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 The Demon Path Sect now had 540 Cities and controlled 200 or so regions. It had around 300 million people, and it was considered a large faction within the Southern Continent.

If they could devour the Demon Path Sect, such a big piece of meat, the Night Dynasty's strength would take a big step forward. Right now, it was the best target for the Night Dynasty because Mo Yao'Er and two of the Ancestors were already controlled by Zhao Fu.

All that was left were the Sect Master, a few Ancestors, and the Elders who held power. If he could control them, the Demon Path Sect would naturally belong to the Night Dynasty.

Zhao Fu had many ways to control people, such as brain bugs. It was a pity that their Cultivations were too high, making it impossible for brainbugs to enter their brains. Only if they did not resist would the brain bugs be able to take over their bodies.

However, there was a simple method, which was to gather all of their higher-ups and capture them together, using might to force them to submit.

If they were willing to submit, Zhao Fu would naturally spare them. However, if they were not willing to submit, Zhao Fu would heavily wound them before wiping away their souls, making it so that there were no obstacles for the brain bugs to control them.

Just Zhao Fu alone would be enough to deal with the whole grape. Zhao Fu had this confidence because he had the Great Qin Seal.

There was an even simpler and cruder method, which was just to invade the Dark Demon world with Great Qin's forces. With Great Qin's power, it would be quite easy to take over the Dark Demon world's Southern Continent incredibly quickly, and the benefits would be quite great.

However, Great Qin did not have the power to break through the Heavenly Domain Boundary, and they had not taken down the Northern Continent. Whenever Great Qin's forces went to the Northern Continent, they had to act stealthily. The Northern Continent was right opposite the Dark Demon world's Southern Continent.

Another important matter was that after conquering the Southern Continent, Great Qin would face the retaliation of the entire Dark Demon world. Great Qin would not have enough strength to deal with such a thing. It had not even unified the human world yet, so how could Zhao Fu start a war between worlds? After thinking about it, he decided to give up on this method.

As for how to gather all the higher-ups of the Demon Path Sect, this would be quite simple. This was because both factions were quite close, so they naturally trusted each other, and Zhao Fu also had the help of Mo Yao'Er and the two Ancestors.

Zhao Fu immediately went and arranged a grand banquet. With the help of the mysterious faction, the Night Dynasty was about to establish a Kingdom, requesting the major figures from the Demon Path Sect to come and celebrate. With the reason being establishing a Kingdom, they were forced to come.

After hearing that the Night Dynasty was about to establish a Kingdom, the Demon Path Sect was naturally quite shocked. Currently, only one Kingdom had been established in the Dark Demon world, and the Night Dynasty would become the second. The Night Dynasty had incredible potential; after all, the Demon Path Sect was still quite some way away.

The key thing was the mysterious faction helping them. The Demon Path Sect did not have such a faction helping them, and they could not help but feel amazed that the mysterious faction could help even with establishing a Kingdom.

"Dad, you and all the Ancestors have to go this time. Maybe you'll be able to gain connections with that mysterious faction and they might help us officially establish our Sect," Mo Yao'Er said with a charming smile.

Now that Mo Yao'Er was cultivating the Six Desires Celestial Art, her aura had become incredibly powerful, and she was on the level of the Ancestors. Moreover, she had an important status and held a lot of power.

What was key was that she gave off a demonic energy that could enchant almost anyone. Essentially the entire Demon Path Sect was infatuated with her, and everyone viewed her as the number one Demoness in the Dark Demon world. Any man would go mad to have her.

The two other Ancestors suggested, "Now that the real world is going to be destroyed, we need to truly face the Heaven Awaken World. Only by making more connections with the outside world will we be able to benefit.

"Moreover, now that the Night Dynasty is going to establish a Kingdom, it will become many times more powerful. We can deepen our relationship with the Night Dynasty and obtain more benefits."

After hearing this, none of them felt any reason not to go, so they decided to give the Night Dynasty some face. After arriving at the banquet, all of the dishes had already been prepared. There were colorful lights everywhere, and the scene was quite lively. Ye Cang and the Demon Path Sect's people sat within a large hall.

Most of the higher-ups from the Demon Path Sect had come, and only a small portion of them had remained at the Demon Path Sect.

The Demon Path Sect Master cleared his throat and smiled as he raised his wine cup, saying to Ye Cang, "Back then, I was blind and underestimated you; who would have thought you would achieve such great things? You've risen from being someone who no one knew about to someone whose name resounds across the whole world; this shows your extraordinary abilities. I will drink this cup to punish myself, and I hope you and Yao'Er will marry soon."

This was the first time he had personally seen Ye Cang. Sensing his powerful aura and given his status as the ruler of the Night Dynasty, the Demon Path Sect Master was naturally quite courteous to Ye Cang, and this was only more so after hearing from his daughter that she controlled Ye Cang.

However, he did not know that Ye Cang had long since died, and it was Zhao Fu controlling his body and controlling the Demon Path Sect Master's daughter.

The Demon Path Sect Master raised his cup and gulped down the wine in one gulp. However, Ye Cang only calmly smiled back and did not respond, causing the situation to become somewhat awkward.

The Demon Path Sect Master's smile froze, and he inwardly felt a bit angry. He was the Demon Path Sect Master and took the initiative to show his goodwill to Ye Cang, yet Ye Cang seemed to dismiss it. He was not giving him face at all.

Also, wasn't Ye Cang under Mo Yao'Er's control? It should be Ye Cang desperately trying to curry favor with him instead; how could something like this happen? The Demon Path Sect Master felt that something was off and had a slight bad premonition, and this premonition was immediately proved correct.

Ye Cang calmly smiled as he said, "Apart from the joyous matter of the Night Dynasty about to establish a Kingdom, we also hope that the Demon Path Sect will join the Night Dynasty and become part of it. I will preserve the Demon Path Sect; I hope everyone from the Demon Path Sect will be willing to submit in order to prevent any hurt feelings."

"Ye Cang, you're simply dreaming; how could the Demon Path Sect join the Night Dynasty? It should be the Night Dynasty joining the Demon Path Sect." The Demon Path Sect Lord looked quite furious as he slammed his palm on the table and stood up, glaring at Ye Cang.

The Demon Path Sect Ancestors also stood up, looking at Ye Cang with ill-intent.

Sensing these changes, everyone else also stood up with serious looks on their faces. The Night Dynasty's people did not back down either, and the two sides looked at each other with a hint of savageness.

The lively atmosphere instantly cooled and became quite hostile. Both sides started to feel quite antagonistic; the feeling of drinking together like brothers was completely gone.

"Hmph, I never thought the Night Dynasty would have such a goal. The Demon Path Sect will absolutely not agree. We won't be staying to drink any longer. All Demon Path Sect members, we are leaving immediately," the Demon Path Sect Master said furiously and flicked his sleeve as he turned to leave. He felt quite confused; why had things turned out so differently to what he had expected?