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 Even though Stage 1 Generals could only have 100 people with their Unique Military Profession, as they became stronger, they would be able to train more people with that profession.

There were two types of Unique Military Professions: one was creating a new profession, while the other was choosing a historical profession, such as Great Qin's famed Iron Eagle Elite Soldiers.

Developing a new profession or choosing a historical profession had their own advantages. Developing a new profession meant that one could adapt to one's circumstances and focus on one's advantages. In other words, developing a new profession meant that one would have a profession that was most suited to one's current situation.

On the other hand, historical professions have been tempered by history and refined through bloody battles, so they would be quite powerful.

Zhao Fu decided not to make this decision by himself, and he asked, "Bai Qi, what do you think?"

Bai Qi was not in a hurry to reply. He thought to himself for a while before replying, "Your Majesty, I think that it's best to go with a military profession that I'm familiar with, rather than creating a new profession."

Zhao Fu nodded and asked him about the Unique Military Profession.

[Iron Eagle Elite Soldier]: D- grade Military, Description: Great Qin's most elite soldiers, who not only possess extraordinary swordsmanship but are also proficient in cavalry and infantry battles. Effect: Receives skills [Stage 2 Sword Technique] and [Horsemanship].

Since Stage 1 Generals could train soldiers with Unique Military Professions, the number of Generals became quite important. No wonder the General profession could only be unlocked upon raising one's Village to a Town.

Moreover, after reaching Stage 1, every Step that increased Bai Qi's cultivation would increase all of his stats by +2.

Zhao Fu's cultivation was only at Stage 0-7, and it was still quite far away from Stage 1. His talent at cultivation was quite lacking, but after obtaining King's Power and Fate's power, his cultivation speed had already greatly increased.

If it wasn't for the King's Power and Fate's power, Zhao Fu was sure that his cultivation would still only be at Stage 0-5. Of course, the strength of a faction did not depend on the Lord's personal strength but the faction's overall strength. Apart from Bai Qi, the person with the highest cultivation was Old Logue.

Back when Zhao Fu had attacked Logue Village, Old Logue was already at Stage 0-6, and now, he was at the peak of Stage 0-9, only a single step away from Stage 1. He was slightly faster than Zhang Dahu, who was SS grade and joined later than him.

Zhao Fu wondered what sort of military profession Old Logue would unlock in the future, and he hoped that it would be a Magic-type profession. Currently, low-grade Magic skills were becoming more and more useless, so Zhao Fu didn't waste money buying low-grade skills like Fireball. After all, they could be easily blocked by the shields that people used now. The main cities sold high-grade Magic skills, but there were not many of them, making them not as useful.

Zhao Fu allowed Bai Qi to pick all of the people who he wanted to train for the Iron Eagle Elite Soldiers, and soon, the exploration teams, who had been out for a few days, returned as well. They brought with them two Normal grade City Creation Stones, and Zhao Fu now had 32 villages under his control. They also reported that they had found an Advanced Outlander Village.

This Outlander Village was different to the ones Zhao Fu had found before: the Outlanders this time looked like rats.

Zhao Fu was quite interested and gathered his army. After traveling for a little more than a day, he arrived at the Outlander Village.

These Outlanders were indeed different. They were about 1.6 meters tall and had humanoid bodies; however, they had rat heads, rat fur, and rat tails.

What made Zhao Fu especially surprised was that the Outlander Village seemed to be built next to a historical remnant. The historical remnant looked like a palace, and it was built against a mountain. The stone materials used were a white color, and the structure had mostly collapsed, with only a few sections remaining. The historical remnant looked quite ancient and seemed to be from a long time ago.

Zhao Fu was quite delighted, as historical remnants often contained massive benefits.

For example, the underground passage and the region of bones could be said to be historical remnants, and now that they had found another one, Zhao Fu couldn't help but feel excited.

However, even without doing anything, the rat people, the Ratfolk, had discovered Zhao Fu's forces. This was because the Ratfolk were incredibly sensitive to changes in their environment. After all, when rats felt the wind blow or the grass move, they would immediately run.

The Ratfolk in the village, who were originally laughing and chatting, suddenly looked serious, and the Ratfolk outside quickly rushed into the village.

When Zhao Fu saw that they had been discovered, he smiled and rode Little Black forwards, leading the 10 King's Undead Cavalrymen behind him and a large number of soldiers and Skeletons.

Seeing so many enemies, the Ratfolk within the village immediately started to panic, and they started to speak in their language, worry etched onto their faces.

There were roughly 6,000 Ratfolk in the village, and there seemed to be two types of military units: Ratfolk with machetes and Ratfolk with bows and arrows.

The village was built right next to the massive historical remnant, and just the walls alone were around 10 meters tall. What's more, there did not seem to be any doors, only a 2-meter wide hole. It had been completely filled up, making it quite difficult for Zhao Fu to attack.

"Your Majesty, what should we do?" Zhang Dahu asked as he cupped his fists respectfully.

This time, because Bai Qi was training his Iron Eagle Elite Soldiers, he had remained in the Great Qin Village and had not come with them.

Zhao Fu ordered to surround them - after all, even if Zhao Fu's soldiers attacked, they would not be able to enter. As such, they could only surround them for now. Since the Ratfolk didn't seem to be a farming race, they would run out of food sooner or later. However, Zhao Fu's soldiers might have to wait a while.

Hearing this, Zhang Dahu surrounded the Ratfolk Village with 4,000 soldiers. The Skeletons did not do anything because they did not possess intelligence, while the 10 King's Undead Cavalrymen only accepted orders from Zhao Fu and no one else.

Seeing that they had been surrounded, the Ratfolk chittered to themselves as they looked around warily, seeming to make plans.

Suddenly, Zhao Fu thought of something and called Zhang Dahu back. He said something to Zhang Dahu and told Little Grey to go along with Zhang Dahu.

Within the Ratfolk Village, a few elderly Ratfolk who had white whiskers chittered to each other, and one of them said in their language, "We've been surrounded by humans; what should we do?"

Another elderly Ratfolk replied in a raspy voice, "Even though we've stocked up on food, if these humans continue their encirclement, we'll run out of food sooner or later."

"Right now, we can only fight with those humans and show them how powerful we are," another elderly Ratfolk said resolutely.

"Absolutely not! That human commands many different races, including Orcs, and he has many types of professions within his army. They have sufficient food, and that human can even command those damned Undead."