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 10,000 or so City Lords and their soldiers would be able to easily crush the Night Dynasty. With that kind of strength, the Night Dynasty either had to sign the humiliating Contract or be destroyed; there was no need for discussions.

After all, whether or not the Night Dynasty would be destroyed was up to them. If they wanted it to be destroyed, it would be destroyed; if they did not want it to be destroyed, it would not be destroyed. It was all up to how they felt, and the Night Dynasty did not have the power to decide for itself. In front of such a powerful force, all objections were futile, and there was no way to retaliate.

The factions had thought that the Night Dynasty would submit and hand over those regions, Cities, resources, and the bewitching Mo Yao'Er, but it had not responded at all.

The allied factions felt quite furious; even now, the Night Dynasty dared to look down on them. They gathered their 10,000 City Lords and 600 million soldiers and went to attack the Night Dynasty. Since the Night Dynasty was not willing to give those things over, they would take all of it for themselves. Those things would still belong to them.

The matters in the Southern Continent shook the entire Dark Demon world. This was the first time so many people had been gathered to attack a faction.

Now that the Night Dynasty had continuously devoured three top-tier factions, its strength now surpassed the Demon Heaven Sect.

The Demon Heaven Sect had been the number one Sect in the Dark Demon world. Whether it was in the real world or in the Heaven Awaken World, it had always been number one since ancient times. It had 5,000 years of history and had an incredibly powerful foundation.

It was only because of this that the Demon Heaven Sect had been able to birth a World Protector; they had all the advantages.

Right now, the Demon Heaven Sect only had around 2,000 City Lords, while the Night Dynasty now had 3,000. This kind of growth caused the Demon Heaven Sect to feel incredibly shocked.

The Demon Heaven Sect was still gradually developing because there were simply too many top-tier factions in their Continent. If they developed too quickly, they would become like the Night Dynasty and be suppressed by countless factions. As such, they had slowly and steadily developed.

However, the Night Dynasty seemed to disregard all of this and recklessly devoured everything around it. Now that it was being suppressed, it had received its dues.

The other Continents watched on in amusement. The Night Dynasty had no chance of victory facing such a powerful alliance. The difference in their military strength was simply too great.

However, they still hoped that the Night Dynasty would be destroyed. After all, the Demon Heaven Sect did not accept the Night Dynasty suddenly becoming the largest faction in the Dark Demon world. The Night Dynasty should be wiped out for this sudden rise, and this would mean one less threat in the future.

However, it was a pity that they were in different Continents, so they could not attack. Otherwise, they would also participate in pillaging the Night Dynasty.

Within the most powerful Continent, the Eastern Continent, the Legatees discussed this matter with great interest. They felt quite disdainful towards the Night Dynasty and felt that it lacked a proper foundation and did not have the strength to compete with them.

They felt that the Night Dynasty being destroyed by the alliance was only right. Ye Cang was simply too arrogant and had never thought about the bigger picture. He had only been focused on greedily devouring, resulting in the other factions allying together against it. That was extremely foolish.

If they had immediately reduced their threat after devouring the Demon Path Sect and slowly solidified their forces before dealing with another faction, they would not have attracted so much hostility. After all, everyone was involved in their own battles, and not everyone would turn their attention to the Night Dynasty. By that time, other factions' strength would have increased as well, and the Night Dynasty would not be as much of a threat.

The Night Dynasty being destroyed was now essentially set in stone. In their eyes, Ye Cang was simply too overconfident and foolish. They had never cared about the Night Dynasty; their true opponent was the Demon Heaven Sect.

However, Mo Qi had come back with injuries so severe that he was nearly dead; they wondered what had happened. As their world's World Protector, Mo Qi was incredibly powerful, so just who had been able to wound him to such a degree?

After fighting with the human world's World Protector last time, he had also been severely injured. He had only recovered after a few months of recovering, and this time his wounds were even heavier.

It was possible that the person who had wounded Mo Qi this time was even more powerful than Great Qin's Legatee. Just what sort of existence was this? It was a pity that they had no information on this.

To them, the outside world was simply too dangerous; even their powerful World Protector had been injured so heavily. There were simply too many terrifying people; there were demon-level geniuses everywhere, making them feel less confident.

Even though they were geniuses in the Dark Demon world and stood above billions of people, those were true demon-level geniuses. In front of them, the geniuses of the Dark Demon world people were nothing.

As the various factions watched on, the allied factions started to attack.

The Night Dynasty was now in panic because this was a true calamity. Their Night Dynasty was most likely finished, and they would all die.

"What do we do? How can our Night Dynasty withstand such a powerful force?" Countless residents hoped that the higher-ups would have some solutions. They did not want to die, nor did they want the Night Dynasty to perish. Only the higher-ups could resolve this, and the residents could not do anything about it.

Facing the army, the Night Dynasty's higher-ups' expressions were quite grim because they clearly knew that the Night Dynasty's strength could not withstand this allied force. It was quite likely that the Night Dynasty was doomed this time.

What could they do? Facing such power, anything would be useless. They all felt incredibly worried and felt just as bad as the ordinary residents. They were filled with terror and helplessness.

The Night Dynasty's higher-ups quickly met together to discuss this matter. If they could not find some way to deal with this, the Night Dynasty really would be doomed.

However, no one had any good ideas. Facing such a powerful force, they would definitely lose.

Some people could not help but suggest, "How about we accept those people's conditions and give up the regions and Cities? Otherwise, our Night Dynasty will be destroyed."

"I feel the same; the Night Dynasty's strength really is not enough to stop them. The most important thing is to preserve the Night Dynasty. We'll just have to endure this for a while; we'll have more chances in the future."

"Ai, what can we do except accept their conditions? I can't think of any way that we can withstand them. If it was just giving up regions and Cities, that would not be such a big problem because we can obtain more in the future. But they also want tributes and women; this is too humiliating."

"So what if it's humiliating? Haven't you seen that massive army? If we had the strength, I long since would have taken the soldiers to fight. However, we simply can't beat them. We now have two choices: live in humiliation or die."

Everyone's expressions were quite unsightly because they wanted neither of the two choices, but they did not have the strength to defend either. They had no ideas and could only look up at Ye Cang.