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 "Ai." The system City Lords could not help but sigh. They did not want things to be like this either; they had also wanted to destroy the Night Dynasty, but a single person had changed all of this.

That person had been simply too powerful, and he was able to casually kill them. Without him, the battle would have gone completely differently. Even if they were weak, they would have been able to at least stall the Night Dynasty's army so that the player faction could destroy the Night Dynasty.


A powerful aura swept out like a wild gale, causing the various system City Lords' expressions to tighten. They clearly knew who this aura belonged to, and they thought to themselves that the player faction was doomed.

Zhao Fu took out the Sword of Killing, which could kill one's soul; this was something that existed on the spiritual level. The main body of the Sword of Killing was the Clear Sable Sword, and it had the power to kill the soul.

Using this sword to kill player City Lords was incredibly fitting, and it saved the hassle of bringing their real bodies into the Heaven Awaken World.


A blood-red sword light flew out, causing blood and limbs to fly everywhere. Cries continuously sounded out as Zhao Fu started to commit a slaughter. Every time he slashed out, City Lords would fall.

The Night Dynasty City Lords also shot towards the player City Lords, and a portion of them attacked the player army. The battle concluded quite quickly with one side achieving a decisive victory.

In the end, the players surrendered. Out of the 900 City Lords, around 300 were left, and around 20 million soldiers were left. The Night Dynasty had won a crushing victory, with only a few City Lords being injured and only losing a few million soldiers.

The system faction and player faction had been completely devoured by the Night Dynasty. Because they had been incredibly prepared, not a single person had run away. Seeing the Night Dynasty develop so quickly, the old Demon Path Sect Master felt quite relieved; he had not submitted to the wrong person.

Originally, the Night Dynasty had 1,390 Cities, 900 million people, 500 regions, and 90 million soldiers.

Now, with the 700 Cities, 40 million soldiers, and 200 million people from the system faction and the 900 Cities, 20 million soldiers, and 300 million people from the player faction, the Night Dynasty now had 2,990 Cities, 1.4 billion people, and over 1,000 regions. Its strength had once again considerably increased.

The Night Dynasty had already been the most powerful Dynasty, and after devouring the Demon Path Sect, the player faction, and the system faction, its strength was more powerful than a few Dynasties combined, causing the entire Southern Continent to fall into terror.

After all, the Night Dynasty's strength was now simply too great, and it severely threatened their safety. Many people started to scheme to attack the Night Dynasty together and rid themselves of this threat.

Now, the Night Dynasty was like Great Qin, being targeted by many others. Countless factions wanted to ally together to destroy the Night Dynasty, but fortunately, those people only included the Southern Continent's factions. The other Continents did not want to get involved, unlike in the human world where Great Qin was viewed as an enemy by almost the entire world.

Facing this sort of hostility, Zhao Fu used the same tricks, becoming more low-profile and expressing his goodwill to the various factions. After digesting all of the factions and establishing a Kingdom, they would once again bare their fangs and lay their hands on these factions.

If a faction did not have enough strength, it could only climb up step by step; it was impossible to suddenly become stronger. If the various factions had known how powerful Great Qin would have become, they would have destroyed it much earlier and not have allowed it to remain until now.

Before, the Contract that the Night Dynasty had suggested was a load of rubbish. Now, almost everyone understood how ambitious the Night Dynasty was.

All of this had been part of the Night Dynasty's plot to expand; the demise of the three factions was proof of this.

In just a few days, the Night Dynasty had grown significantly, and if they gave it more time, things would become even worse. They could not allow the Night Dynasty to continue to develop, or else they would turn out like those factions as well.

The factions did not accept the Night Dynasty's expressions of its goodwill, and the Night Dynasty started to send out ambassadors bearing gifts, hoping to ease the tension.

Some people directly threw the gifts away and even killed the ambassadors; their attitudes were incredibly harsh. Others shamelessly accepted the gifts and sent the ambassadors back, but they still supported allying against the Night Dynasty.

Everyone's attitudes towards the Night Dynasty were quite resolute, and this included the most powerful factions in the Southern Continent. Many people were going around telling system factions and player factions of the threat of the Night Dynasty, making it seem incredibly dangerous.

They said that the Night Dynasty could devour the entire Southern Continent in ten or so days. When that time came, everyone would die, so they should destroy it while it was not that powerful yet. They could not afford to miss this opportunity.

Some people said that the Night Dynasty was already controlled by a mysterious faction and that the Night Dynasty was not the same anymore. For the safety of the Dark Demon race, they should destroy it.

The Night Dynasty's strength was simply too powerful now. Cries for the Night Dynasty to be destroyed became greater and greater, and more and more people allied together.

Facing this, the Night Dynasty once again offered to sign a Contract, promising that both sides would not fight. Moreover, this Contract would last forever and would be of the highest grade, guaranteeing its effectiveness.

Zhao Fu had already decided to use Great Qin to destroy them, so he naturally would not need the Night Dynasty to fight.

The various factions were quite surprised; they had never thought that the Night Dynasty would be so willing to compromise. Signing a Contract would be quite good, as they would be able to obtain benefits without any deaths or injuries.

Now that the allied factions were much stronger and the Night Dynasty had asked to sign a Contract, the allied factions relied on their power to raise all sorts of demands.

The first was for the Night Dynasty to hand over one-third of the people they had obtained this time, the second was to hand over half of the Cities, the third was to give all sorts of resources and a portion of the regions to them, the fourth was to pay tribute in treasures every year, and the fifth was to hand over Mo Yao'Er to be everyone's pet.

The allied factions had given this much thought. They did not lack people or resources, so they had not asked for too much; they mainly wanted the Cities and regions. However, these things were things that the Night Dynasty had spent a lot of effort to obtain, and now, they were directly asking for half.

Moreover, the yearly tribute was simply to humiliate the Night Dynasty because only those who submitted to the more powerful would pay tribute.

The factions that had wanted to attack the Night Dynasty before could only hold back because it was too powerful, but now that many others wanted to attack the Night Dynasty, they took this opportunity to take revenge.

The fifth demand was purely to satisfy the lust of many of the men. Mo Yao'Er's beautiful looks, as well as her bewitching aura, made countless men obsessed with her. They had desired her for a long time, so they wanted Mao Yao'Er to become their slave to play with every day.

The Night Dynasty did not respond, and following this, the allied factions started to attack. In total, they had over 10,000 City Lords.