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 Chapter 224 - Conversation Between Spirit Pets

"You're a bad guy! Don't fake kindness, I already know you deceived Mother into accepting that something Inheritance, so now Mother is in pain. If Mother dies, I'll bite you to death, whaa..."

This little pink pig was without a doubt Dandan. He and Hexi's life essences were connected; in Hexi's space he saw all that Hexi experienced, and although he couldn't feel what she was feeling, he still knew that something was wrong.

He didn't quite understand the meaning of Inheritance, but what he did know is that his Mother was now in pain, a lot of pain, and he didn't want his Mother in pain.

The little Golden Dragon gaped in shock, and glancing at the pale complexion of Hexi as she meditated next to him, he suddenly had a realisation and said, "You're this little girl's spirit pet? Ahhhhh, is her brain rotten? How could she accept such a useless little pig as her spirit pet?!"

One must know, that once a martial artist accepts a spirit pet, he's accepting them for a lifetime. The spirit pet and the martial artist's life essence will then be strongly tied together. Because the contract between a martial artist and a spirit pet consumes a lot of life essence, a martial artist wouldn't usually accept a useless animal as a spirit pet.

He's the majestic Golden Dragon, and now he's unexpectedly become a spirit pet together with this little pig, this...this is too outrageous!

"Dandan isn't a little pig!" Dandan was so angry, that his both cheeks bulged. Then, after he pounced towards this hateful little dragon, he bit him on his tail! "Scoundrel, you better return my Mother, return my Mother now!"

"Oing this little girl's spirit pet wasn't so bad. Oh, how about I find a way that will allow her to pass the trial?

The little Golden Dragon coughed, but just as he was about to speak, his expression abruptly changed slightly and he whispered, "Don't speak, someone's coming!"