Xuwen lowered his head and ruminated, not aying a word.

Murong Rou was impatient, "Xu Dian Shi, do you want this deal? If you keep delaying, the sleepy scent will go off and you will lose your chance with her..."

"This..." Xuwen was still thinking, "Alright, it's a deal."

This pretty girl was one of a kind. He liked her so much, that even if Jing Wang killed him, he would not mind at all! "Xu Dian Shi is a smart man. Murong Xue belongs to you from now on, help yourself!"

Murong Rou smirked and walked out of the room.

Murong Xue and she had been enemies from the beginning. She had always wanted to get rid of her, but because of her engagement to Ye Yichen and her close friendship with Ou Yang, she would be dead if she pushed Murong Xue to Xuwen as wife.

The noblemen would laugh at her and mock her!

She did not want to try to get rid of Murong Xue and to lose her reputation in the process, therefore she thought of this sleepy scent idea to let Xuwen get her on his own.

Xuwen would not break his promise when he got his lady, she would get her secret medicine for son-bearing and increase her reputation in the household. This plan was great!

Ou Yang and Ye Yichen were from wealthy backgrounds and their statuses were highly-ranked. Once Murong Xue lost her innocence, they would not want her anymore. The princess of the house would become the lady of Dian Shi. Picturing this bleak future excited her!

He he! She could not wait to see how pitiful Murong Xue would be once she was attacked...

Murong Rou smiled at this thought as she turned around. She saw Xuwen standing by the bed and looking at Murong Xue perversely, then his shaking dark hands were approaching to Murong Xue's small face...

As he moved closer to her face, Murong Xue woke up suddenly and hit Xuwen on his neck.

With a loud 'ka', Xuwen rolled his eyes and fell right on his back.

Murong Rou's eyes widened and she quickly rushed towards the door when suddenly she heard a loud shriek from behind and a white cloth wrapped around her waist. She tripped and fell to the floor so hard that it made her dizzy.

Murong Xue walked slowly towards her, her green robe was swaying gracefully in the breeze.

Murong Rou glared at her and shouted, "When did you wake up?"

Didn't Xuwen tell her that the sleepy scent can last for a day? Why did Murong Xue wake up so fast?

"I did not faint from the start. I was just pretending to faint, to see who was behind this!"

Murong Xue shrieked, her voice as cold as ice.

Murong Rou was astonished, "You knew there was something wrong with the joss stick from the start?"

"Correct." Murong Xue had studied poisons during the modern days; this little scent would not do anything to her.

"Then my conversation with Xuwen..."

"I heard all of it." Murong Xue replied softly., She smirked and stared at Murong Rou.

Sensing something wrong, Murong Rou shouted, "Murong Xue, what do you want to do?"

"Don't worry, I won't kill you. I just want you to feel what I felt just now, helpless like a lamb to be slaughtered..." Murong Xue laughed.

Murong Rou was shocked by this. She gathered her energy and shouted loudly, "hHlp..."

Before she could scream , a silver light shone in front of her eyes and she became mute. Her body went rigid as well, unable to move.

She looked up and scowled at Murong Xue!

Murong Xue ignored her and grabbed her by the collar, then she dragged her on the bed and walked towards Xuwen. She squeezed open his mouth and popped two pills in his mouth.

Murong Xue stood up and checked to see if there was anyone around, then she walked out gracefully.

Murong Rou stared at Murong Xue as if was asking, "What did you feed Xuwen?"

Murong Xue glared back and said, "Don't you have eyes, couldn't you see?"

Murong Rou looked at Xuwen and saw his eyes flicker open. His gaze was blurry and drops of sweat were beaded on his forehead and his cheeks were flushed.

He was poisoned with flattery poison! Murong Rou was frightened. She wanted to burn Murong Xue so bad!

Murong Xue laughed her off and waved her hand, "I'll leave first. This was your own trap,so enjoy yourself."

As she saw Murong Xue strutting off, Murong Rou glared at her shadow: Murong Xue, you are wicked!

Xuwen had been poisoned. He sensed a gust of warmth in his body. He groaned uncomfortably... he needed to get rid of this feeling!

Smelling a hint of feminine scent, Xuwen looked in that direction and saw a slim figure on the bed. He jumped on the bed like a wolf ready to devour a helpless lamb...

The slim figure was pressed down roughly. Murong Rou felt like fainting as a strong scent of breath hit her face. She wanted to push Xuwen off and scold him as bad as she could.

However, she was paralyzed by the silver needles. She could neither speak nor move, she could only let Xuwen do whatever he wanted to her. Feeling humiliated, her tears rolled down her cheeks, wetting the pillow. She looked out at the sky and screamed internally:

Help, help me!

Murong Xue sat on the swing in the courtyard. She was swinging while eating her cake.

A low manly moan and the creaking and banging of the bed could be heard. Murong Xue laughed and thought:

Murong Rou wanted to trap me, but now she's caught in her own trap. Serves her right!

"Ladies... bad news... something's happened to the mistress!" the nanny shrieked, alarming the whole Zhen Manor.

Murong Xue raised her brows and joined in the chaos. She held on her tea cup, waiting to see the show...