower Stones, even if the mission of finding their whereabouts was still unsolved.

Because of her paying out Worldpower Stones, Rong Xing became rather popular. Everyone was eager to get even more information for her and soon they started using other sorts of ways to gain information as well.

Those who had access to the underground marketplace would enter and buy information, those who did not would go to mercenary guilds to look for people to get information for them.

Everyone headed out to get the information, and soon the fact that the Celestial Sword Sect was looking for a man called Rong Liang and his son Rong Ming was spread through the galaxy.

Although the majority of the galaxy was busy fighting the Blood Demons, many started to pay attention to this fact. Some cultivators even tried to get as much information as they possibly could for the sake of selling it to the Celestial Sword Sects' members.

While the news spread, Rong Liang and Rong Ming were on the run.

Rong Ming was pale and his clothes ragged. He did not seem as if he had been living a great life after leaving the Divine Beast World; his eyes were devoid of all life.

He was following blindly behind his father as he looked behind himself. "I wonder if little Xing is behind this," he mumbled, but his voice was so low that no one heard it, and with a lost look on his face, he once more faced his father.

"Where are we going?" He asked with a voice that was full of tiredness, but Rong Liang completely ignored him and kept moving further and further away from the civilized world.

Rong Ming sighed. He had wished to leave many times already, but where would he go? What would he do?

He was penniless and weak. Although he was now a God, he was not anything more than a new God. He had only gained insight into one minor dao, and he knew that everywhere he went, danger lurked around every corner.

Now he was filled with despair. He had heard that the Celestial Sword Sect was looking for him and his father. With everyone seeking them, the rumor that they were being looked for had been impossible for Rong Liang to keep hidden from him, but when he thought to turn himself in, his father forced them to leave the city.

They had even gone as far as to leave the world they had been on for the last many years, and now they were headed somewhere that Rong Ming did not know.

"Ming!" Rong Xing's voice trembled as she saw a recording of two men. Both were familiar to Rong Xing; it was clear that the men in the recording were Rong Ming and Rong Liang.

Rong Xing instantly read over all information that was included with the recording, and she found that the two men had been seen in the City of Falling Leaves that was in a world called the Golden Forest.

Golden Forest was a world that could be considered an immortal world. It had three immortal cities, and although they were rather small, they still had immortals living in them. Thus, it was an immortal world, unlike the Divine Beast World.

Golden Forest was located in the eastern region of the galaxy.

Rong Xing felt her heart palpate when she read the information, but then her eyes blacked and she sighed deeply.

The Rong pair had been living in the city until the rumors that the Celestial Sword Sect was searching for them had reached their mercenary guild, and shortly afterwards they had vanished.

Even those who had known the two Rong family members were unaware of where they had gone.

They had been poor and not very strong, so for them to get far was not easy, but all those who had searched far and wide for them had returned empty-handed.

Hearing this, Rong Xing narrowed her eyes. She was so close but still not able to find her beloved brother!

But she did not give up. Rong Xing instantly updated the mission with information of where they had been last seen with a recording of their appearance so that the members of the sect could see who exactly they were looking for.

While Rong Xing was busy trying to get the members of the Celestial Sword Sect to find Rong Ming and Rong Liang, at another end of the galaxy, An He was astonished when he heard that the Celestial Sword Sect was looking for Rong Liang.

"I see... So Hui Yue survived," he sighed as he shook his head. "It is clear that even a blood prince is not able to deal with him; I guess he has grown at an astonishing speed. I cannot afford to continue looking down on him."

An He said as he stood up from a large pool of red liquid, and if one had been close, then they would have been able to smell the scent of fresh blood.

He was naked, and drops of blood ran down his chiseled body. His long hair was hanging down, dripping blood as he left the large pool.

"Attend me!" he called out, and a group of female Blood Demons appeared in the doorway, carrying with them a black robe with golden embroideries.

None of them dared to even look at An He. Instead, they bowed deeply full of dread.

As soon as the maids had dressed him, An He left the dark chamber with the blood pool and moved through a massive mansion.

He moved into the innermost regions of the mansion, and there was a large door, which An He knocked on.

He had a serious expression on his face as he waited outside, and slowly a voice from the inside sounded out. It was archaic and low.

"Enter." As soon as the voice sounded, the door opened and An He did not dare to tarry as he rushed inside.

"What brought you?" the archaic voice sounded again and An He bowed deeply.

"An He has come to ask for permission to deploy a blood prince ranked around the fiftieth rank to deal with Pei Yue." He was still bowing deeply, and he could feel an invisible pressure emitted from the man in front of him.

"You have already lost one blood prince to this Pei Yue," the archaic voice sounded, and An He felt his blood turn cold. Could it be that he was going to be blamed for the last failure?

"I understand that you have quite the enmity with Pei Yue," the archaic voice did not linger on the fact that a blood prince had perished to Hui Yue from following An He's orders, and he heaved a heavy sigh of relief as he nodded his head.

"An He has quite an enmity with Pei Yue indeed," he agreed. "Pei Yue was the one who took possession of the world I had taken as my own," he began. "He has also become friends with some people whom I have irreconcilable grudges against."

"But this is not about me," An He said with a serious expression on his face. "Pei Yue is the legacy apprentice of the Alchemist God. He was a King of Hell for a short amount of time, and now he is an elder figure in Diyu."

"That alone should be reason enough for us to move against him," An He said with a small smile on his face, knowing that the Manor Lord in front of him truly hated Diyu. "Now he has already killed more than a million Blood Demons, and quite a few of them were of high quality. Our brothers of great talent have died at his and his friends' hands."

"I have a subordinate who can be used as a trap," An He continued. "I know that Pei Yue and his friends are currently searching for him and his son with all the power they can muster. If we send a prince who is ranked around fiftieth, then we can get rid of Pei Yue once and for all!"