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 Zhao Fu had already thought of a name for them, which was the White Sect, and he would make them one of Great Qin's three major intelligence organizations.

The first was Eternal Night, which Great Qin had created, and Zhao Fu was the leader of it. That organization specialized in assassinations. The second was Flower Moon, which was one of the most ancient factions. Its leader was Xiao Yueyin, and they were adept in business.

The third was the White Sect, which also had over 1,000 years of history. Its leader was called Ye Qiuye, the Holy Daughter of the White Lotus Sect. They were adept at bewitching and inciting the masses.

Each of these three organizations had other things that they were proficient in. If Zhao Fu could use them well, they would be a great help to Great Qin and would complete Great Qin's intelligence network.

As for the Night Dynasty's matters, after discussing with his subordinates, Zhao Fu had come up with a complete plan.

The first thing to do was to disseminate information that the Night Dynasty was about to establish a Kingdom and complete its ultimate goal. It did not hope for any battles or to cause any unnecessary deaths. They would not attack fellow Dark Demon people, and they were willing to sign a Contract to maintain the peace within the Southern Continent. The Contract would last for two years and would be signed seven days later.

Even in the human world, no one would take such a thing seriously, and in the Dark Demon world, this was a massive joke. After all, the Demon Race was incredibly savage and prized only strength; none of them cared about morality or virtue.

Through the information that the Night Dynasty had released, everyone understood that after the Night Dynasty had devoured the Demon Path Sect, its strength had greatly increased, and it was preparing to establish a Kingdom. As such, it just wanted to silently develop for two years and did not want to participate in any battles or have anyone slow down its development.

Everyone inwardly cursed at the Night Dynasty for being hypocritical and laughed at it. However, the factions around the Night Dynasty let out a sigh of relief, because if the Night Dynasty did not attack them, they would be safe.

As such, they did not care why the Night Dynasty was doing this; the factions near the Night Dynasty were all quite willing to sign the Contract, but they had to wait seven days. It was only seven days, so everyone felt that waiting a bit would not cause much harm.

The first day passed peacefully, but during the second night, there was no moon or stars in the sky. The air was quite cold, and the Night Dynasty started to move out.

One group stealthily headed towards a group of system main cities. There were 200 or so City Lords in total, and they simultaneously attacked the dozens of City Lords there. After killing all of the City Lords, they started to massacre the residents.

However, they kept some people alive and said to them, "Either submit to our player faction or wait to be destroyed by us. No one here can stop us anymore."

Instantly, the system side was infuriated, and countless City Lords gathered together to discuss what to do about this. After all, there was already great enmity between the player faction and system faction, and now that the other side had launched a sneak attack, most of the system faction wanted to retaliate.

Of course, some people raised suspicions as to whether or not this was really done by the player faction. After all, there was definitely a motive behind this attack.

The Night Dynasty was quickly trying to establish its Kingdom, construct its Great Wall, and integrate the Demon Path Sect, so how could it have the time, effort, and resources to launch an attack like this? Right now, this area only had three major factions: the Night Dynasty, the player faction, and the system faction.

If they ruled out the Night Dynasty, then the only possibility left was the player faction; there was no one else to put the blame on.

However, why would the player faction attack at a time like this? There had been quite a period of time since they had last fought, so the system side could not understand this.

Following this, the player faction sent a message stating that this was not done by them and that they had nothing to do with it. This made everyone feel even more suspicious. If it was not the player faction, it could only have been the Night Dynasty.

The Night Dynasty was trying to establish its Kingdom and had offered to sign peace Contracts, so it was not very suspicious. This made the system faction feel quite troubled.

This was especially so because the faction that had attacked them were all players and asked them to surrender. However, the player faction said that they did not do this; were they being framed?

Since that was the case, was it the Night Dynasty who had framed them? However, the Night Dynasty was just going about its own business, trying not to make trouble. It had just devoured the Demon Path Sect, so why would it attack others so quickly? They could not understand what was going on.

However, if their system faction attacked the Night Dynasty, they would not be a match for the Night Dynasty, and it would be the player faction that benefitted the most.

Could it be that the player faction were making it seem like the Night Dynasty was framing them? This was quite possible.

Out of the three factions, the Night Dynasty was the most powerful and the greatest threat to the others. Moreover, the two years of peace was just a stalling tactic; after becoming truly powerful, it would lay hands on the other factions.

It was possible that the player faction had considered all of this and wanted to ally with the system faction to resist the Night Dynasty while they still could and delay its development. Only then would they truly be safe. Only an idiot would allow the Night Dynasty to peacefully develop for two years.

After discussing for a while, the system faction decided to ally together with the player faction to defend against the Night Dynasty.

However, at this moment, a shocking piece of news arrived: the Night Dynasty had brought its massive army to attack, stating that the system factions had suddenly attacked the Night Dynasty's Cities and caused severe damage to dozens of Cities.

This caused the system factions to panic; when had they attacked the Night Dynasty? By now, their heads were completely addled and still did not know what was happening.

"Gather the army!" There was no time to think, and facing the incoming Night Dynasty army, the City Lords hurriedly prepared for battle.

Both armies soon faced off against each other on a plains region. Ye Cang gave off a terrifying and furious aura as he stood in the air, saying coldly, "You system factions are simply going too far. The Night Dynasty originally did not want to fight for the time being, yet you launched a sneak attack against us and said that our Night Dynasty was trash."

"Wait! We didn't attack your Night Dynasty!" the system City Lords had grim expressions as they hurriedly replied.

The Night Dynasty had brought 900 City Lords and 80 million soldiers. The Ancestors' and Ye Cang's auras were incredibly powerful, far greater than those of ordinary City Lords. The system faction was far inferior in terms of top-tier battle power, and they did not have an advantage in any other area either.

"Hmph! Your people said so themselves!" Ye Cang coldly harrumphed but did not rashly attack.

The system City Lords suddenly thought about the faction that had attacked them. Even now, they were not sure who had done this. However, hearing that the Night Dynasty had also been attacked, they felt even more confused.

After hearing that the Night Dynasty had gathered its forces to attack the system faction, the player faction didn't know what was happening either. However, what they did know was that the Night Dynasty would definitely be much less defended at this moment and that it would be a great opportunity to attack. Such an opportunity would not present itself again.