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 Just as the Demon Path Sect's people were about to leave this banquet, Ye Cang laughed and said, "You have no other option but to submit to the Night Dynasty."

The Night Dynasty's people exploded out with powerful auras as they looked at the Demon Path Sect's people, ready to attack at any moment.

The Demon Path Sect Master suddenly loudly laughed and said, "Ye Cang, you're too young. Did you really think we came without any preparation? This time you've made a big mistake in burning bridges. In the future, I will ally with other factions and destroy the Night Dynasty. We're leaving!"

The Demon Path Sect's people took out jade pendants that gave off blinding white glows that surrounded them. Those jade pendants were escape items that could instantly teleport people 1,000 kilometers away.

However, a large formation appeared beneath the ground, and a powerful sealing energy locked the area down, causing the Demon Path Sect members' teleportations to fail.

The Demon Path Sect Master's expression fell, and he turned to look at Ye Cang, who was lightly smiling at him. He coldly harrumphed and said, "You think you can stop us like this? The Demon Path Sect's 300 or so City Lords aren't weak at all. The Night Dynasty only has 400 City Lords present."

"Really, now? You can try and run if you want," the cloaked Zhao Fu walked out from behind Ye Cang and said slightly condescendingly.

The Demon Path Sect members' expressions became grim. They feared this cloaked figure greatly, because he was from that mysterious faction. He was unimaginably powerful and had been able to defeat the Vile Dynasty's Legatee in just a few blows.

"Sir, our Demon Path Sect does not want to offend you; please do not interfere in our personal matters. Moreover, our Demon Path Sect is more powerful than the Night Dynasty; if you are willing to help our Demon Path Sect became an official Sect, we will surpass all of your expectations and become a more suitable faction than the Night Dynasty."

The Demon Path Sect Master knew how terrifying this mysterious person was, so he hurriedly spoke, hoping that he would not interfere. At the same time, he tried to convince him that the Demon Path Sect was superior to the Night Dynasty so that he would help them instead.

Zhao Fu could not help but laugh. The Night Dynasty was now completely controlled by Great Qin; it was completely different to what the Demon Path Sect Master thought.

"Hurry and run!" Seeing this, the Demon Path Sect Master understood and immediately gave the order to escape. Now, their only goal was to leave; he hoped at least 80% of them would be able to make it back.

Boom! Boom! Boom...

Explosions sounded out in their surroundings as powerful auras burst forth like cyclones. The Demon Path Sect members exploded out with their full power, about to fly off and return to the Demon Path Sect before allying with other factions to attack the Night Dynasty.

However, at that moment, an aura like that of a thousand mountains suddenly appeared and suppressed their surroundings, and even space itself started to distort.

Everyone present, whether they were from the Night Dynasty or the Demon Path Sect, looked at that mysterious cloaked figure in shock. Their bodies could not move at all, and they were completely suppressed by this terrifying aura.

"This person's simply too monstrous!" Everyone thought the same thing, because this person's aura completely exceeded anything they could imagine. Even their world's World Protector was not as strong at him. What they did not know was that Mo Qi had nearly been killed by Zhao Fu twice.

"Will you submit? Based on your past friendship with the Night Dynasty, we will not mistreat you. However, if you are not willing to submit, I can only refine you into puppets." Zhao Fu's voice gave off a powerful might, shaking the souls of those present.

Facing this mighty pressure, everyone desperately resisted, but they were unable to break free at all. Let alone 300 City Lords, even thousands of City Lords would not be able to resist.

No one responded, stubbornly trying to resist Zhao Fu's might, and Zhao Fu did not bother saying anything either.


Another explosion sounded out as boundless gray aura flooded out of his black cloak, flickering like a gray flame. An extremely cold aura spread out, causing the temperature of the surroundings to fall.

The pressure became many times greater, and everyone was unable to withstand it anymore. They felt as if their bodies had been hit by a massive hammer and coughed up large mouthfuls of blood as they collapsed to the ground.

Everyone present sank into despair. Facing this power, they felt like a small boat in a massive sea. This strength was simply too terrifying; how could this person have such immense power? Everyone now looked at Zhao Fu with gazes filled with terror.

Whether they were the Demon Path Sect's people or the Night Dynasty's people, everyone felt that even if they were all combined, they would not be a match for that person. Destroying them all would take but a few minutes.

"I'll ask you once more, will you surrender?" Zhao Fu's voice once again sounded out, crashing into everyone's hearts like massive waves.

Everyone looked towards the Demon Path Sect Master, who was feeling quite hesitant. In front of this kind of absolute power, he was unable to resist at all; they had completely fallen into that mysterious faction's hands.

Facing how powerful that mysterious faction was, the Demon Path Sect Master sighed. However, thinking about the Demon Path Sect being destroyed like this, he hesitated.

"Dad, don't worry, Owner won't truly destroy the Demon Path Sect because I will become the new Sect Master of the Demon Path Sect! You won't have to worry about the future of the Demon Path Sect."

Mo Yao'Er's supple body twisted and turned as she walked out, an infatuated look on her face as she leaned into the arms of the black-cloaked figure and spoke to the Demon Path Sect Master.

Everyone looked incredibly confused; none of them could believe that this woman, who could enchant the masses, would actually call that cloaked figure 'owner' and look so infatuated. Just how had that cloaked figure done this? All of them would dream of having such charm.

"Sect Master, we should surrender! You don't know just how powerful they are. If they truly attack, even the Dark Demon world would be in danger," the two Ancestors also said.

Now, everyone understood why Ye Cang would dare to do such a thing; even the core members of the Demon Path Sect had already joined them.

After thinking for a while, the Demon Path Sect Master decided that it would be best for his daughter to take the position of Sect Master. At least that way they would have a chance in the future, and it would be better than being destroyed. As such, he nodded and agreed.

Zhao Fu controlled Ye Cang to stand up and grin as he accepted the surrender of the Demon Path Sect. Everyone from the Night Dynasty looked incredibly delighted while the Demon Path Sect Master's expression became dim. Ye Cang then went to the Demon Path Sect to officially take it over.

Following this, he made Mo Yao'Er the new Sect Master and made some other slight changes. This allowed everyone from the Demon Path Sect to breathe out in relief, as the changes were not very big. Their rights had not been taken; it was just that there was a new Sect Master.

However, Mo Yao'Er was the daughter of the Sect Master, and because it was likely for her to have become the new Sect Master anyways, there was no one who did not approve. Devouring the Demon Path Sect had concluded perfectly.