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 Seeing that Zhao Fu had killed the big man, the expressions of the people around him fell, and they immediately retreated even further away, afraid that they might be dragged into this.

Many of them muttered, "This person is doomed; he dared to kill Bear Mountain Kingdom's Third Prince's subordinate. His entire family is going to be killed, and even our Kingdom would not be able to save him."

"That's right, is this person stupid? What's such a big deal about being hit? If he had just endured it, he would have been fine. However, he opposed them and killed their people; it'd be amazing if this person did not die. Even our Kingdom cannot afford to offend the Third Prince."

"Ai, we can only endure whatever comes at us. Bear Mountain Kingdom is one of the Ancient Stem Domain's twenty Kingdoms, and it's a true Royal Kingdom, not something that a Barony Kingdom like ours can contend with. If we offend them, the entire Grassi world will be doomed."

"Let's stay away from that person and not do anything. After they kill him, we'll just take care of his corpse so as not to enrage the Third Prince. Even an entire Dukedom will perish if they offend him, let alone a Barony Kingdom like ours."

"Such a major figure coming to our place is a disaster; I heard that the Third Prince is one of the most valued Princes, so offending him is equivalent to offending Bear Mountain Kingdom."

"I heard that the Third Prince came to meet with those higher-beings to become a student or disciple of one of them and go to the center of the Heaven Awaken World. That way, he won't have to stay in a poor place like this. With a higher-being supporting them, who in the Ancient Stem Domain would dare to offend Bear Mountain Kingdom?"

"I feel that if the Third Prince becomes the disciple of a higher-being, Bear Mountain Kingdom will become simply too terrifying. It will definitely cause a bloody storm in the Ancient Stem Domain."

"Don't you know? It's not just them; within the Ancient Stem Domain, there are already 20 or so Princes and Princesses who have come, hoping to be taken as a disciple by a higher-being. That would be incredibly good luck; ordinary people like us don't have any hope at all."

"Even these Princes and Princesses, who have incredibly pure bloodlines, extraordinary talents, and the support of Kingdoms might be unworthy of being looked at by those higher-beings, much less us."

There were many discussions going on around Zhao Fu, and after listening to some of them, Zhao Fu had some understanding of what was happening, and he realized that he had caused some big trouble.

The Heaven Awaken World was boundless, and a single world was a Region, while 1,000 worlds formed a Domain. The Heaven Awaken World was split into many Domains, and the Domain that the Grassi world was part of was called the Ancient Stem Domain.

The Ancient Stem Domain was in desolate area at the boundary of the Heaven Awaken World, and most of the worlds it contained were weak and poor. The Kingdoms here were unable to compare to the Kingdoms at the center at all, and this was a matter of their foundation. Those at the center could completely annihilate those at the boundaries; this was no surprise.

As such, countless people who lived in the outer boundaries tried anything they could to join the central area. Only then would they become truly powerful, obtain the strength to protect themselves, and not be casually destroyed.

Under the threat of the central area, the Kingdoms on the boundaries could only act all high and mighty within their own Domains. However, compared to the Kingdoms in the central area, they were nothing.

As existences that stood at the peak of the Heaven Awaken World, countless Kingdoms naturally wanted to form relations with higher-beings. The benefits surpassed anything that anyone could imagine, so they had all sent their talented Princes and Princesses.

A Royal Kingdom had more than ten worlds, and with such strength, they naturally looked down on Barony Kingdoms. As such, nobles from Royal Kingdoms viewed people here as peasants, and they did whatever they pleased, while the Grassi people did not dare to say anything.

Now, Zhao Fu understood the situation. He felt that there was no need to develop enmity with a Royal Kingdom; after all, Great Qin was incredibly weak in front of a Royal Kingdom.

Seeing that one of their people had been killed, a group of men rode over. They were not weak at all, having Cultivations of Stage 5 or 6, and beside the carriage, there were a few Imperial Bodyguards who were even stronger.

Zhao Fu did not want to make any trouble, so he turned into a ray of light and broke through the City's restrictions, flying towards the horizon.

"You killed one of This Prince's people, and you want to run? What a joke!" A man's voice sounded out from within the carriage, his tone cold and mocking as if he did not place Zhao Fu in his eyes at all.


A terrifying energy shot out from the carriage, shaking the surroundings. It reached Zhao Fu in an instant, causing him to look quite surprised, and he took out the Death Disaster Sword and slashed out, causing a gray sword light to flash out.


The two attacks collided, resulting in a massive explosion. The terrifying shockwaves blew out like a wild gale, destroying many surrounding buildings.

Zhao Fu flew back dozens of meters and coughed up a mouthful of blood, his expression quite unsightly. He had used the Great Qin Seal's power, which contained the power of a Marquisate Kingdom, yet he had been much weaker. The power that this person had far exceeded his.

Since he knew this, Zhao Fu did not hesitate and immediately flew in the opposite direction, wisely choosing to run.

"Hahaha..." Cold laughter sounded out from within the carriage as an azure figure flew out from it. He caught up to Zhao Fu in just an instant, slapping down Zhao Fu from the sky with a palm that seemed to contain the force of mountains.

Zhao Fu slammed into the ground like a massive boulder that had plummeted from incredible heights, and the impact caused the ground in a 10,000 meter radius to crack. Many buildings collapsed, and countless people were blasted away by the shockwaves, resulting in many deaths and injuries.

The City Lord of this City's face became pale as he watched from afar. He ordered people to retreat and had no thoughts of interfering, as this was the Prince of a Royal Kingdom.

After the dust settled, Zhao Fu wiped away the blood from his lips and coldly looked at the azure-clothed man in the sky.

This azure-clothed man was quite tall and looked incredibly handsome, and he gave off a prestigious aura. There was also a cold and arrogant air about him, and his aura was incredibly powerful, many times greater than Zhao Fu's. This was because he had a World Seal, which was something that could only be obtained by conquering a world.

"I'd suggest you not go too far!" Zhao Fu felt somewhat enraged as he spoke coldly.

Zhao Fu did not want to cause any trouble and had chosen to leave, but the azure-clothed man's actions made him feel quite angry. Zhao Fu's temperament was not very good anymore, and he would not endure such a thing.

The azure-clothed man stood in the air and condescendingly looked at Zhao Fu as he laughed and said, "Even if This Prince goes too far, what can you do about it?"


After speaking, the azure-clothed man turned into a ray of light and once again punched out with terrifying power towards Zhao Fu.

At that moment, Zhao Fu dodged to the side, causing the azure-clothed man's punch to hit the ground. A massive explosion sounded out as a 100 meter deep, 1,000 meter wide hole appeared. This attack was incredibly terrifying and contained immense killing intent.