After returning to Great Qin, Zhao Fu turned his attention to the development of Great Qin again. This included clearing out regions and constructing the Great Wall, and Zhao Fu felt that there would not be any battles in the near future. After all, attacking the three other Continents across the ocean was quite difficult.

However, they could make preparations first before suddenly exploding outwards, unifying the world.

Another thing that was worth mentioning was that the Clear Sable Sword had also entered the Heaven Awaken World after the real world was destroyed. Through Zhao Fu's continuous slaughtering, it had changed. It no longer gave off an aura of kindness, only a pure killing aura.

Originally, the black eye contained no ill will or good will; it just peacefully looked at you.

Now, it was a blood-red eye that looked at one closely, making one's hairs stand on end, and the feeling it gave off was dense killing intent.

Zhao Fu had already placed this sword into his Sword Mark, and as one of the Ten Great Sword of China, its potential was incredibly great.

After dealing with Great Qin's various matters, Zhao Fu once again left the Legacy Land. He had no idea when the Heaven Domain Boundary would disappear, but once it did, Great Qin would be revealed to the rest of the world, and Great Qin would have to face the entire Heaven Awaken World.

As such, Zhao Fu cared a great deal about things in the outside world. This was because they determined how the human world would develop after the Heavenly Domain Boundary disappeared.

After going to the outside world, Zhao Fu happened to hear a piece of news, which was that the Grassi world was making a big fuss about building a defensive line to defend against the threat of the mysterious world below theirs. The world below theirs was naturally the human world.

Back when the Celestial Emperor Star and the Nether Emperor Star had descended, those terrifying ripples had caused people to feel a massive sense of crisis, and countless people had become worried about the threat from the world below theirs. They became worried that when the time came, it would not be them invading that world but that mysterious world invading them.

Within the terror and distress, the Grassi factions conducted an emergency meeting. They allied together to build a defensive wall, but after such a long time, there started to be different opinions.

Some people said that they should not be too worried about the world below theirs. After all, the person had awakened two stars, which meant that that person had great potentia. It did not mean that he or she was very powerful. As such, there was no need to be so scared; the Grassi people were not that weak. Even if a person had great potential, in front of true strength, they would still fall. The Grassi world had immense strength.

After entering the Heaven Awaken World for so long, even though they were not very strong compared to the worlds around them, dealing with a world that had only just entered the Heaven Awaken World would be incredibly simple. How could a new world be more powerful than them? There was nothing to worry about.

What they should be doing now was making preparations to invade the world below theirs, just like how the Lantong people had invaded them. They should take this opportunity to take a large amount of land and people to develop their world.

As for the person who had awakened those terrifying stars, how could he be able to resist their entire world? At most, he would be the King of a small Kingdom; dealing with him would be incredibly easy.

It would be best for that person to submit to their world, or else they could just kill him and make the others their slaves.

Back then, most people had been completely startled by those world-destroying ripples, but now that they had come back to their senses, they no longer felt as afraid. Naturally, they did not want to passively build defenses. Instead, they wanted to take the initiative to attack.

However, some people still believed that defending was better because those two stars were simply too shocking, so it would be better to focus on defense.

The two sides could not see eye to eye, resulting in the construction of the defenses stopping.

Zhao Fu felt quite happy about this because Great Qin's strength had already surpassed anything they could imagine. If he could unify the human world, it would not be certain who would be invading who.

Even though the Grassi world had the advantage of time, they were split into different Kingdoms, whereas Great Qin was a single Kingdom, which gave it an advantage in unity.

If what they faced was not a Barony Kingdom but a Dukedom, just like the Devil Horn Empire, he wondered what their expressions would be like. In fact, if he was able to unify three worlds, the Grassi world would be completely terrified.

They would only know this in the future. Before, Zhao Fu had been quite worried about the Grassi world, because once the Heavenly Domain Barrier disappeared, the Grassi world would invade the human world to destroy them.

Before, Great Qin would have had no strength to resist an invasion like this, and they would only perish in the end. However, Great Qin had developed incredibly quickly, and it now had terrifying power. Zhao Fu no longer worried about the threat of the Grassi people because it could no longer threaten Great Qin; instead, it was Great Qin who could threaten the Grassi world.

There was another piece of news that made Zhao Fu feel somewhat nervous, which was that seven or eight higher-beings had recently passed by. Such a thing had never happened before.

After all, higher-beings would not run over to such remote regions for no reason, and there were so many of them. Everyone guessed that something big had happened to draw the attention of so many higher-beings.

All of the Kingdoms felt quite apprehensive. No matter what it was, something that could arouse the attention of higher-beings was not something they could get involved in. It was very possible that they would be caught up in the middle and die despite being innocent.

Zhao Fu's emotions became quite heavy. He hoped that these higher-beings were not here for him; after all, a single higher-being could annihilate Great Qin. If there were seven or eight of them, how could Great Qin survive?

However, even though he hoped that it was unrelated to him, Zhao Fu could sense that it had to do with him. When he though this, he sighed and no longer felt as cheerful, and he went about his business of buying Talisman Stones.

"Get out of the way, you peasants!" a wild and arrogant voice sounded out from behind him, followed by a few pained cries. There were some chaotic sounds, and Zhao Fu did not move as a whip flew towards him.

Zhao Fu turned, grabbed the whip, and looked at what was happening behind him. There was a big man riding on a tall horse, using a whip to barbarically whip those blocking the way in front of them, seeming incredibly domineering.

There was a carriage behind him, which was made of metal and looked quite exquisite. It gave off a faint light and looked like a treasure. The horses pulling the carriage gave off violet flames and looked quite extraordinary.

"You're seeking death!" Seeing that Zhao Fu had grabbed the whip instead of dodging, the man drew his saber and rushed over on his horse, chopping towards Zhao Fu.

Everyone else in the surroundings gasped and quickly retreated. They could all see that blood about to splatter in the air; this man was dead.

Zhao Fu frowned and slashed out with a finger, causing a sharp sword light to fly out, slicing the man and horse in half and resulting in blood flying everywhere.