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 They had never thought that this Zhao Fu and the Zhao Fu they knew would have any sort of connection. After all, there were countless people with the same name.

They could not believe that the shy and introverted Zhao Fu was actually Great Qin's Legatee because their personalities were exactly the opposite. Moreover, Zhao Fu did not say much usually and did not even have much of a presence. If it wasn't for the fact that they had been classmates for almost two years, they would not even recognize him.

They had never noticed or cared much about him, so they naturally would not make the connection that Zhao Fu was Great Qin's Legatee.

The ones who were the most shocked were Zheng Dong and Zhang Yue because they were the most familiar with Zhao Fu. Zheng Dong bitterly laughed inwardly. Back then, he had been telling Zhao Fu to come over to help him and said that he could give Zhao Fu a minor official position. That was simply ridiculous - how could Great Qin's Legatee want a job in a tiny faction? What a joke!

Zhang Yue's expression was not too great either. Back then, he had always thought that Zhao Fu was not doing very well. He understood Zhao Fu's personality; no matter how poorly he was doing, he would not ask others for help.

He had been trying to convince Zhao Fu this entire time to go over to Zheng Dong because then he could at least eat well. He had never thought that Zhao Fu's identity would be so monstrous; all of them could not compare to even a hair on Zhao Fu's body.

Zhao Fu was now wearing a black dragon robe, and he gave off a dignified as he sat on his throne. He laughed as he said, "What is it, old President?"

Only then did Zheng Dong and the others come back to their senses. Now, Zhao Fu was the Emperor of Great Qin, an extremely prestigious identity; how could commoners like them dare to look at him directly? They all quickly lowered their heads, feeling incredibly complicated.

"Your Majesty, you elevate me too greatly. You are Great Qin's Emperor; there is no need to show such courtesy to me," Zheng Dong said as he once again bowed.

Zhao Fu stared and could not help but sigh. Now that his status was so special, he could not return to the times from before. He could not treat them as classmates, nor could they treat him that way. Zhao Fu understood all of this.

Zhao Fu's tone did not change as he said, "We have summoned you all here today, firstly to commemorate our time together as classmates, and also to give out some rewards for the help you have given Us in the past."

Hearing this, Zheng Dong and the others all inwardly sighed. Zhao Fu was no longer that shy and introverted Zhao Fu; that Zhao Fu had disappeared, and he was now Great Qin's supreme Legatee who had unified China and the Midland Continent.

They did not dare to show even a trace of disrespect and respectfully stood there, not daring to even breathe loudly.

Zhao Fu started to give out rewards, mainly to Zheng Dong and Zhang Yue; he did not care too much about the others. Following this, Zhao Fu had people set up a banquet for these people, and of course, they did not dare to refuse.

The banquet was filled with Zhao Fu's old classmates and teachers, but some of them could not be found. Perhaps they had already died or had chosen to go to one of the three other Continents.

Bai Yan disregarded everyone's looks as she nestled in Zhao Fu's arms. Xiao Xiyi was a bit more embarrassed, even though her relationship with Zhao Fu was also quite intimate.

No one had expected for Bai Yan to have long since established relations with Zhao Fu. Looking at her acting all coquettishly in Zhao Fu's arms, they could not help but feel admiration and jealousy.

After all, it seemed that Bai Yan and Zhao Fu's relationship had developed since a long time ago. This meant that Bai Yan was much more important than them; after all, the longer one spent by Zhao Fu's side, the more favored one would become.

Moreover, because Zhao Fu was Great Qin's Legatee, the owner of the Midland Continent, anyone he favored would receive massive benefits.

During the middle of the banquet, a soldier came to report about another person's location. This person was someone who Zhao Fu cared about, and he had kept her in his heart this entire time.

He had met her when he first entered the Holy Light City, and when Great Qin unified a region, all of the factions either relocated or were destroyed. It was Zhao Fu who had helped the Jiang family to relocate.

It was, of course, Jiang Rou. Back then, she had already guessed Zhao Fu's identity and had said that if Zhao Fu was tired, he could go and find her. However, after she had left, there had been no news from her. Zhao Fu had tried to find her through the Flower Moon, but he had only found the Jiang family and heard that she had already left.

Only after Great Qin unified the Midland Continent did Zhao Fu receive some information about her. He had never thought that he would be able to achieve such a thing; he had just wanted to establish a Kingdom, make Great Qin powerful, and perhaps unify China.

However, Great Qin now occupied three Continents and had terrifying strength. It had completely exceeded anything he had expected.

In actuality, Zhao Fu had thought about it before. If he became sick of all of this, he could live with Jiang Rou in a remote valley and live a peaceful life. In actuality, that kind of life was not too bad, and it was the kind of life he had originally wanted to live.

Now that he had received information about Jiang Rou, Zhao Fu felt quite happy and left the banquet. He went through a teleportation channel and arrived at a peaceful valley. There were verdant hills and clear streams with lush trees and grass. The sound of birds and fragrance of flowers filled the air, creating a beautiful scene.

There was a small manor here, next to which were some fields. There was already a figure waiting at the door of the manor. Jiang Rou was just like how she was when he had met her, and she gently smiled.

It had been quite a while since they had last met, and Jiang Rou's aura had become much more mature and resolute. She also seemed cheerier, making anyone who saw her feel happy.

After coming before her, Zhao Fu was not sure what to say. He felt quite helpless, because her position in his heart was quite high, and to be able to see her again, he felt incredibly happy. There were very few things that could make him this happy.

Jiang Rou covered the lower half of her face as she laughed, also feeling quite happy. It had been a few years, yet he still felt this way towards her.

In actuality, the reason why Jiang Rou had not wanted to go and see Zhao Fu was because Great Qin's development had surpassed what anyone could imagine. Zhao Fu controlled the fate of an entire Kingdom and the lives of billions of residents. He could never reside with her in this secluded manor.

Now that the Midland Continent had been unified, Great Qin's people had found her, making her feel quite surprised. After thinking for a while, she decided to meet with Zhao Fu, because this world would belong to Great Qin sooner or later and she would not be able to hide forever.

Seeing Zhao Fu dressed in his black dragon robe, his aura seemed much mightier and dignified. The changes he had gone through over the years were incredibly big, and Jiang Rou had expected this.

Zhao Fu calmed himself down and said sincerely, "Jiang Rou, come with me to Great Qin!"

A few hours later, Zhao Fu departed in disappointment. Jiang Rou said that she had become used to living here and did not want to leave. However, she left him with the same words as before - if he was tired, she would be waiting for him here.