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 Zhao Fu started to feel quite angry, and seeing that the Great Qin City's City Lord Seal was not enough, he released the Six Paths Demon Images' power. A massive wave of ghostly qi spread out, its cold aura causing the surrounding temperature to fall by ten or so degrees.

"Oh? So it's a little stinkbug from the Death Race," the azure-clothed man stood above the crater and said somewhat condescendingly after sensing the ghostly qi.

Zhao Fu was still wearing his cloak - he still kept his identity a secret when outside.

In response to the azure-clothed man's provocations, Zhao Fu directly slashed out an enormous sword light that seemed to be able to cut a mountain in half.

The azure-clothed man started to become more serious. He drew a violet-red saber and vigorously slashed out, slashing Zhao Fu's sword light in half. It turned into countless sword lights as it disappeared, resulting in a massive gale spreading out.

"Little stinkbug from the Death Race, This Prince will show you our Devil Race's power today!" Facing Zhao Fu's power, the azure-clothed man coldly harrumphed and once again attacked.

He slashed out, causing thousands of azure saber lights, containing immense power, to fly out. The countless saber lights were like a massive tide that could tear apart the sky, and the sounds they gave off were incredibly shocking.

Zhao Fu's expression became serious as ghostly qi erupted out of his body, forming six gray orbs that were each one meter wide. They gave off a bone-chilling coldness and a terrifying aura.

As the countless saber lights flew over, Zhao Fu stretched out his hand, and the six gray orbs flew out. Six monstrous explosions sounded out as a massive explosion containing boundless ghostly qi rippled out, causing the saber lights to be destroyed.

At that moment, a figure suddenly appeared behind the azure-clothed man, causing his expression to slightly change. He slashed out with his saber, causing a blinding saber light to slash out horizontally.


The sword and saber clashed as sword qi and saber light flew everywhere, slicing apart everything around them.

After blocking Zhao Fu's attack, the azure-clothed man coldly laughed, "You want to harm This Prince with such pitiful strength? What a joke! Don't kid yourself into thinking that This Prince does not know that you're the King of a Marquisate Kingdom. In front of This Prince, you still need to kneel down and submit!"

"Snake Murder!" the azure-clothed man roared as an azure-coloured aura exploded out. His power became many times more powerful as a massive snake's head appeared, giving off an immense aura as it bit towards Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu was startled and countless ghostly blocked in front of him, but he was still sent flying thousands of meters, even crashing into a mountain and causing it to collapse.

"Cough, cough..." Zhao Fu continuously coughed up a few mouthfuls of blood within the rubble. A savage look appeared on his face as the Great Qin Seal continuously trembled within his body, and the Ghostworld Pearl emerged on Zhao Fu's chest.

In the end, Zhao Fu had still underestimated the azure-clothed man's power. Now, he completely released the Great Qin Seal and the Six Paths Demon Images' power.


The sounds of nine dragon roars and six demon gods sounded out, piercing through the sky and causing the heavens and earth to dim. Clouds started to swirl as a terrifying aura flowed out of Zhao Fu's body. A black and gray aura simultaneously appeared around him.

The ground around him could not withstand this power and continuously collapsed as arcs of lightning around him, and shocking sounds could be heard.

The people watching in the distance, the King and Ministers of this Kingdom, did not dare to get involved. These two people were stronger than them, and the Kingdoms standing behind them were stronger as well.

They could not afford to offend either of these two people. They felt quite bitter and could only watch as these two people destroyed their territory.

Feeling the terrifying aura from Zhao Fu, the azure-clothed man's expression changed. Only now did he sense that Zhao Fu's aura was of a higher grade than his; it was an Emperor's aura, and the ghostly qi was also superior.

"Who are you?" Thinking about what Zhao Fu's true identity could be, the azure-clothed man's expression became quite unsightly, and he was forced to stop because he was afraid of making trouble. His Kingdom could act domineeringly, but if it offended an Empire, they would be doomed.

Now, it seemed that the other person's status was not ordinary at all, and the azure-clothed man could not help but feel regretful. However, it did not seem like this person would be willing to negotiate, so killing intent appeared in the azure-clothed man's eyes; only by getting rid of this person would he be able to prevent any future problems.

Killing intent also appeared in Zhao Fu's eyes; this azure-clothed man had to die. He gripped his Death Disaster Sword and gave off a terrifying aura as he rushed at the azure-clothed man.

Just as the two of them were able to engage in a massive battle, a will similar to the will of the heavens swept through this area. The heavens and earth seemed to freeze, and this power was so terrifying that no one could stop it. Everyone felt as weak as an ant, and it felt as if their bodies and souls had been dealt a big blow.

Everyone present looked incredibly shocked as their bodies immediately froze, and it was as if they had fallen into an icy cavern. They did not dare to move at all, and this included Zhao Fu and the azure-clothed man. Under this will, they felt terror within their hearts, and even their souls were trembling.

"This is the will of a higher-being!" This terrifying strength made it difficult to even breathe, and it was as if the entire world was trembling under this will.

The will swept through this area and stopped on Zhao Fu's body. Zhao Fu felt as if his heart was being gripped by a large hand, and his body continuously trembled in fear. Even his blood seemed to become cold; this was the true power of a higher-being, and Zhao Fu felt like a grain of sand in an ocean.

"Hurry up and run, Zhao Fu!" the golden dragon's voice sounded out in Zhao Fu's mind.

With the golden dragon's help, Zhao Fu was able to pull himself out of that immense terror, and he desperately ran in the opposite direction, not daring to stop at all.

Looking at Zhao Fu running away, the azure-clothed man wanted to chase after him, but under that will, his body could not move at all. He felt incredible terror; even with a World Seal, it was completely useless. The higher-being was in a completely different realm.

City Lord Seals and other kinds of Seals only gave power, whereas the path of Cultivation required one to comprehend the Dao of the Heavens and Earth step by step. This strength was far greater than what Seals could give.

The will observed Zhao Fu and paused for a moment before it was retracted. Everyone present felt as if a massive weight had been taken off them, and their bodies were drenched with sweat.

After seeing Zhao Fu disappear, the azure-clothed man coldly harrumphed. However, he remembered his goal this time, breathed out, and calmed himself down. He thought to himself, hoping that the higher-being would take a liking to him.

Zhao Fu desperately ran, not daring to look back at all. That strength was simply too terrifying, and it was the first time he had experienced such power and felt such terror.

Only after returning to the human world, with the Heavenly Domain Barrier serving as protection, did Zhao Fu's rapidly beating heart gradually calm down. He found that his hands and feet were incredibly cold, and his body was covered with cold sweat. It seemed that he would have to venture out less in the future.