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 Of course, Zhao Fu did not care about those statements at all. Now, the most important thing was to collect the spoils of war. They had now unified China and the Midland Continent. Even though many Chinese factions had escaped to other Continents, they were just shells of what they were before. Great Qin would destroy them sooner or later.

Great Qin was now the only faction within China, and it had become the official ruler of China. Almost all of China's Fate gathered at Great Qin, and Zhao Fu could now truly be called the Son of Heaven of China.

Not only this, the other countries in the Midland Continent had also been swept away by Great Qin. Great Qin had essentially established a never-ending Dynasty, but Zhao Fu's goal was not only this; his next goal was to unify the entire world.

However, for now, they had to properly digest these regions and factions. They had not even finished digesting all of the regions from before, and now that they had devoured so many more regions, if they kept going, they might just explode.

In the future, there would no longer be any large battles in China or the Midland Continent. The warring period of the Midland Continent had concluded, and Zhao Fu felt quite content.

Zhao Fu returned to Great Qin. They had successfully defended the Southern Continent from being re-taken, so the attackers could only return to the other Continents. The locals there did not try to chase them away because they needed the Southern Continent's power to resist Great Qin.

Most of China's factions had relocated to different Continents, but some had stayed, such as the Hundred Schools of Thought and various Sects. Even the Ancient Clans had remained, and they had all acknowledged Great Qin to be the true ruler of China; everyone else was a rebel.

At the same time, Great Qin continued to clear out any Chinese factions remaining, as well as anyone related to them, such as the Buddhist Sect, School of Confucianism, and School of Mohism.

Great Qin had already listed these three Schools and Sects as rebel Schools and Sects. Anyone who was related to them would be severely punished.

It was not because they were evil or taught anything wrong; it was simply because they had chosen the wrong side.

Now, it was time to calculate their gains from this battle. First were the regions. The central area of the Midland Continent had 1,000 regions, and the Fate and Spirit Qi there were incredibly dense. There was also an abundance of resources, and the quality of spirit medicines were quite high.

Next were the western and southern sides - each of them had 2,000 regions. There was also Russia's 700 regions, Mongolia's 300 regions, and Kazakhstan's 350 regions. On the southern side, the eight countries had a total of 1,400 regions. In total, this was 7,750 regions.

Apart from regions, there were also the Cities. Because most people had already relocated, Great Qin only obtained 10,000 Cities and four billion people, which included indigenous residents and players.

Now, Great Qin's total population reached 18 billion, and it had 1.4 billion soldiers. Of them, 900 million were Stage 1 soldiers, 13 million were Stage 2 soldiers, three million were Stage 3 soldiers, and 80,000 were Stage 4 soldiers.

Great Qin now controlled 27,570 regions, including the regions from the Southern Continent and Netherwater Continent. It had one Marquisate City, three Barony Cities, six Capital Cities, 25,000 Great Cities, 4,921 Cities, 5,660 Towns, and 189,489 Villages.

This kind of strength was incredibly monstrous, and no one was a match for Great Qin anymore. However, it still had not digested most of the regions; only after digesting them would this power truly belong to Great Qin and make it even more powerful.

Now, their task was to continue developing, clear out regions, and build the Great Wall. Zhao Fu did not have much to do, and seeing that the population was content, that the nation was powerful, and that the soldiers were ferocious, a smile appeared on Zhao Fu's face.

"Your Majesty, these are some memorials that have been submitted. This lowly one has finished collecting them." A Minister respectfully handed over a few memorials.

Zhao Fu looked through the memorials and smiled before saying, "Summon them to meet Us!"

Because China was at the center of the Midland Continent, many people had not been able to escape and had been stopped by Great Qin. Even though they were of the same country, this often made the hatred between them greater. Zhao Fu had killed many Chinese people during the earlier stages and only stopped in the mid to later stages.

Now, there were about 700 million ordinary Chinese people left. It was time to meet his old friends.

"What? Great Qin's Majesty - no, His Majesty - wants to meet us?" Hearing the orders from the soldier, a person within the group of people addressed felt incredibly shocked as waves crashed in his heart.

How could they not feel shocked? They were being summoned by Great Qin's Emperor, the person with the highest authority in Great Qin. He was the Son of Heaven who had unified China and unified the Midland Continent; the Emperor billions of people had to kneel to in worship.

Now, he was personally summoning them; this was something that they had never expected. After all, their identities were incredibly ordinary, so how could they have some sort connection with Great Qin's Emperor, who stood at the peak of the world?

They could not understand why Great Qin's Emperor was summoning them, and they had no idea if it was a good thing or a bad thing. However, all of them were quite afraid. After all, the rumors said that Great Qin's Legatee was incredibly ruthless and bloodthirsty, and the slaughter that Great Qin had committed caused the Midland Continent to become a hell on earth. They could still remember those scenes.

Human lives seemed to be as worthless as grass to Great Qin; the most feared faction in the world was definitely Great Qin, and every time Great Qin committed a slaughter, the corpses could form mountains and seas.

Would they be killed today? With how bloodthirsty Great Qin's Legatee was, if they said something wrong, they would definitely die.

A young man said in fear, "Err, sir, can we choose not to go? I just want to be a commoner; I will submit to Great Qin and definitely won't betray it."

The others also expressed that they were willing to submit to Great Qin but did not want to go. After all, they felt that this summons was too dangerous and felt a sense of impending doom.

Zheng Dong sighed. Everyone present was teachers and students from their university, and thinking about how they had resisted Great Qin before, it was quite likely that they would be doomed. However, he stood out and said, "I'm the leader here; I'll take the punishment on myself. We beg His Majesty to have mercy and spare the others!"

Hearing this, everyone else felt quite grateful; if Zheng Dong was willing to take the punishment for all of them, they would be fine. However, Zheng Dong's outcome would be quite pitiful.

Everyone discussed among themselves; some said for Zheng Dong to go by himself since he was the leader, while others said that they should go together. After all, they had vowed to go through fortunes and troubles together and that they would be there for each other. Zheng Dong had treated them all quite well.

Looking at this raucous scene, the soldier yelled, "How dare you! Do you think you people can refuse a summons from His Majesty? Hurry up and pay your respects to His Majesty; those who refuse will be executed."