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 The Night Dynasty had around 1,390 Cities and around 90 million soldiers, and it had sent out 900 or so City Lords and 80 million soldiers to attack the system faction. This meant that only around 400 City Lords and ten million soldiers were left to defend.

The player faction had a total of 900 City Lords and 80 million soldiers. With this sort of force, it would be no problem to conquer the Night Dynasty.

This time, it was the Night Dynasty seeking death. The player faction was such a great threat, yet it had sent so many soldiers to attack others. Of course, the player faction would grasp this opportunity to launch a full-scale attack, hoping to destroy the Night Dynasty.

In such chaotic times, others often had to die so one could live. Now, the player faction could only hope that the system faction could stall the Night Dynasty's main force and provide them with more time.

If both of them suffered heavy losses, that would naturally be the best case scenario; this would allow the player faction to destroy the Night Dynasty before destroying the system faction, unifying this area.

If they could devour two major factions like this, their faction would become many times more powerful. They would even be able to expand outwards, and soon, the entire Southern Continent would be theirs. When they thought of this, everyone felt incredibly excited and roared as they charged at the Night Dynasty's territory.

Over at the other side, the Night Dynasty and system faction soon heard about the player faction attacking the Night Dynasty.

The system faction was delighted, and their unsightly expressions became ones of joy. They shouted, "The Night Dynasty's base is being attacked by the player faction, and they will definitely try to send people back. As long as we can stall the Night Dynasty, they will be finished!"

"Charge!!" the system factions' 60 million soldiers and 600 or so City Lords gave off powerful auras as they ferociously charged at the Night Dynasty's army.

The system faction did not send their full force, and it kept some people at their base to defend.

"Formations!" The Night Dynasty's side did not panic, nor did they show any intent to retreat. Ye Cang gave out orders as Shieldbearers made a line at the front, followed by Infantrymen with spears, and then followed by Archers.

Many of the arrows were socketed with crystals - they were Talisman Arrows.

The system faction felt quite strange upon seeing the Night Dynasty's behavior; they could not understand what the Night Dynasty was thinking. After all, their base was being attacked, so they should be trying to return to defend, allowing them to attack from behind.

Now, the Night Dynasty was doomed; even if they wanted to retreat now, it would be impossible, and their base was being taken. In the end, victory would belong to them.

However, they simply could not understand why the Night Dynasty was not retreating. It was as if they were not worried about their base at all.

Swish, swish, swish...

White rays of light giving off sharp auras arc through the sky before descending like torrential rain.

Chi, chi, chi...

As the white rays of light shot downwards, dozens of bodies were pierced by the white rays of light, causing blood and broken limbs to fly through the air. The front of the system army instantly turned into corpses, and the pungent stench of blood filled the air, causing the charging system army to pause.

The system City Lords' expressions fell; this was completely different to what they had expected.


An incredibly powerful might descended like heavy mountains on the system City Lords' bodies, and the space around them seemed to freeze.

The system City Lords felt their bodies sink as even breathing became difficult. A sense of terror welled up in their hearts as their bodies slightly trembled. Their expressions became grim as they looked at the cloaked figure who had appeared in the sky.

That was Zhao Fu! Zhao Fu looked at the City Lords in front of him and said coldly with a trace of killing intent, "Choose: submit or die."

The system City Lords' expressions were quite unsightly because this person was simply too powerful. He surpassed anything they could endure, but they were quite unwilling to submit.

"Arghhh..." Suddenly, pained cries sounded out. Zhao Fu did not give them much time to think, and he suddenly turned into a black blur as he dove in among them, his gray sword flashing out as ten or so City Lords' bodies were slashed apart.

The City Lords were all immensely shocked and quickly tried to spread out, but Zhao Fu turned and flew towards another group of City Lords.

The City Lords immediately exploded out with the full power of their City Lord Seals, and tough barriers appeared around them.

Zhao Fu coldly smirked as the Great Qin Seal slightly trembled within his body and a massive power entered his Death Disaster Sword. A terrifying deadly intent of extermination emanated out from the Death Disaster Sword.

Bang! Bang! Bang...

As the City Lords watched on in confusion, their energy barriers were shattered, and their bodies were split apart. Blood flew everywhere; every time Zhao Fu attacked, at least 20 or so City Lords died.

Because of their City Lords being massacred above, the system soldiers' morale plummeted, but they continued to roar as they rushed towards the Night Dynasty's army.

Swish, swish, swish...

The sound of the air being torn could be heard as countless ordinary arrows flew out, giving off sharp auras, resulting in more casualties on the system side.

However, the system soldiers were finally able to reach the Night Dynasty army, though they had lost around 20% of their force.

The system soldiers flooded towards the Night Dynasty's army, who were already in formation and waiting for them. At that moment, the Night Dynasty's 900 City Lords shamelessly acted.

Powerful attacks blasted down towards the front of the system army, resulting in explosions everywhere. The system soldiers were once again heavily injured, while at that moment, the Night Dynasty army started to ferociously charge like a massive tide.

The system army paused because their numbers were being continuously reduced and their morale had taken a big blow. Their charge had been completely stopped by the Night Dynasty.

At that moment, the Night Dynasty soldiers started to roar as they attacked the system army and the two sides began to clash. However, this only lasted for a short while before the system army started to collapse. After all, they had to face not only the Night Dynasty's army but also the shameless City Lords in the sky.

The system City Lords were being dealt with by Zhao Fu alone, and soon, around 200 of them had died. This caused the City Lords to all look at Zhao Fu in terror.

"Arghhh!" A pitiful howl sounded out as Zhao Fu stabbed his hand into a City Lord's chest and ripped out his heart; this City Lord had been instantly killed by Zhao Fu.